Do we need a lynching party?

Many police reports were made by the public against people, some times kids, making racist or anti religious remarks in the internet or facebook. Though all racist and anti religious remarks are not acceptable and cannot be condoned, is there really a need to make a police report? In many instances the comments were made in the heat of the moment or at a thoughtless moment by someone who could not understand the seriousness of the remarks or the consequences that could follow. Many would not have done so if they knew what they were doing. Not many, not even one in all the reported cases, was there a recalcitrant who had the intent to stir racial or religious hatred.

It is right to put such people into their proper place and telling them what they did was wrong. And if they need to be punished, let it be. Making police reports often is only aggravating a bad situation that is unnecessary. The last thing is to treat making police reports callously, like people making calls for ambulance service for the slightest reason. Making police reports is not like going for a pee. It must be a serious matter that needs the police attention.

The police must not be exploited by anyone for personal attention or to serve their personal agenda, or to use the police to whack another person. People who think they can misuse or abuse the police, to set the agenda and make the police to run around like bull arse flies, need to think again. First, the police have many serious matters to deal with. Two, the police would not react every time a public make a police report.

For those who are passionate and feel that people making racist remarks in the internet must be hanged, I would suggest that they form a lynching party if that is what they think should be done to appease their anger. I think there are many such righteous and upright fighters for justice, for fair play, for teaching the bad boys or girls a lesson they would not forget. And they want them to be whacked badly.

No one is going to stop them from forming their own lynching party. But don’t expect the police to do the lynching for them. The police would unlikely have the resources to answer to every report made and to conduct an investigation.

But after reading today’s ST, in the front page, the police has already launched an investigation into the Amy Cheong police report. So I take back whatever I said about police not having the resources and people should not suka suka make police reports. Our efficient police will investigate into their reports if this case is an example of the standard of our police force.

By the way, the outbursts by some netizens and bloggers could be a manifestation of the problems of overcrowding and strains in our compact living environment. Feel the pulse of the people and understand the real cause of the problem instead of attacking individuals. The symptoms of a people under stress are all there but the people that matter are blind to them and stubbornly persisting with their agenda of increasing the population to even bigger numbers.


Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean,

I agree with you.
Not a lot of people look deep into why there are more outbursts and less tolerance.
Overcrowding everywhere, stress (work and family) are all ingredients that simmer in people, making everyone all wound up like a time bomb.
All it takes are some seemingly innocuous ncidents/words/noise/etc to trigger off the mine or break the camel's back.

Anonymous said...

There was a scientific experiment on mice. When few were placed in a cage, the mice live happily. No fighting and all mind their own business. When more mice are introduced, thing started to turn bad. Ultimately when the cage became overcrowded, fighting began and some mice were even killed in the process.

Singapore is experiencing the same. Putting more new citizens to the already crowded place and behaviour of people will change. Keep them out of jobs by giving to FT, worse things might happen. What do you think?

Veritas said...

There is a concerted effort by PAP to paint the most tolerant race Singaporean Chinese as racist, so as to neuter the rise of patriotism.

But who is the real fucking racist in Singapore?

I think you can find 1000 of them in Citibank CBP. These folks kick out Chinese Singaporeans and brought in their stupid brothers from India, a country whose IQ is only 81. See India IQ below


Even Lee Hsien Loong said recently "Read a review on Sri Lanka whose failure to accept Tamils led to civil war. "

Its better for him to say things out as directly as veritas. Fucking Aryan Sinhalese racist against Dravidian Tamil. Tamil wage civil war.

In fact racism is a way of life in Hindic culture. When racism is gone, Hindic culture is dead. In India, there are horrible racism against all sino-tibetans as well as chhattisgarh, dalits, and dravidians.

In Nepal, the most terrible country in the world. Everybody are fucking slave to the Brahmins from Kathmandu.....

Fuck PAP, can they stop telling lies.

Anonymous said...

what you say is true, redbean. these outbursts are not a racial thing. it is overcrowding. when got malay wedding, some people complain not happy. these people who complain not only chinese or indian but malay also, even those who got invited. when got getai so late into the night, not only malay and indian complain, some chinese also complain, especially the bananas. why must make it into a race issue. it is not a race issue. it is NOISE to some people's ears. that's all. last time we could tolerate. i lived in toa payoh in the 70s. every day got chinese funeral if not my block then the block in front. and last time no time limit. every weekend got malay wedding, kompang, live music bueh tahan. but nobody complain because we were more tolerant because life was more carefree, stress free, we happy happy, neighbours greet each other. now so stressed, people working long long hours, bosses, colleagues like shit, everything so expensive, transport so crowded. no more joy in life. got only a few hours of rest at home so we nowadays cannot take the noise. though to some people the 'noise' is music to their ears.

banana rama s/o kupu kupu

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One point about the ignorance of Amy Cheong I want to highlight. A Malay wedding is like an open house affair and the whole village is being invited. And any friends and relatives can walk in practically anytime in the day and night. And the celebration will go on maybe for several days. You can't do that in a hotel or restaurant.

