The angst of Lily Neo

Lily Neo spoke in Parliament about the increasing angst instead of gratitude towards the govt came under some strong rubbings in the social media. Despite her good intention to tell the govt that things were not so right as the govt would want to believe, she was yelling into the ears of the deaf frogs and risking being slapped like her colleagues in the past. The messengers of bad news are not welcomed and Amy Khor is a good testimony to how it felt being rebuked by the PM of the day, a public dressing down amounting to labeling her something like betraying her party. All she did was to say something for the people, not much different from what Lily Neo had said. It is no joke to get a dress down by a PM and reported in the media. She has since learnt her lesson and saying all the right things and is now a minister of state. Lily Neo got to learn from her to say the right things if there is still time for her to be promoted.

Lily Neo was lucky not to be slapped this time. It was a risky thing to say in Parliament. Inderjit did the safest thing, to avoid a public dressing in Parliament, by saying his peace in his facebook. That is pretty ingenious of him after his disappearing act to the toilet during the PWP voting.

Angst or no angst for the moment is determined by the people in power. When one is in power, everything is right and legal and good for the people and the party. The bold and brazen policies of touching the people’s life savings would be put to a severe test when the party falls from grace. The brushing aside of the people’s objection to the influx of foreigners, the dismissing of a generation of PMEs as collaterals for being replaced by foreigners would be a sour point that would not be easily forgotten as the livelihoods and well beings of many Singaporeans were badly affected.

There are many policies that are the angst of the people but not acknowledged by the deaf frogs. Everything is fine, for as long as they are in power. Who would know what the next govt will do to these policies and how the people would react to all the parties that caused all the angst to the people? The politicians, the top civil servants, the elite, the academics and legal professionals have all been reticent to the barrage of heavy handed policies, without protesting and in a way agreeing that there is no violation to the people’s rights and interests. It is good if there is really no wrong doing to answer for. If there are, many are complicits to them and will have to face the wrath, not the angst of the people when the day comes. For those who voted for, supported the controversial policies, they cannot say they did not. For those in a position to speak up but don’t, they have nothing to speak in their own defence for appeasing to wrong and harmful policies as an after thought.

When fortune changed, when the winds of change changes the power balance, many rights would become wrongs and wrongs would become right. All the angst would become real, not imaginary, not to be swept under the carpet. For the moment, everything is fine, everything is just perfect.

What angst was Lily Neo talking about? Got angst meh?


Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is a kueh lapis government?
- Always adding more and more layers of regulations and rules
- Every layer costing Singaporeans more money (e.g. Senior Minister, Mentor Minister, Municipal Service Office Town Councils) and less freedom
- it's always adding more and more layers
- telling Singaporeans more and more things that we cannot do on the left hand
- and then on the right hand telling Singaporeans we have a subsidy mentality ... always asking PAP government for help to do things
- and paying themselves a million dollar salary to screw up Singaporeans and our country

Anonymous said...

If the grassroots are in good order, the government would have felt the pulse of the people. Unfortunately, many believe these grassroot leaders are working more for themselves, for promotion and getting awards, and are unlikely to tell their masters the bad news. Furthermore, when you are in power for so many years, you believe nothing is wrong since you got voted in year after year.

Anonymous said...

"If the grassroots are in good order, the government would have felt the pulse of the people. "
March 17, 2015 9:09 am

Pay Yew million dollar salary.
And Yew expect your grassroots to tell Yew what Singaporeans want?
If Yew don't know what Singaporeans want, then Yew should not be a political leader.
As a Singaporean politician, Yew should be an expert on Singaporeans.
Not your grassroot leaders.

Anonymous said...

All the nonsense about getting promoted as a politician, creating new appointments to give politician payrise, getting performance bonuses are crazy and should be abolished immediately. This is not your grandfather's company.

Do not use the taxpayer's money to pay whatever you like to whoever you like.

Anonymous said...

Pay million dollar salary and still expect to be spoon fed and told what to do by your grassroots leaders.
How much more help do Yew need?
Million dollar crutch mentality.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The girl has her "wayang" face on.

The female of our species are adept in the art of wayang-ing, in order to draw attention to themselves. A girl needs attention ;-)

Singapore is changing socially and culturally. This makes some people uncomfortable---i.e. they prefer "the good old days". And so there is noticeable resistance to the sweeping changes.

However, one of the reasons humankind is so successful in surviving as a species is because humans adapt to changes...eventually. They will kick and scream for awhile, but eventually they will adapt to survive, perhaps even prosper as their own paradigms shift to accommodate the (socially-engineered) changes.

In Singapore changes socio-economic-political-cultural changes are largely engineered. It has worked for 50 years. Why stop now?

Libertarian much?

Anonymous said...

Change to benefit who?

Anonymous said...

Why must we have ministers "sell"
so very hard on ground to the
masses regarding policies/schemes?

Are the policies/schemes too
complicated and confusing?

Are the existing channels for
info to reach the masses not
working effectively?


patriot said...

The Women are hogging the Limelight in the Parliament, the State Media and the New(Social) Media. They are always physically attractive to man(gender) irrespective of their age and look or status. Womanfolks are naturally incline to side and empathize with their own gender and thus we see the Lady Brigade comprising Grace Fu, Josephine Teo and now the Younger Low Yen Ling, Ting Pei Ling an the older(age) Lily Neo, Ex-NMP Claire Chang and many Female Presenters appearing frequently to lure the People into the Propaganda presented by these Females.

The Male Public Figures from the PM himself, Ex-Cabinet Ministers like WongKan Seng, Mah Boh Tan to Current Ones like Teo Chee Hean, Lim Swee Say, Gan Kim Yong, Balla, Defence Minister and Heng Swee Kiat get spit, swear and curse each time they are mentioned or seen.
In olden day Chinese Culture, females were seen as the Greatest Cause for the collapses of many a state and dynasty.

Is Sin following the History of those olden fay states and dynasties?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

If the women want to seize the reins and run the cuntry, we should let them. Many women got "itchy backside" and cannot help but "re-arrange the furniture" and all other sorts of kachau kachau stuff. So it is OK with me--- you want to run the show, you go lah, girls. Get busy, make the place nicer, decorate it to however you like. I know they'll do a good job. :-)

Meanwhile the men can relac, play golf, go for massage and get several blowjobs a day. (My metric: more than 3 blowjobs a day ==> a perfect day).

Anyway, most of the men in parliament look like they could use a blowjob from a hot chick. They look unhappy and stressed. Make so much money, but cock never kena suck good.

What is the point?!?

Goh said...

Not interested in any wayang.
l would love to see auntie spenting more time with the residents singing karaoke and opera shows.
Or spent more time in the kitchen making yummy Medan kueh lapis.

Goh said...
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b said...

Speaking for the people? Must be all wayangs. All politicians are evil lah. Difference is the extent.

b said...

"In olden day Chinese Culture, females were seen as the Greatest Cause for the collapses of many a state and dynasty."

- men like to blame. of cos will choose the weaker sex/race/religion to blame when actually all the bad things came from powerful men.