Amos Yee – How sick can we be?

A 16 year old, I was bowled over by his articulation and command of the language, was arrested over a self produced YouTube clip ranting about LKY with a heavy dosage of vulgarities. With 15 police reports made against him, and for the subject of his video attack, somehow a police intervention was quite expected in this uptight little city that wanted to be known as a cosmopolitan city to stand side by side with New York or London and other famous western cities.

Is the arrest of Amos a case of maintaining law and order? Or is it a case of throwing the book at anyone when a police report is made? Is what this young man, or an adolescent, said that serious that it would cause rioting in the streets? There are many assholes in blogs that uttered even worst comments than this Amos kid. A flutter of a butterfly in the Pacific Ocean could cause a storm? Not every flutter will cause a storm, maybe one in a million.

Such a ranting is not uncommon in the internet or even in the kopitiams. So, are the police going to arrest everyone who committed this crime of ranting against somebody, against a religion, against the govt? My impression after viewing the video clip was nothing more than a young man letting go some steam maybe for some publicity. Period. It does not go any further to envisage what more harm it would bring to anyone, or to create a social and security problem. Sure some highly sensitive people would feel hurt or agitated. Remember the UOB Annual Dinner and Dance theme when some racist minded cried racism because some of the staff dressed in different ethnic gear. Would the police arrest them if there was a police report or several police reports made? If a society cannot live with such a video clip in the YouTube and demands action be taken in every such cases, I think the enforcing officer will not have time for anything else. Block the YouTube, lock down the internet. Close down all the kopitiams.

What kind of society do we want to live in? Do we want a society that is filled with paranoids, everyone rushing to the police station to make a police report when they feel hurt, their feather got ruffled and the police will jump to their becks and calls? And every ranting is a national security threat?

My recommendation. In addition to the Cardboard Police Division, have a Robocop unit to answer to such complaints and let the Robocop store it in their harddrive for perpetuity, to be forgotten. The Police are already short of manpower, let them do the important jobs than chasing after kids or whenever a highly sensitive asshole makes a report.

It is about time that the knuckle duster be put away for good, that our people, our children, should be treated as one of us, to be dealt with as people and not enemies of the state, to be whipped, to be put away for every little indiscretion or ranting? A 16 year old boy arrested because of a few expletives and someone’s feeling got hurt? Did anyone shout, ‘Horror, this boy is dangerous!’

On the other hand there was an adult who threatened to cut the boy’s prick was found to be safer and allowed to go scot free? Who is more dangerous? This adult is in the same mold as that Raymond who threatened bodily harm, and imagine that these characters are part of the power equation? This place is going to be a very dangerous place not because of boys like Amos Yee but with psychopaths behaving like above the law gangsters.

What do you think?


virgo49 said...

The PAP had successfully copied the Red Guards Revolution of Mao

Relatives, friends, neighbours snitch and reported "wrong " doings of each other

Fellow citizens maiming each other in the name of righteouness

Anonymous said...

If this boy is arrested, Matilah Singapura should also be arrested as well.

Anonymous said...

You've got it. RB. Whatever happened to that Ello fellow? The police has not arrested him nor put him in custody. Does not speak well for impartial treatment.

Kaffein said...

My exact sentiments - I think they arrested him because he made disparaging remarks about LKY and gloating over his death, not so much as Christianity or religious thingy they are charging him with.

The nanny-state has to be smarter to know what is a rant and what is a threat. Gee.. so difficult meh?


Anonymous said...

People who watched the video will form their own conclusions lah.

People are not that stupid and non-thinking type lah.

What is right and what is wrong, leave it to the people lah.

Nothing to hide!

Anonymous said...

"It is about time that the knuckle duster be put away for good, that our people, our children, should be treated as one of us, to be dealt with as people and not enemies of the state" -- RB

Tiok. RB hit it on the nail again.
We should let Amos Yee continue his rant, because this is a democratic country. It is no big deal, like RB said.