The Chinese villages also have something like that for the relatives and a proper dinner for invited guests.

The conventional wedding dinner in a restaurant or hotel is an adaptation of past practices by some Sinkies, more by the Chinese and bananas.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi banana rama, welcome to the blog.

Different people react to stress in different forms. What we see is just the expression, a symptom, that may be misleading.

Just look at how people feel irritated in crowded places, in the trains etc. Tempers are short and tolerance level very low.

Anonymous said...

The Cabinet is not crowded with Alternative Parties' Representatives. Otherwise, we may have many Amies amongst the People In White.

Veritas said...

haha... Now the truth is out. Amy Cheong is a Malaysian/Australian and FT.

FT are racist. Not Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the past, people will react by returning her with some expletives. The mature ones will just ignore her foolishness.

Today you can see all the opportunists out to lynch her. Some jokers even made police reports. These are the more dangerous ones, hiding behind the veil of righteousness and think they can go around getting people killed.

Veritas said...

I am angry at all these PAP's evangelism of neo-Hinduism founded by LKY. All our intellects prostitute themselves to PAP. I have no choice but to speak up against all PAP shit.

More than 3000 ago, when the stupid savage Aryan gangsters conquer India, they create Hindusim to enslave people. The told the local Dravidians that

1) They commit evil in their past life. So in the present life, tney must enslave themselves and prostitute their woman to the Aryans for redemption.

LKY's neo-Hinduism works similarly. They are us that
1) Singaporeans are stupid, lazy, daft, choosy..whatever evil you can think off

2) Singaporeans are racists

To redeem ourselves, we must collect shit for FT. We must let FT scold us dog. However clever we are, scholarship and jobs must be given to FT.

Within a few decade for such craziness, Singaporeans, the most clever people in the world will become real stupid because we are rob off our chance for learning and to apply our skills.

Anonymous said...

"Feel the pulse of the people and understand the real cause of the problem"
Yes, the govt is the source or root of the race issue, it likely trickle-down. don't suka suka.

"what you say is true, redbean. these outbursts are not a racial thing."
is Readbean hiding racism behind noises?
do you hear about malays or indians making noises like the Chines (noise being the same for every stinkies) about the chinese funerals and paper burning.
Yes Chinese are very tolerant people just like the budhhists counterparts in Myanmar.

Veritas said...

is Readbean hiding racism behind noises?
do you hear about malays or indians making noises like the Chines (noise being the same for every stinkies) about the chinese funerals and paper burning.
Yes Chinese are very tolerant people just like the budhhists counterparts in Myanmar.

The above wicked comment is definitely the work of apostle of Neo-Hinduism, with the most malicious intention to run down Chinese.

First, Amy Cheong is Malaysian/Australian. She is the FT racist trash that PAP imported. She got nothing to do with Singaporean Chinese. And even so, her attitude towards Malay is 1000% understandable. While Hindic civilization are the most racist socially, the UMNO government of Malaysia is today the most racist institutionally. The Bumi policy of Malaysia is the worst racist policy in universe today.

And PM Najib's father Tun Razak actually ordered the killings of Chinese by Malay mob in 1969 pogrom. Dont you think it is understandable that she need to vent her anger after being shit by Malay for so long?

Amy Cheong's sin is just KPKB, and is merely her own personal action. But a group of Malay in Singapore by the name JI, and Malay like Mas Selamat actually want to murder Chinese here by targetting MRT.

What has Chinese done to the Malay? Nothing but kindness. The racism in Singapore are instituted not by Chinese but by Malay bastard peranakan.

They should find the right place to bomb.

Singaporean Chinese are living in a sea of pogroms and discrimination against our brothers by Malay people. Malaysia in 1969. Indonesia in 1946, 1966, 1973, 1998 and more....etc. There was a time when Chinese in indonesia are ban from speaking Chinese.

Yet, Chinese Singaporeans treats Malay as brothers. No problem between us. I call many time in comments for positive affirmative actions in favor of Malay. Chee Soon Juan even set up Malay forum. While Malay MP sit by and watch their brothers suffer,

Who can be more kind and forgiving than Singaporean Chinese.

