Traffic jams at Bukit Panjang!

Where is Bukit Panjang? Quite near to JB lor. How could a little town in the periphery of the island be facing traffic jam? In the city, in the suburbs, still possible, but out in the country side, 5 mins to JB and the residents now have to coop with traffic jams. And it is expected to get worst when the BTO units are occupied in a few years time.

You really believe that we can take in another 700,000 people to raise population to 6m? Really, sure or not? Sure, at most is to have a gridlock over the whole island. Then more people can take public transport and no need to drive. Quickly buy SMRT and SBS shares.

That would not be the case. There will be no gridlock in the island. The answer is in COEs and ERPs. ERPs can be erected in Bukit Panjang and all the outlying new towns to control cars on the road. It is only a matter of how many more ERPs and how much the drivers will have to pay to keep the roads congestion free. The ultimate solution will be to erect ERPs at the exit of HDB car parks. Yes HDB car parks or condominiums only where there are concentrations of cars.

There will be no gridlock on our roads. That I can guarantee, even with 10m population. Have faith in the govt. Our roads will run as smoothly as they are today with 5.3m people. Double that or triple that will not make it any worst.


Anonymous said...

Funny Rb, just a traffic jam at Bukit Panjang once a while mah, wat's the big deal ?

It is jam everyday at Loyang/Changi early every morning and no one blog about it. When it happens frequently, the people will be used to it lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This one front page news on ST.

Anonymous said...

The ERP has not prevented traffic jams. Hopefully, it has prevented the kind of gridlocks they have in Brazil.

Surely one of the best preventive measures for road jams is to have an extremely good public transport system. (Or to live within walking distance from everywhere you need to go to, including your office.)

However, even the best of such systems can cater to only so many people. After that, you have crushes in public transport, akin to gridlocks on roads, which makes people unhappy and drives people away from using public transport.

Unhappy people perform poorly in all aspects of life. It could be one reason, and a major one too, that productivity here is low.

At the end, life is for living, not mere existence. It is certainly not to be a by-the-way cog in an economic machine. We all have hopes, dreams to be much more. Systems that allow this need to be in place as far as possible.

Anonymous said...

The Society will naturally collapse as it gets saturated and max out in development potential.
'pa miao cu zang' excessive artificial growth will do lots of harm to future generations.

Only those greedy pigs will resort to cash out everything for themselves with no thought or conscience for others.

They live in big houses and for some, the roads are cleared for them to travel with protection entourages in front and back. It is as though they will perish in the country they rule without them. Anyone knows why ?

Anonymous said...

My worry is that people in Singapore measure success in terms of economc growth. Money is what they are concerned with. There is no more compassion and care for the less advantage anymore.

Taffic jams are a result of poor planning but in Singapore's context it is more a result of greed from Government. Earning from COE is simple and no effort. Best way to boost GDP but at whose expense?

We need answers from LTA as to the objectives of ERP. Is ERP still designed to curb traffic flow by charging motorists or is just another system to such more money from citizens. To me an effective ERP would manage the traffic condition on the roads without the need to have COE. You can buy a car but can you affort to pay the ERP?

Anonymous said...

No amount of engineering can alleviate an overcrowded island.

No amount of NCMP in parliament can replace the need for more Opposition MPs in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Didn't 1 ah kong claimed to be able to travel across the island max 20 mins????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Annon 4:38. He can do that because there is always no traffic in front of his car.

Abao said...

hi redbean,

bukit panjang is one of the only artery to the city for the cck bpp area. it is linked to the heavily used pie and bukit timah road. so how not to jam?

nevertheless, its a real cosy place with great nature

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Abao, your anime foto is great, very good looking.

Yes Bukit Panjang is a very swa teng place but losing its charm with the invasion of the concrete jungle. 40 years ago I used to pass there every morning on my way to Tengah. After Bukit Panjang, Tengah Village would be next to go, all because we are so greedy to fill up this little island with more people.

Sheer insanity.