Good news for property/asset owners

The Australian Govt is planning a slate of hikes in fees for foreigners buying properties in Australia. They believe in a level playing field for Australians and to protect the interests of Australians in property ownership. I quote Abbott, ‘This govt is determined to ensure that the aspirational people of our country get the fairest possible go.’ To the rest of the world such policies are short sighted, protectionist, nationalistic and anti free trade but Abbott and the Aussies are going to show them their middle fingers. To the Australians, the world can go to hell. They will protect the interest of Australians first. (Now you know why quitters are crawling back here to praise how good this Sin City is?)

If every country is to follow the Australian policies, and many are except the silly ones, Sin City will stand to make a lot of gains when property speculators have no where else to park their money with Sin City stretching out its open arms to receive them. Now Sin City need not even have to make its policies and regulations more attractive. All the rich property speculators will descend onto Sin City and snap up everything they could lay their hands on. Everything is for sale in Sin City.

Sinkie property owners and assets owners can be reassured that all their hoardings would go quickly and at very high prices. HDB flat owners too would benefit from seeing their properties appreciate in value as well when the private property prices shoot to the sky. With this golden opportunity opening up, everything could be put on sale. And when all the residential and commercial properties are sold, other national assets could also be tabled, like the MRT, the buses, the ports, the reservoir, the banks, etc etc. I think no more power stations left if I am not mistaken, all already sold.

When everything is sold, the islands too could come on board and would fetch really good prices. Sin City would be a haven for property speculators when everything can be bought. And the whole world will look at the Sin model as a great example of free trade, allowing the free market mechanism to determine the value of anything and everything. And all the Sinkies would be sitting on HDB flats that are worth millions.

The opportunities to getting rich are so plentiful and so easy that there is no need to work anymore. Just trade assets and sell properties to whoever has the money and offering the highest bid.

Boom town coming to Sin City. Just pray that more countries would be like Australia, chasing away investors from buying properties and they will make a beeline here, the shoppers paradise for properties.


jjgg said...

Aspirations are different things to different people...singkies being an educated lot love to read valuation reports and bludgeoning cpf balances in cpf statements.... Australians love their sports, booze and space....))) we have high asset values but can't afford to convert...otherwise how come 80% of our rich citizens still live in public housing and similarly can only whiff at the cpf balances with tongue hanging out. Singapore don't suffer from 'emperor got no clothes syndrome'...actually it's the 80% of us that has no clothes....hehe what a great start to the week...

Anonymous said...

发发发发发发! 发发发发发发!

Let me also be the fortune teller
of the day.

No one is able to predict the
future with 100% accuracy.

But, if other countries closed
their doors to foreigners and if
we still welcomed them to invest
here with cooling measures lifted,
your 3-rm HDB BTO may soon fetch
you $1,000,000.00!

Hahaha.......YES! $1,000,000.00!

Really 发发发发发发! 发发发发发发!


Anonymous said...

Yes, then sell it and live in the parks and beach for free. Or go to Batam, Bintan and JB, live like a king until the money finished. Then The End.

Anonymous said...

All this foreign tightening of property speculation can only be good for the Singaporeans. Please wait for the windfall. Singaporeans who already own properties overseas will be sitting pretty. They have already acquired they nest-eggs. Those who are thinking of speculating overseas will now have to start buying in Singapore and wait for the foreign speculators to come knocking at your doors. Singapore will become a boom town. Singaporeans will all be laughing all the way to the banks. When Singaporeans are happy they will all think kindly on the PAP government and HLP will be very silent. What a lovely country to be in. Well done Singapore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Abbott and the Aussies are going to show them their middle fingers. To the Australians, the world can go to hell. They will protect the interest of Australians first.

Well Tony, soon to be ex-PM, will actually kill the local market....which is fine with me because Aussie property is in a bubble anyway.

This could trigger the recession Australia is on the brink of having...another plus in my favour, and kill the Aussie dollar until it is on par with the ringgit...Also damn shiok, since I earn in mostly SGD and spend AUD on living here.

Anyway the legislation hasn't passed yet---it has only ben proposed.

Tony Abbot and his merry band of circus clowns has an excellent track record of flip-flopping on policy. Also many of the Members of Party-ment have large property portfolios and their constituents have happily taken out mortgages on their portfolios, using the tried and true method of using the RISING asset values as an ATM. Hahahahaha, I like this alot!

For me---no problem. As I am not a citizen, I will kena wallop if this legislation passes. No sweat lah. My siblings are all citizens. I'll simply buy in their name, and FUCK THE GOVT! Bwahahahaha....

Try to control the market? Good, the market will always punish you back!

Got economic law?

Anonymous said...

This island emporium has only 4 big sales a year. Each sales season lasts for 3 months. So roll up! Roll up! Everything is for sale.
Noticed man-boob has morphed into Hitleer. So clever. That fool.

Anonymous said...

Just leave this highly drugged fool alone.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah hahaha...I have just come from a talk-cock lunch with a friend who works for one of the well-know property developers.

The developers---all concerned about losing business, and having to drop their selling prices---are already talking amongst themselves and the idea of SUING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has been raised should the govt be successful in passing the "anti-foreigner" legislation.

Seems I'm not the only one who is today saying "fuck the government". There are pissed off rich folks feel the same, and are prepared to take the next step to sue the govt.

Sweet, lah. Damn sweet! So Singaporeans/ PRC buyers, fear not...Australia is still for sale!

Lelong lelong....

Got globalization?