The Brits are losing it

The recent announcement by our Govt to delist some well known British universities from the list of recognised universities for law degree and allowed to practise here must come as a shock, a thunderbolt from nowhere. How can this little ex colony have the gumption to not recognise top notch universities with long academic traditions and anytime better than the local universities here? The Brits forgot that our local universities are higher ranked that many British universities. It is like the student has surpassed the master. Wait a minute, I thought the higher ranking of local universities here are due to two major factors, foreign lecturers and foreign students. And foreign lecturers, especially the English speaking type are mainly from UK/US. And British universities must have a lot of foreign students as well. What is wrong with British tertiary education when they are ranked lower than our state universities? Don’t ask me. Maybe these universities did not know how to game the ranking system.

Now some of these reputable British universities are standing up in protest. How can this ex colony think British universities are not good enough? They are going to make representations and appeals to be reinstated into the list of approved universities.

All I can say is silly Brits. An easier and more comprehensive solution would be to sign a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, CECA, and all their problems will be solved. CECA could also mean Comprehensive Exemption for Cheats Agreement when the quality and authenticity of the qualifications are questionable. If the Brits did not what this is all about, send a team of representatives to New Delhi to learn from their ex colony on how to con Singapore into singing a CECA. This ex colony has also outsmarted their colonial master and a smaller ex colony to sign this great agreement.

With a CECA, the British could even take over this ex colony and rule it for perpetuity if they so wish. There will be no more need to recognise any universities from UK, the Universities of Soho or Haymarket would do. They can just hop over to work here. Some natives here have gone bonkers and would love to welcome the British back to rule them. They have run out of ideas and would need just an excuse to bring back the Union Jack like some Hongkies are doing, protesting in the streets begging for the Brits to be back to rule them.

And the CECA with the British is just the right instrument to do it. Every single university in UK would be recognised by default of the agreement. No need to appeal to the ex colony. Come on Brits, used your head. It’s elementary, Watson.


Anonymous said...

Indian lawyers are coming here by the plane load. Soon all the Ah Neh lawyers will swamp this little island. Good for Singapore and good for India. India has too many lawyers and Singapore welcomes them with open arms. A perfect match.

Singapore is a very good place to come for FTs who come here to make a quick buck and use this little place as a stepping stone for higher career advancement. Only people who get the shitty end of the stick are the local Singaporeans who have to compete with these FTs, who are cheaper and obviously more efficient and hard working. As someone once said, Singaporeans need a spur up their backside to encourage them to wake up and compete. Who said that?

Anonymous said...

There must be good reasons lah, why this applies only for the law degree, and not other degrees awarded from the same universities.

Maybe the Sinkie govt found out that for some reasons, there are simply too many of such Sinkie law graduates from these universities? Maybe the law degree is cheap and good, that's why it is so popular with Sinkies who badly wanted to study law? Maybe entry requirements for the law course are not that stringent? Maybe...? Maybe...?

Who do u think?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should just go to India to get their law degrees. Cheap and good and can work here.

Anonymous said...

There must be good reasons lah, why the Sinkie govt sign the CECA with India, and not with with their ex colonial master, the Brits.

And Sinkie govt is not stupid, u know. And neither are the Brits.

So RB, neither the Sinkie govt nor the Brits need your advice on CECA.

Anonymous said...

RB also does not need your kpkb here.

jjgg said...

Where got problem? If singapore don't accept ...lots of other countries will..how many fresh lawyers can singapore take each year?..is CECA any good? So far there's only been headline news but nothing of substance for Singapore..oh...also ...take up rate for rental properties very good..but even that is tapering...CECA...another useless piece of paper by podium hoarder

Anonymous said...

Why Yew want so many Singaporean lawyers in Singapore?
You want so more M. Ravi is it?

Virgo 49 said...

Fast, fast, just get a fake one!

No need to sweat.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, the former Cheif Justice Chan already indicated years ago after he was appointed that he intends for Singapore to develop its own jurisprudence, relevant to the Singapore context instead of tipping the hat to English Common Law.

If you have our lawyers and judges follow the present English laws, or learn from the system, very soon Singapore will end up a broke/ bankrupt welfare state like "Great" (really?!?) Britain.

