Mysingaporenews Collection Book slow moving

15 days to go and confirmed orders for my book is still moving very slowly.
I need more orders to get this book off the ground.

Any more orders coming?



Anonymous said...

My advice is still the digital version. Why waste money in printing

Anonymous said...

Maybe 60% not buying, that's why orders still moving very slowly?

patriot said...

Only a few here know that You are going to produce a book.
These few need not buy your literatures for they have accessed them here and at other Sites that published and or aggregate your blogsite.

I believe, the Orders You got are supports from your readers who want the hard copy for keepsake and for those who do not use the Internet or access your blogsite.

For the Sales of the Book, You may like to approach book retailers personally or introduce your to them via email and or in writing to them.

Wish very much that You will succeed in getting some retailers and that more readers get to know Sin more through reading your takes of local political and social development s.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right Patriot. Trying to get a sponsor for this project.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more than 60% not buying. Because even some of your loyal supporters here also not buying. Can read for free why need to buy?

Moreover we all no money, need to wait for CPF come one shot.

Anonymous said...

Your loyal supporter is a let down.

Did you get any support from TRE fans?

Yvo said...

You should get a PayPal account. Many people are averse to sending money via bank transfer.
They prefer the anonymity of PayPal .
Plus, it's so much easier