The US ‘declares’ war with China

Hishammudin Hussein speaking as the Chair of Asean, wants to form an Asean peacekeeping force. A military force within Asean would turn it into a different animal, instead of economic and political, into a gun wielding marshal in town. According to Johannes Nugroho, a businessman writer from Surabaya, the intended enemy is none other than China. Asean, with several of its members having competing claim islands in the South China Sea, would be poised to challenge China militarily when such a force is formed.

It is unusual that small countries today think they could provoke and challenge superpowers with might and think they could walk away the winner. The Philippines and Vietnam thought so until China slammed its foot down. When vital core interests are at stake, China is not going to back down when confronted by the little punks in the neighbourhood, even with the backings of another bigger superpower.

The best policy for small and medium states is to leave the big powers alone, and let them balance each other and keep a check on each other. A rogue big power will just walk over the small and medium states if forced to when the irritation becomes unbearable. An Asean peacekeeping force is just that, an irritant to be tolerated and to be smacked when it crosses the line.

An Asean peacekeeping force to fool around with other small states may make some sense but would be totally useless against any big power. At best it would give Asean a false sense of power and tempting it to be flirtatious and adventurous, and inviting troubles it cannot cope with.

What is Hishammudin thinking, Asean as a regional power to call the shots? Should Asean go on this adventure, to be another sheriff in the high seas? He acknowledged that it is difficult to ‘upholding ASEAN’s zone of peace, freedom and neutrality.’ Is he saying that since being neutral is tough, why not give it up and take sides.

The above mysterious proposal of the Malaysians, eager to play with fire becomes clear when the Commander of the US Seventh Fleet, Vice Admiral Robert Thomas called on the region’s countries to form a military force to patrol the South China Sea. ‘If ASEAN members were to take the lead in organising something along those lines, trust me, the US 7th Fleet would be ready to support.’ The Vice Admiral said this at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition yesterday. The Americans also confirmed that Japan would be there in the front line with India and Singapore is all in favour of India’s participation in the South China Sea, according Ng Eng Hen.

The war plan in the American military chessboard, the Asean countries will be the pawns doing the provocation and attacking the Chinese vessels and assets in the South China Sea. The Japanese and Indian Navies will be in the area to provide protective cover in case China strikes back. The US will be watching from a distance to manage the conflict from afar while the little fools fight and kill themselves instead of gunning for peace and economic growth.

What would be the likely lined ups on this battle field? China, Russia, North Korea, and a few Asean states like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand on one side against the US, Japan, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore?
What would China do in the event that the Malaysian proposal of a regional patrol backed by the Japanese, Indians and US takes form? Would the region in East China hot up, would the Sino Indian border hot up, would the Pakistan Indian border hot up as well? The flame will burn in the South China Sea for sure.

All the best to Asean as an oasis of peace and neutrality. They have enjoyed peace for too long and wanted to taste a bit of war like the Middle East. War is fun, a lot of heroes and a lot of black body bags too. Thank you America, for your warm support.


Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin is a nut in putting forth the proposal. Within asean we already cannot see eye to eye on many issues. We will face even more internal conflicts shld his proposal be accepted.

Anonymous said...

These crazy twits think war is fun.

Veritas said...

The first thing Asean Army must do if materialize is to invade Malaysia. Malaysia is Asean biggest exporter of terror, from Thailand, S Philippines to Indonesia.

Almost every single Islamo terror have Malaysian Malay participant. And fuck shit Malaysian Malay never bomb their own petronas tower. They bomb others like Bali...etc.

Virgo49 said...

Cannot even control their haze burning talked of forming regional military force!

Tried to form a squad before battalions and before brigades before regional force

Anonymous said...

These mad and insecure people like to have a taste of war and destruction in their country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Under its new president Hillary Clinton, US military presence and action will increase in the Far East. She is a bigger hawk than Obama or Bush, and she will positively "bully" all the Asian male leaders---bending them over and sodomizing them into submission with her huge strap-on dildo.

The Chinese male-dominated leadership is going to kena terok from this mad woman, looking for a fight. It's going to be fun to watch :-)

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah. The Ameiricans would be blessed with another psychopath in the White House. And she fits the bill to the hilt.

b said...

Peace brings prosperity and war brings woes. When will people learn?

b said...

EU army proposal -

"who are you kidding?" watch the video below.


Step by step germany tried to create war again just like japan.

patriot said...

Let the Wars begin.

They will be very entertaining

Matilah Singapura will be thrilled.

But not in Sin please.


Anonymous said...

Hishammudin is nothing but another US-boot licking lackey in Malaysian government. Any Asian country willing to let itself be used by US as pawn is nothing but the biggest idiots in the world.