FUCK those people who try to show Chinese are racist. Even PRC Chinese are not racist compare to everyone else in the world. These nuts should look at mirror and reflect more about the racism of their own race.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:35 must be very selective in his reading of the news. Just go to 3in1kopitiam and have a taste of the racism there.

Anonymous said...

dear veritas

you've been reading too much crap for too many decades and it has affected your brain making you talk too much rubbish. talking and writing long tracks of ridiculousness is easy. if you are so tough, go back to china and make a living there. of course you won't. your life is much easier here as it was for your ancestors who flee from china. the malays might be racists but the malays don't go to china, live and shit and breed there and take some of the chinese land and tell the chinese in china that they are racists.

The Apostle of Neo-Hinduism

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Apostle of Neo Hinduism, welcome to the blog.

The Malays in the region have wrongly accused the Chinese migrants for coming here to grab their land. This untruth has been perpetuated for centuries and the unthinking simply believed it to be so.

The truth is that the Chinese and Indians were encouraged by the colonial masters to be here to work as labourers. Some were indentured labour, like the foreign workers of today.

If the British had not opened the door so widely to welcome them, they would not come in in such big numbers. They definitely did not come to grab the Malay land. They came to work as poor labourers.

The sin was the work of the colonial master the past. In the future, our children may also be blaming those who opened the door so widely today to bring in so many foreigners. But some will blindly blame the foreign workers, who were cheap labourers or beasts of burdens like coolies of the past, to be exploited.

Anonymous said...

whatever, or however we get here, redbean, it still doesn't alter the fact that we are guests here. we still emphasize our chineseness or indianneess, etc and we still support china, india, etc. we've been here 100-150 years, not 1000 years. the tamils in sri lanka have been there for 2000 years but the local singhalese still cannot accept them. we shouldn't insult the malays. we will be asking too much. we should count ourselves lucky the malays are not smart or hardworking or conniving enough. if not all of us would have been kicked out a long time ago. and it might happen in the future because of the way i see the non-malay races post comments on the blogs and forum sites especially the ones in malaysia. if this kind of crap talk carries on, umno will never lose. any malay who read those comments will never vote for the opposition. another '69 riots might be engineered or we could be exiled. i saw what happened in the post-suharto riots. despite that i still prefer to live in this region and i want this place to be a peaceful place where the various races live peacefully and happily. we should watch our mouths. the natives have a disease called 'amok'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:20, fully agree with you that we should watch our mouths and not spout nonsense against anyone. May I point out two things in your comment that are uncalled for.

1. we should count ourselves lucky the malays are not smart or hardworking or conniving enough.

2. the natives have a disease called 'amok'.

Seriously, though you tried to sound fair but I really doubt your intent. I even doubt you are a Chinese or an Indian. You are inciting in my view.

All bloggers should be careful of such charlatans in the net and even in the main media.

Anonymous said...


Will there be a borderless, race/religion blind and a single internarional language?
Matilah Singapura can help?

Anonymous said...

dear redbean
i'm glad you agree with me that we should watch our mouths and not spout nonsense against anyone. i can assure you that i am not a charlatan. i am indian of the northern stock (a gujerati to be more precise) that veritas so heartily despises. i'm sure, since you run this blog, with the help of a friend, you can check that up. i have no quarrel with you. but i do have a bone to pick with veritas for his racist comments. i live in malaysia. my family has been trading and living in south-east asia for many generations. i have relatives in singapore, indonesia, brunei, thailand, burma and the philippines. some of them have assimilated with the locals and some have not. when veritas mud-slings the northern indians i feel hurt but i usually shrug it off. when he mud-slings the malays, i feel scared. why? i live among the malays and i know them well. if one keeps on insulting them for a prolonged time, they will react unthinkingly, they will go amok. veritas is in singapore. he is safe. but my family and my home is not in singapore. this trading of barbs have been going on for sometime and it is getting worse. i think it is a powder-keg waiting to explode. or powers that be would exploit the situation. when we have a problem with each other, we must come to the table and negotiate. we must not hurt each other's feelings by trading insults.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 2:19, thank you for identifying yourself.

Veritas is somewhere in UK or Europe if I am not mistaken. Yes he shuld try to be more objective in his comments, and be more sensitive. That would help to make his comments more palatable.

I am very surprised that you claimed to live in Malaysia, and very worried about making offending statements when your statements are very offensive. I even quoted what you had said and you are still repeating them. Are you really so insensitive to what you are saying? I am sure you know what you said are offensive to the Malays and you claimed that you are fearing for your life to make offensive remarks, and you are saying it again and again.

