Training – Uniquely Singapore

When we were young, our parents pushed us very hard to study well, to get the O and A level certificates, then tertiary educations to get a diploma or a degree. Those who were able to, to go for post graduate studies to get the masters or the PhDs. What for? So that we can get a good job, a well paying job, to live better.

Many of the young are parents today and are repeating the whole cycle, pushing their children to work hard to get that coveted degree, to get a good job and to live well. And every course that we or our children are taking means a potential to upgrade, to earn more, to be more respectable and dignified. Isn’t that the objective and meaning for training and more training?

Today, many of the PMEs had attained that, many have had a good life, been there and done that. Now many have been retrenched and laid off. And the training cycle starts all over. At 55, 60, 65 or more, they will be sent for more training. This time the training is to downgrade, so that they can get a job that pays less, less respectable and less dignified. What is happening?

Singapore is the only silly country in the whole world that sent its PMEs for more training to downgrade to lesser skill jobs, to earn less. And this training phase is spoken freely like the only solution, the best solution they could think off to help the daft Sinkies who were professionals, managers and executives just a few years ago, or a few months ago, or a few days ago. Suddenly they are totally irrelevant, their skills and experience are irrelevant, they cannot find a job, even with a pay cut to do the same thing. They must be sent for training to be downgraded. And they have to pay for the training too, not free training mind you.

Ingenious isn’t it? Cannot see anything wrong with this silliness? We sent professionals, managers and executives for training for lower paying jobs, less demanding jobs, lesser skill jobs? And this is a big industry, training to downgrade.

This is truly uniquely Singapore.

PS. And these PMEs are being replaced by fakes or people with questionable degrees, skill sets and experience from God knows where. From the devil you know they prefer the devil they don’t know. Isn’t it tragic? Maybe that is the price to pay to have juveniles and imbeciles in charge. Come, come, more training for you.


Anonymous said...

The LEEs folly was obsession to get our top students and paid them very well to make them all YES-MAN to them....this has been and still is the great human resource destruction to Singapore.
No wonder they are short of LOCAL talent.

patriot said...

Training to downgrade!
Can You believe it?
Sure, in Sin, we have Phd Taxi Driver. No big deal, heard Professors chose to be plumber, technician, mechanics and others in United Kingdom, Australia and other countries. However, the Incomes they get for doing manual works are very rewarding. Here in Sin, the Menial and Manual Workers get most exploited. No medical coverage, no leave, no bonus and surprisingly also no compulsory CPF contribution for some.

Talking about education, personally I take it as a process to widen ones' knowledge and be enlightened with the Value of Being. Not necessarily to get a good job per se but, to live wisely and happily. Nevertheless, high working positions are invariably link to ones' paper qualifications.
There are many that become successful in their trades and businesses with very little formal education. So, having high educational qualifications is not the Only Way to success.

Having high educational certification and working experience and have to downgrade oneself to a manual and low paying job is a terrible anomaly that Sinkies have to suffer due to the manipulation and Exploitation by the Rulers on their(Rulers) Sheeples. The Ruler have NO QUALM TO EXPLOIT THEIRS CITIZEN TO GROW THE ECONOMY TO BENEFIT THEMSELVES AND THEIR CRONIES AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE.



Anonymous said...

RB, why are you complaining when the PMEs are not complaining?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

"Aiyah, life so hard one lah. Foreigner took my job, govt took my money...boo hoo hoo...Go Hong Lim kpkb, kena arrested and fined...oh woe is me! I hope the govt introduces TAX and TOLONG, like Sweden!"

Victim much?

Anonymous said...

Your loser quitter fan is back and pretending to be so successful.

Anonymous said...

Who benefits from all these training programs? Citizens or the specially selected companies that provide such training? remembered the last time government gave NSmen $$$ but can only used in SAFRA or NTUC. Good idea right? Government gives money which will plow back to designated pockets.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies are busy studying and training - then it makes it easy for Traitors to tell us we are not good enough tio bo?
If we are so good, then why must need training?

Ho Ching got go for training or not?
Desmond Kuek got go for re-training or not?

NOL's CEO Ng Yat Chung got go for training or not?
Why is he selling profitable NOL businesses and keeping all the loss making business units?

Anonymous said...


You just vote Opposition lah, no need complain here so much. Maybe WP can come into power next election. If not, then another 4 years lah.

But I can tell you WP will not pay themselves anything less than PAP. They agreed the pay formula too when it was up for discussion in Parliament. In fact, in WP's pay proposal report, WP proposed to pay MPs pagged to Superscale salary for the govt admin service. Maybe $16,000 a month is still not enough leh.

Even if WP come into power, you will be happy for 1 day, Huat Ah celebration on your website, after that you will complain everyday about WP.

Anonymous said...

"Cannot see anything wrong with this silliness? We sent professionals, managers and executives for training for lower paying jobs, less demanding jobs, lesser skill jobs?"

But in the first place, isn't it silly that these professionals, managers and executives are allowing themselves to be sent for such training? Surely nobody is pointing a gun to their head to do so, tio bo?

And so they are not happy and will not vote PAP? But how many % did not vote PAP in GE 2011, where times and PAP were worse than now for these PMEs?

Anonymous said...

Even if WP come into power, you will be happy for 1 day, Huat Ah celebration on your website, after that you will complain everyday about WP.
Anon 1:39 pm

Hahahahahahahaha and tiok.

If WP can ever come into power due to the 60%, then in the first place they must be strong like the PAP.

And if they are strong, then of course they will behave like PAP after being given power by the 60% lah. Human beings, or rather Sinkies, are like that one lah, whether PAP, WP or whatnot P.


Anonymous said...

Hi redbean
Former USA SEC regulator agrees with your views about HFT in the stock market.

"Former SEC Director Admits The Truth: The Market Is Rigged"

Unresolved Grievances said...

Everything is rig. If not how rich become richer?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Anon 2:25,

The stage is set for the eventual collapse of the American model when everyone gets wiser and walks away from the scam.

China will present the world with a fairer trading system and Shanghai will take over as the financial centre from NY.

The Americans are living on borrowed time when they think they could continue to operate a rigged system forever.

Anonymous said...

Better not to let young impressionable minds listen to your talk RB. You are leading them astray. You are astray never mind because now a bit too late, but don't lead others astray ok? You can wait for America to collapse, the question is when?

b said...

the gov has invested heavily in training arms so they let in all those foreigners, take over the locals jobs so the locals have to retrain to get another job. its a vicious cycle created by them to make money out of the locals.

b said...

"The stage is set for the eventual collapse of the American "

- me think the us of a will start a war before they let that happens just like they kicked the ass of uk.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi b, not only the government.

The companies bosses and their cronies also in ventures.

They, together with their cronies in what ever associations or so called professional societies or bodies organised so called training programmes for their staff bring themselves as the lecturers and pocketing the fees.

This is by way of claiming the Skills Development Fund of providing courses for their staff.

Whilst I was in the employed in the shipping industry before my retirement, we were send for courses even in how to answer calls professionally which is not revel vent to the positions which we are been employed for.

Besides, also other talks of bo leow courses not revel vent to our department.

This is to make the whole company staff to attend so that they can claimed the reimbursement from the Skills Fund.