In fact, we should encourage him, and RB should give him a platform to rant, and maybe also teach him how to put it in words. We should not arrest him but to celebrate such spontaneity and his articulation and command of the language. Grandchildren should learn from Amos Yee about how he has insulted this country's founding father.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bravo redbean. Well said man.


>> If this boy is arrested, Matilah Singapura should also be arrested as well.

I agree 100%. So should the Singaporeans fucking religions and the govt at sammyboy, the TRE, Hardware Zone, There are THOUSANDS of people who:

1. Hate religion
2. Hate any "authority or "power"--political, social, economic or religious, bullying the "little guy" when all the little guy is doing is expressing his opinion. The "little guy" didn't incite violence, didn't plant nor throw a bomb, neither did he plot or enact an assassination.
3. Absolutely consider it UNFORGIVABLE to be silenced or threatened, just because they have something "uncomfortable" or "annoying" to say.

The point the so-called 'law" is not getting---I thought they were smart, I guess I'm wrong---is that you have to WILFULLY AGREE to being "offended and outraged" by Amos. He didn't come to your house, break in illegally, held you captive and then blasted you with his profanity-laced vitriol, leaving you with no choice to exercise your "freedom to listen/ not listen".

No, douchebags: ===>> YOU <<=== had to actually CHOOSE TO click on the YouTube/ Facebook link. If you set, to "autoplay", then it is again YOU who did that.

So I ask you, judiciary and police of Singapore? HOW in all reason and logic can this "harassment" charge stick?

C'mon lah, be a nation of mature adults, for fuck's sake. If you encounter a person who is expressing ideas you don't like, just ignore the guy and move along with your life. Don't go crying to the police like a wimpy bitch lah.

And if you claim to be a Christian, this is Easter week---the week where on Friday your Saviour (not mine, I'm an atheist) died for the sins of mankind---past, present and future sins, the whole shebang. Did you miss the message? Did you forget about FORGIVENESS? How about KINDNESS, especially to those who are unkind?

Turn the other cheek much? Got "love thine enemy"? Time for a revision Christians: Matthew Chapter 5, "The Sermon On The Mount". Go read it again, motherfuckers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ST's editorial,

'Time to bin dirty old ways!'

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 950:

Years ago I did some contract work for ENV/ Health. One of the complaints by execs there was that they Singapore spends gazillions on keeping the place clean, so it presents sparkling clean to the rest of the gullible planet.

No, sorry lah Mr ST Editor---you have a grand vision and good intent, but alas I think your quest is FUTILE.

Singaporeans need "pressure" from a big-stick authority or from fellow citizens in the form of social pressure---otherwise they will behave like * entitled assholes I haven't even mentioned their eating habits...my god. Have you seen a food court after a Singaporean has eaten there...it is GROSS!

* Definition of entitled asshole: one who thinks they are above the law and accepted social constructs of fairness and fair play, and has no conscience when they wilfully inconvenience others---like jumping queues, swerving and braking in and out of traffic, littering, smoking in shared spaces, dumping rubbish in lifts, evacuating their human waste in lifts, riding bicycle in corridors, pushing old people and pregnant women out of the way, messing up toilets and refusing to clean up after....etc etc, basically an "inconsiderate cunt".

Well, Mr ST Editor, there are simply too many of these motherfuckers roaming free and wild in Singapore, so ENV and Health ministries will have no choice but to pay 3rd world dark-skinned foreigners to clean up the shit the wealthiest entitled assholes of SE Asia apparently think it is their god-given-right to throw anywhere, at anytime.

Got killer litter?

Anonymous said...

"On the other hand there was an adult who threatened to cut the boy’s prick was found to be safer and allowed to go scot free? Who is more dangerous?"

I say arrest the both of them.

Anonymous said...

50% of the population is foreigners. What Singaporeans dirtying toilets? Many Singaporeans would not use public toilets.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand there was an adult who threatened to cut the boy’s prick was found to be safer and allowed to go scot free? Who is more dangerous?