Don't you think saying that the Malays are not smart, or they are proned to amok are offensive? These kind of remarks are not too far from what Amy Cheong said.

Veritas said...

you've been reading too much crap for too many decades and it has affected your brain making you talk too much rubbish. talking and writing long tracks of ridiculousness is easy. if you are so tough, go back to china and make a living there. of course you won't. your life is much easier here as it was for your ancestors who flee from china. the malays might be racists but the malays don't go to china, live and shit and breed there and take some of the chinese land and tell the chinese in china that they are racists.

Dear Apostle of Neo-Hinduism

Dearn apostle, are you a Malay? As a pure Hokkien Chinese from Fujian province, I am more "pure blood Malay" biologically than you. Anthropologist agreed than
proto-Malay sail from Fujian to conquer oceans everywhere in the world.

I am just a sinisized Malay.

Life is hard in Chinese but at least my ancestors endured until quite recently. Your ancestors sailed from Fujian 8000 years ago.

And eventually Malay from many places came to Singapore. Definitely the "Bugis Malay" would not go back Makarska Sulaweisi. If you read the history book , you know how ignorant you are. The Temengong house of Johor, Tun Razak and Najib are all Bugis and phoney Bumiputera. Please shout you want to kick them out on your roof top.

UMNO big shot Syed Jaafar Albar, Syed Hamid Albar are racist Yemeni. They got nothing to do with Malay.

Mahathir are Indians

Even Tunku Abdul Rahman is bastard Siamese.

Malay in Singapore can be from everywhere in the whole world. Yusof Ishak first president of SG was of Minangkaba, Sumatra.

Veritas who is a purer biological Malay has better claims to stay in SG than many Malay here.

Fucking Apostle of Neo-Hinduism dont know what is he talking about. He is a stupid racist want to create trouble in SG.

Anonymous said...

yes, redbean. i have witnessed 2 amok incidences in malaysia. also one in thailand.

Anonymous said...

here we go again. the madman, the failed teacher, the amateur historian is back.

Anonymous said...

blabbing away like a raving lunatic of a much deprived housewife.

Veritas said...

Sorry for the vulgarities. I promise to correct it. And I will put my words in scholarly manner.

I am really sorry.

Veritas said...

To be frank, I do not despise Indians. I am very much into Buddhism.

I am against caste system and some of the practices of India Indian in India and in SG.

Unless you are on caste system. I dont think any saint man will support that.

Neither am I a Chinese racist. But I am racial realist. You can refute me intellectually and I will gladly take different opinions.

But I am only interested in truth.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i would like to think that redbean and veritas are the same person. redbean is dr jekyll and veritas is his mr hyde.

Anonymous said...

RB and Veritas,

Beware, this one is a troll.

Veritas said...

No we are not. I do not know who is RB. But I find him open and frank in his censorship.

If you look at my comments, I have censure Chinese very hard as well.

Truth is the most important thing to me. People must repent. Racist are wicked people that murder, plunder and rape.

And many racist are stupid and do not know history.

Racist and caste-ist comment and remark will never stand the scrutiny of someone with a little history knowledge. I am going to debunk racism with truth.

I am only interested in truth.

Veritas said...

From now onwards, I will stop profanity. But I wish to highlight now the stupidity of racist UMNO. Many leaders of UMNO are not even Malay or native penisula Malaysian and they are megaphone for Malay rights.

But many Malay intellect keep quiet about these facts.

And for Indian caste-ist, I do not like them. The answer is obvious. I see such tribalism in Singapore and its very obvious in Citibank CBP. I am sure every good man will resist this.

As I have mentioned, the Iranians are biological high caste Indians. And I commented on them favorably. If you understand Iranian, you will know that this is a noble people. I do not hate someone because of race.

I resent wickedness. I like truth.

Veritas said...

For your info, when I was a school teacher, the Malay students like me best. I love them as well.

The Chinese girls resent me. They are unable to accept my direct comment.

The Malay boys will "get it" and know immediately "Cenku" like them. I still remember fondly my Malay boys.

This is something personal and I do not usually share it.

Truth is racist mind are full of hate and self-preservation. I am full of love.

PAP has creates so many division in SG. I am going to use truth to inform people. Government tell a lot of lies.

I believe if people know the whole truth, the lies of politician and racist will have no place. If Malay are aware of the racial composition of their leaders, 1969 incident in Malaysia will probably not happened.

Anonymous said...

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