Erotica - A case of mindless defiance

The case of Alvin Tan and his girl friend’s demonstration of how creative they were in bed is not simply a lifestyle choice. It was, until he followed up with several defiance statements regarding his benefactor country and institutions. His tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore were all paid for by Singapore taxpayers. The scholarship includes $50,000 in tuition fees and $6,000 in living expenses yearly and could have be given to children of Sinkies.

I do not have to pay a single cent in Singapore, bond free.
‘When asked if he is worried he may get expelled from NUS for his ‘exploits’, Alvin Tan said:
I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.

When it was suggested that he will need to pay back his tuition fees if he is expelled, Alvin Tan retorted:
I will not pay a single cent to NUS if I am expelled and what can they do to me?’ Quoted from TRE.

This is the kind of retort from an ingrate. He is totally unappreciative of the money and hospitality showered on him by the Singapore Govt. He is as good as telling the Singapore Govt go fuck off, I don’t need your money and I don’t care a hoot who you are. What is more sickening is that he could be sneering at the Sinkie Govt all the while for its silliness in offering him the scholarship. This is the ugly truth about the sincerity of foreign scholarship holders. Are our super talents so daft not to see this?

His attitude not only antagonises the Sinkie taxpayers, it will make them blooming mad with their Govt for wasting their money on such fools. There will not be more calls for the withdrawal of scholarships to foreigners. The money will be better spent on the children of Sinkies. The Govt must take note that the people are unhappy with them throwing money away to ungrateful and unappreciative foreigners. This is not an isolated cases. Only unqualified fools will keep repeating the same mistakes.

It is about time the govt rethinks its policies of throwing away taxpayer’s money to foreigners and depriving the children of the taxpayers from them. I can sense the anger boiling.

And the collateral damages will be those deserving foreign students that need such scholarships and are appreciative of them. On hindsight not many will be appreciative of our Govt’s generosity. I support the cancellation of all scholarships to foreigners and to throw the money to our children.

No one should waste his time trying to argue for the merits of such scholarships to foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Same old, same old.
When Sinkies tell our MotherFucxxxs-In-White, they don't listen.
When a Foreign Talent tell them, then only they sit up and listen.

The $50,000 we spent on you is good value for money.
You gave those deaf MotherFucxxxs-In-White one of the best feedback slaps in the face I have ever seen.
I hope more ASEAN scholars will follow your example.

Anonymous said...

Here is Alvin & Vivian having a National Conversation with Singaporeans.


In my humble opinion;
They answered the questions directly.
They did not say, ‘what do you think”.
They held a genuine National Conversation with their fans & detractors.

They said “screw (fuck) you” and they did not have to apologize to a Minister for saying it.
As Malaysians, they do in Malaysia what no Singaporeans dare to do in Singapore.

Makes me wonder. Who got more freedom?
Malaysians or Singaporeans?
What do you think?

Alvin gets to all these things, and he don't even have to do National Service.
No wonder limpeh calls Singaporeans daft.
Better I emigrate the first chance I get.
Or better still, vote out the Pro Alien Party to make things better for Singaporeans.

agongkia said...

At least I feel very motivated by Alvin to stay in Malaysia if I have a choice.Garmen is right to get people like him to promote the advantages of staying in Malaysia and unhappy Sinkies should consider the advantages his country can offer and not to kpkb here.

Anonymous said...

$50,000 scholarships for children of foreigners. Student loans for children of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

It is so disgusting. No, not the video or the act. It is the giving away of our taxpayers money to unappreciative foreigners. All of them must be saying, this stupid govt think it throw us some money and then can keep us in the country.

It is not the insincerity of the scholarship recipients but the govt who is coveting 'foreign talents' by using money to attract them. They can see the farce and how hard up this govt is.

Anonymous said...

He is mocking and hooting at our

NUS for showing it is too eager to

please and get foreign talents.

Arrogantly he seems to be saying,

"If you want my talent you have


on my own terms, or else you can

f.o., lol...

tkw said...

There are ways to show love/act of love...but the most common way is the pornographic way as it is the most commercial/fastest way to get money/attention.

Unfortunately, more and more are using these ways to get commercial/money/attention...using love, individualism, freedom, being true to oneself and other noble ideals as shields.

Anonymous said...

Thx Alvin for showing us sinkies how daft our leaders are

Anonymous said...

Let foreigners screw the albinos, arrogantly and defiantly, if Sinkies cannot do much.

But albinos will not wake up. We have to give them another jolt come 2016. This time, a high voltage jolt will be needed.

Anonymous said...

See how much sex you get to enjoy when you don't have to serve National Service.

Doubt if Sinkie males get this much sex.
Other than the screwing we get from our Millionaire Ministers.

Anonymous said...

Limpeh-kia said...
To stand out from the crowd. To be great. First, you have to leave Singapore.
Be grateful to the foster country that accepts you and make you great.
And don't represent Singapore when you achieve greatness like our paralympic champions.
Stay away and help other Singaporeans emigrate.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
Here is Alvin & Vivian having a National Conversation with Singaporeans. ///

Errrrr, slight correction here - they are having a national fornication.

Wonder why these 2 are so proud of their videos - badly made porn and his equipment is too modest to be made public. He should be ashamed instead of proud.

Anonymous said...

Wu Di, another foreign scholars paid by our taxpayers said this.

“The fucking Singapore government has just announced the most ridiculous rules to property market with the most ridiculous reason that fuckingly spoils everybody’s financial plans.”

Think he is appreciative of the money and opportunity given to him?

Anonymous said...

Do you think our Millionaire Ministers are appreciative of the opportunities given to them by the Singapore taxpayers?