Oh, that's for the rightful authorities to decide, not u or me or anyone else.

And who's the ultimate authority who give the rightful authorities their authority? The 60% who voted PAP in the last GE, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering if this is true.

Respect for LKY = Respect for PAP (PAP under PM Lee Junior lah, of course) = Vote for PAP?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1029:

>> Singaporeans would not use public toilets.

Right. They prefer to piss and shit in the HDB lifts ;-)

@ RB:

>> an adult who threatened to cut the boy’s prick was found to be safer and allowed to go scot free

Yup, a Grassroots leader, no less. Not only amputate the boy's cock, but shove it in the boy's mouth, post amputation. This is creepy-pedophile sexual and violent. Unarguably TWISTED.

How about the now deleted comments on YouTube---there were overt threats of direct harm to Amos and his family. Funny, the usually on-the-ball and vigilant police must have missed them.

Oh well, some people get caught, and others just get away. ;-)

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.40am pls note.....

please please do not be confused....

respect for mr lee is respect for mr lee, nothing else.....

respect mr lee for his hard work and sacrifices for Singapore.....

please be clear please be clear....


Anonymous said...

Amos Yee is a sick mental retard, no disagreement there.
He flamed a highly respected endeared man, our MM Lee, with vulgarities, and that's not cool at all.
But is it WORSE than death threats against PM Lee?
Or death threats against Singaporeans?
Both persons who threatened PM Lee and Singaporeans were NEVER charged,
and released .. !?!
What kind of message are we sending?
OK to make death threats, but
NOT OK to flame with vulgarities?
Someone please clarify.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There would be the oddballs who have some personal experiences or grudges or even pyscho cases out there. Bet you go to the kopitiams and listen to the gripes. There will be the swearings and whatever.

You want to arrest every one of them, including the cranks?

Even God got His fair share of cursings. Let's don't turn this into a 1984 police state.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, forgot to add this. Many of you are sensible adults. Let's post sensibly and responsibly.

Thank you.

Veritas said...

18th century Voltaire has already ridicule Christianity. I always enjoy the work of great masters. By ridiculing religion, the great masters open the door for ridiculng king and eventually bring down tyranny.

2500 years ago, China already say fuck you Confucius, in Zhuang Zi. Since then Confucius is revered and China stagnant.

The elite know that by promoting religious sensitivity they are castrating the people.

Islamo trick against others is to pretend they are sensitive and take insult on everything under the sun to be against Allah and Mohamat.

Singapore today is worse than 18th century France, and that is because of one asshole, Kuan Yew.

Worse, there is this Miki full of shit that once I saw him promoting "relgious harmony". This kind of academic is a disgrace.

He apparently read too little and do not know what Great Masters were writing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The older I get, the more I think that any kind of of verbal expression should be LEGAL---EVEN MAKING THREATS OF VIOLENCE OR DEATH. Why? Because > 99.99% of those threats are empty. Yes, the cops should investigate the threats, any threat, because that's their JOB. But if no real PHYSICAL threat is found, they should just leave it be.

Freedom of speech is total, a "primary", in and of itself. Christians, Muslims etc should be allowed to "preach" in public spaces, and atheists and Satanists too. All that is required for the haters is to not listen, ignore and go on their own way. Political ideologues should be given free reign to spout their class warfare theories, film makers and authors should be allowed to create whatever content they like---you don't like Then don't watch, don't read, or if on the net, DON'T CLICK.

"Offence" cannot be given. It is taken; it is CREATED in the mind of the person who choses to listen and consume the "offensive" content. He can also choose NOT TO.

When the society has the critical mass of people who will tolerate the different ideas and styles of expression of others, then I would say that society is approaching total enlightenment.

When people, in their own minds and persons, arrive at the place where they can support the right---even in disagreement with the content or the delivery---of another to express their own ideas in their own way, then I think, you will see the "Happiness Index" of that society rise to very high levels.