The judge I miss the most is Yong Pung How. Wah, how he really walloped those guilty assholes. Better still, if they appealed (ya-ya-papaya), he would increase their sentences. What a class act!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Choor Singh also no 'pang chan' when rapists went before him. Sure kena jialat jialat.

jjgg said...

Nobody beats the guy who's currently in the Singapore chair at NUS...))) another more outwardly chap you'll never find..

Anonymous said...

But why the Sinkie govt is so concerned about Brits law degrees ah? Other degrees, eg engineering, bus admin, arts, accountancy why never heard govt say anything about the universities hah? Does that mean all Ok meh? Or doesn't matter?

Anonymous said...

What about Indian university degrees?
What about Philippines university degrees?
Why only worry about UK university degrees?

Anonymous said...

Indian railroad engineering degree very powderful you know.
Indian railways always over-crowded.
So Indian railroad degree is very relevant for Singapore.
We must send Desmond Kuek and his management team to India to study how to manage over-crowded railway system.

Anonymous said...

Not very long ago they also said
medical degrees must be of world
standard. Now you find Drs from India, Burma, Pilipines and other "third world countries" here.
Rules are made by them and they can always change.Its God given.

Anonymous said...

Soon Indian train engineers' experience with overcrowded trains would be in great demands here. They will teach our engineers how to attach more hooks on the sides of trains to take more people. They would know how many times over loading our trains can take before they stop crawling like snails.

Veritas said...

Fucking PAP has no thought about our children. I am having a regional role helping labs to build sophisticated system.

In Malaysia all their fucking engineers are local, and I am sure even if these role exist in SG, I may not even be given a chance for interview. (I am instrumental in building many systems in elsewhere--more complex than those in SG, but when I write to local labs, not all reply to me )

Our definition of fucking FT changes overtime. Initially Malaysian flood SG. Then Malaysians are FT. Next wave followed by PRC who outsmart Malaysian.

Now PRC much more developed compared to previously, and wage arbitration is no longer so lucrative. So come the Indians.

Unlike PRC who may stop coming because Beijing and Shanghai may overtake SG, there is no chance that Indian city will overtake SG in short term.

We will get flooded by caste shit Indians, until the point we become shit and caste system entrenched.

Then PAP cheers.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will always depend on the Indian sub-continent for cheaper, more efficient and faster labour force. Some will be imported into Singapore to do the jobs Singaporean will not do. Some will come in as PMETs to take over jobs because Singaporean PMETs are too expensive to employ. It is a pitiful state of affairs. In a few years, if things do not change, then Singaporeans will become a minority on this little red dot. So sad.

Veritas said...

There is no reason why Malaysia can have a MORE robust engineering scene and R&D activity without ever need to hire engineers from the slump.

Many of the non R&D jobs especially in oil gas related such as petronas are run by Bumi.

These Malays profited from Malaysia shit Islamofascis0-racism are now professionals in oil and gas, dominating high paid jobs like well engineers, geologist...etc

The Malay got head hunted and work in Dubai, Angola earning fat salary.

The Chinese can only watch and siliva, without relevant experience.

Many jobs do not need super talent, but depends on whether they politician in your country want to bring up their citizens as middle class or are they trying to bring us up as shit collector.

Is Chinese or clever or those petronas Malays more clever? Why are Malay able to be talent in oil and gas as far as dubai...etc

Put it this way, cognitive jobs are 21th century jobs and if PAP keep letting in 20 years experiences veteran from slumps, there is no way our industries are going to hire local.

Eventually our kids are going to be shit collector and prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

we want to be number one in almost all areas......

we may end up master of none......

b said...

As us ally, sg has to pave the way for ahnehs so us can retain superpower position and not taken over by china. Obviously, us is using ahnehs to counter china. Smart sinkies know that and would make arrangements to exit this country when necessary.

Anonymous said...

Indian lawyers, Indian doctors, Indian financial and IT professionals etc,
they are now all over this little island.
How is it a big nation aspiring to be a world superpower has to depend on this little red dot to provide employment for their nationals is beyond me
And they even protested when the G tried to curtail the foreign FT numbers

patriot said...

The G curtails foreign FT numbers?

I am sure IT is importing MORE as da goes.


patriot said...

'as day goes'.

My apology.


Stock Tips said...

Well that's the fact that the Brits forgot that our local universities are higher ranked that many British universities.