Alas, I do not have such hopes for Singapore. However, I will be happy beyond measure if I am proven to be wrong. ;-)

To all you cunts, fuck your god and fuck your politics with love, of course :-)

Namaste, motherfuckers!

Veritas said...

Today you go youtube, PRC is able to fuck Mao. Some people even make a lot of monies by fucking Mao, and become a celebrity.

Singapore has far behind PRC.

In USA, the Clinton sperm ladden cloth are being display in public providing us with so much entertainment.

Singapore will be more advance when people go to TCS and fuck Kuan Yew for a living.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If only all people are reasonable and sensible, then you don't need laws, you don't need guns.

The trouble is that there are many mad people around, fanatics, bigots, that would kill if not put on a lease. The free speech advocates may think everyone is as free and liberal as them. They would not know when or where and who would walk behind them and lop off their heads or burn down their homes.

Leave the mad people and fanatics alone. They can be from any side of the divide. They can be officers of the law. They are everywhere.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just read this in TRE.

'In a statement yesterday (30 Mar), police said Amos will face charges in court today under Section 298 of the Penal Code for utterances against Christians with a “deliberate intent to wound religious feelings”. Other charges include circulating an obscene object and making threatening, abusive or insulting communication which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.'

Please guys, not everyone is as worldly as you or as sane as you. Do not play with a matron that is zealously guarding a young virgin in medieval times.

Anonymous said...

I thought the language he used was rude, thats it.
If after 50 years as a nation, we are still unable to take this in our stride and instead worked up a storm, then we have indeed failed.
His clip is mild by today standards.
They are smart enough to charge him on the racial elements and not the anti-LKY part of the rant, otherwise there could be a backlash.
After all, why can't politicians be critised? dead or alive.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I tell you wat lah, Singapore's AG and his merry band of public prosecutors....damn creative wan.

Who says Singapore got no creativity? The rule of law is "formless" type. Must be all Zen masters down there at AG's monastery. The monks can bend the thing here and there to fit the situation.

Got za-zen?

Kaffein said...

@Anon March 31, 2015 11:15 am who wrote:

"Amos Yee is a sick mental retard, no disagreement there. He flamed a highly respected endeared man, our MM Lee, with vulgarities, and that's not cool at all. But is it WORSE than death threats against PM Lee?"

For the love of God, the old man is dead.

How many effective death threats can you make to a dead man? How much of vulgarities can you throw to 'wake him up'?

*rolls eyes*

Get a life, dude. You are getting too emotional and need some breathing space. I suggest Thailand?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I tell you wat lah, Singapore's AG and his merry band of public prosecutors....damn creative wan.

Who says Singapore got no creativity? The rule of law is "formless" type. Must be all Zen masters down there at AG's monastery. The monks can bend the thing here and there to fit the situation.

Got za-zen?

Anonymous said...

It is time to return to the Middle Ages and introduce some medieval laws like burning on the stakes. Anyone thinking of conducting an inquisition?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

PM Lee got fixed by his mobsters. Now what?

Anti-Violence said...

Why the Police never arrest the pro-PAP grass-roots leader who had threatened to cut off Amos's penis? This is an even more dangerous man than Amos to our whole society. And this is very serious.

Does the Police only act when someone makes a report or tip off?

If so, now I am making a tip off to the Police or the Authority.

Go and investigate and find the culprit who has threatened openly in the Facebook page to cut off Amos's penis.

This is a very violent and dangerous man. He must be brought in for interrogation and be charged with violence, or threat of using violence - with the intention to cause bodily harm to a 16-year-old kid.

Anyone disagree?

Anonymous said...

Criminal intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Why charge Amos Yes with THREE Charges?

This looks like the kiasu and kiasi syndrome has already taken root deep in certain organisation, or people???

You want to make sure he is punished severely, is it not?

If you really wants to teach this young teenager a lesson, one charge is enough, is it not?

There may not be necessary to make any charge at all. I think in this case a severe warning is sufficient, is it not?

May be it is not that there were 15 or 20 reports to the Police that caused such a heavy-handed decision to be made?

May be, there is some powerful people up in Heaven who cannot swallow an insult from a small kid, and therefore had ordered that severe punishment be meted out to the unlucky Amos Yee, is it not?

My take is: Very unprofessional. Very immature - more immature than Amos Yee.

WTF is going on to Singapore and especially people in power???

On the surface, everything in Singapore seems very nice and safe. BUT if you actually see deeper, you will see all these shiitts, is it not?

This is really an immature country trying to boast to the whole world that we are First World, with all the bulls and shiitts only anti-Amos people would believe.

From now on, for those who really care about this country, let Amos be the Martyr of Progress towards a better, more matured society.

Let those intolerant, self-righteous, over-sensitive, power-connected people be educated and awaken to a transformed society where they will find themselves very shameful and out of place if they continue to act the way they did/do.

It is time that Singapore progress to a more humane and understanding, more tolerant and compassionate, more educated and mature society.

Otherwise, all the monetary rewards from the growth of the GDP is nothing but Excessive Greed and an Ugly Heart inside.

The said...

/// Veritas said...
Some people even make a lot of monies by fucking Mao, and become a celebrity. ///

That will make them necrophiliacs.

Anonymous said...

Cos no one make police report on that cookie....

patriot said...

I simply cannot understand how christians feel offended by Amos Yee using the Word Jesus.
Jesus is just a word that is used in NAMES. And Amos used it for comparison to SOMEONE. HOW DOES THIS OFFENDS SOME CHRISTIANS WHO WENT TO MAKE POLICE AGAINST HIM.



Veritas said...

Free speech must be proscribe. For example you cannot just go into cinema and shout fire.

You cannot advocate killing people.

However, ridiculing religion and Kuan Yew is something that is good.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:


I don't recognised them as "Christians". To be a Christian is to attempt to live a Christ-like life. It means that no matter what you remain kind, gentle, and forgiving....among other things. Jesus, according to The Bible---that book which they get all their "knowledge" and "wisdom" from (supposedly), was a humble carpenter who helped the poor and disenfranchised, who did acts out of pure love, including that of self-sacrifice, all in all, not such a bad guy. (Which is why I like making fun of him. I also hold the view that no such person as the Biblical Jesus ever existed. Like Harry Potter and Superman, he is a fictitious hero with "magical powers")

In Singapore, thanks to the mega church phenomenon, Christians are rich, highly educated and think that they are "morally superior" than everyone else. More than a few of them are most definitely NOT "Christlike". They are nasty, jealous, manipulative, guilt-trippers, unkind, greedy for money and power, bigoted, and some of the BIGGEST ASSHOLES you'll ever have the displeasure of encountering....fuck! If Jesus met these "Singapore Mega Church Christians", he would cry and sob uncontrollably. ;-)

...but Jesus would forgive them, with total love. Not me. If it was me, I'd call on my Father to fuck these Mega Church assholes up in the most painful ways, then send them straight to Chinese hell where there are many levels because I'm not Jesus, and don't intend to be anything like :-))

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

S.C.I.N.O---$ingapore Christian, In Name Only.

An Atheist's Prayer:
"Please Jesus, Protect me from your followers. Amen."

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura;

Thank You for your company un this discussion.

Someone at Fb told me in good manner that if ones' idol is being defamed, then one is justified to be angry.

I like to say that everyone has the Right to form impression and interpret any person, object and issue. One man's meat is another mab's poison goes the Saying.
Believer can pray and pay whatever obeisance to whoever and whatever he/she believes.
Others have similar right to disbelieve and interpret the subject/object anyway they want so long there is no proof of existence and material evidence related to the subject/object. So, how in the World did Amos offends anyone?

Though the Chinese revers the Mythological Dragon, there is never short of Chinese Legends portraying evil dragons plaguing the people.

Religious bigot and extremist are folks that need to be moderated in their behaviours. Their over sensitiveness, superstition and unreasonableness had caused much conflict and war in mankind. The Law should not be used just to punish, the Law is duty bound to provide justice and enlightenment.



Anonymous said...

When the law is not thinking it would be abused and made to dance to the tune of the crooks.

Anonymous said...

Wah this topic got Matilah all excited like a kid in a candy store. And has got Veritas crawling out of his/her hole. Nice new pic, Veritas. It is good to know what kind of woman you imagine yourself to be. What happened to Yingluck. Didn't look tranny enough?

Anonymous said...

Driver follows GPS off disused bridge, and wife dies, police say


Can we say the same about PAP and the "Hard Truths"?

patriot said...

Please do help to enlighten me by offering your sincere answer to a poser I am putting here.

Me am an atheist and the only smoker in my family which is make up of taoists, buddhists, christians and muslims. Does it means that I cannot smoke which I do since, eat beef and pork in my own home? Is doing so means I disrespect the Beliefs of the Believers, Their Gods and out to jeer Them? And in order to show respects to them there should be no beef, pork, cigarette and beer for me. Should the Believers in my house demand that I leave my house to indulge in my own favourite food, cigarette and alcoholic drinks?
It is also true that I frequently tell my folks that I am fine with them worshipping imagined beings and they are free to practice whatever they like but never to get me involved, unless I volunteer.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

I am no expert, by here's my take.

We all experience anger at some time or other, as we do with a whole plethora of human emotions---which we have no choice in feeling. It is perfectly ok to get angry at someone. It is not ok to punch them or sic the cops on them, unless they've actually PHYSICALLY harming you or your property, and you do so only to defend your rights.

If you want freedom for yourself to do stuff other people may not like, then you will have to allow others to do stuff you may not like. You have friends, who like stuff and have ideas you don't like. But you still are friends. Mystifying? No, perfectly normal.

It's easy to be an intolerant and inconsiderate asshole. It is much harder to be understanding and maintain a state of equanimity. As we already realised: Life, was never meant to be "easy". :-)

@ 901:

>> Wah this topic got Matilah all excited like a kid in a candy store.

What a tired, boring metaphor. Undoubtedly it emanates from a quotidian and underdeveloped intellect. Surely you do better. Perhaps not. How about "all excited like an NS man on his first trip to Geylang"?

Can you top that? Go ahead, give it the old college try...

Anonymous said...

A flutter of a butterfly in the Pacific Ocean could not cause a storm but the police action caused a tsunami of news reports around the world.

Only 15 police reports were made? I thought more than 20 stepped forward to suck the oblong dick and the biggest sucker was the lawyer by the name Chia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Can you worship Jesus and suck the oblong dick of a dead dictator at the same time?

Apparently this practice is widespread in Singapore.

What a remarkable feat of coordination in motor skills, and dare I say, achievement!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
b said...

Its a tactic known as 杀一警百. Has always been effective for the present ruling party.

Unknown said...

Very good article...and I agree with the other comments that the religion issue is a little over the top.
In Indonesia it is illegal to be an atheist (believe it or not) Let's hope Singapore does not go that way

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Kena slap by Malaysians

Artikel anda adalah sangat yang ditulis dengan baik . Terima kasih kerana sepakan yang amat diperlukan untuk skrotum berbau negara kita.

Translated: Your article is very well written . Thanks for a much-needed kick to the smelly scrotum of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Mr M_Singapura is on fire and I LIKE it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You cannot enter Saudi Arabia if you don't have a religion.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>>You cannot enter Saudi Arabia if you don't have a religion.

I would say that law is extremely flexible.

If persons happen to be a gazillionaires from Russia or China, who covered their genitals and anus in pork lard, the king himself would come to the airport with the entire House Of Saud to suck their multibillion dollar Sino-Russian dicks, lick their balls and tongue-punch their greasy capitalist assholes.

Money first, god second. Always lah. Throughout history and true for all time.

Anonymous said...

You dumbass. Money is what the Saudis have. They would use their money to shaft into your ass.