I am no God

Come on lah, don’t ever expect me or anyone to be God. We are just human beans with all the flaws and human weaknesses, and biases. The only difference is that some people are more sensible, sensitive and make an attempt to be decent and not to be offensive. Then there are some that are by nature less amenable and have the urge to be offensive and destructive to others, to society and to themselves. And why blame people when God is also a racist?

The Amy Cheong case has brought out the ugly, the bad and the good in us. Many unconsciously exposed their true self, or at least their intent, and capitalized on this event to advance their causes. Where is the sensibility of adults to jump on it and make a mountain out of a mole hill?

So far the most sensible article posted is in Today, titled ‘The problem of a racialised mind’, by Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib. Basically he is looking at it from the human point of view and telling everyone to cut out the pretense and face the issue of racism in real life. Everyone has a racist inclination to a matter of degree as there is always the ‘I’ in every one of us. It is how we handle this little dark part of ourselves and how we adapt to the real world and living with people of diverse composition and complexities. All the righteous asses, please hold your farts and stop thinking that you are Gods or angels. Behind that façade of sainthood, I don’t think you are any different or better than Amy Cheong. Only that you are not exposed and have been careful.

Many were agreeable to the actions taken to dismiss Amy Cheong. Such public comments against anyone on race or religion is unacceptable in a multi racial and ethnic society here or anywhere. Everyone has to be restrained and more circumscribed in the mouthing of their opinions and views of others as some assholes will take the opportunity to raise the temperature and create more anger and animosity among the people.

Let me quote Mohamed Imran in his article, ‘While laws such as the Sedition Act and the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act are in place to deal with serious cases of intentional and malicious attempts to sow discord, the judicious use of such legal instruments is necessary to allow the growth of a mature public capable of defeating bad ideas with good ideas – and the ability to tell the difference between the two.’

There is a need to look at each case and deal with it accordingly. Let not the evil doers in the clothes of angels misled the people into a witch hunt and stir up more discord among the people. There is more danger in such ‘righteous’ assholes than in Amy Cheong as an individual that crossed the line. The authority must also exercise its commonsense and deal firmly with people who think making police report is like calling the ambulance for the slightest reason. Otherwise the police would be sent to run around for all the wrong reasons and be at the beck and call of ‘righteous’ people with bad intent.


Anonymous said...

The most important is to remain calm and to be able to gather all your thoughts in the way a man holds on to something valuable and precious.

The worst thing to do is to just follow something that either the internet brigade or ST wants you to think or do. To be like a battery operated toy that is under the control of others without even realizing it.

That is one reason why I never ever strike a close association with any blogger who is closely linked to the press. I will usually share with them my POV - WHY. And if they keep on insisting. I will just cut the relationship and say good riddance and walk right out of the door with zero opportunities to make it ever possible to return back to the way the relationship used to be. I will even make it so impossible and costly, that it is not worth it to rebuild the relationship again.

This is discipline Chin Leng, without it. You will just end up dealing with a whole lot nonsense people along with nonsensical thoughts.

To be your own man Chin Leng. Begins, first by being able to remain calm and to gather all your thoughts like a man holding to something precious and valuable.

Darkness 2012

auto said...

In Sinky, one cannot be honest about race or religion cos there are too many vampires around who cannot wait to suck the next victim dry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi auto, welcome to the blog.

You are right on this one.

Veritas said...

Singaporean especially the Chinese are not racist and are the most tolerant people in the whole world. We must grasp this clearly. Do not let racist and their PAP ally forces guilt on us.

In fact Singaporeans are under siege by FT racist. We must let our patriotism grow. We must stand unite as one people. Many FT in middle east cringe when they see local patriot. In SG they bully us accusing us with all lies.

RB is one of the few voice of conscience in SG. I salute you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Veritas.

We have to use reasons and moderate our stance to avoid being branded as radicals or extremists. We must not let people pick on us.


Veritas said...

Maybe its a good time to discuss the Hokkien tribe and their relationship to Malay. Scholars generally agreed Malay sailed from Fujian from in China to conquer the islands of the whole world. From South America easter Island to Africa Madagascar.

The Hokkien people, although they are Han Chinese are biologically extremely close to Malay. Genetic scientist has proven this.


The Malay people who stayed back in China got sinicized. The proto-Malay actually could look very much like the Taiwanese. In fact Taiwanese hill tribe, the Iban of Borneo, the Kadazan of Borneo, some Nias Islanders of Sumatra, pockets of Javanese, pockets of Bataks in Sumatra, can look almost like Hokkien people.

For many years, the Hokkien tribe remain backwater of China. Fujian province was only incorporated into China 2200 years ago. A recent event compared to the central province. Hokkien people was thought as Barbarian and it remains a frontier province.

In Ming dynasty about 600 years ago, the "sinicized Malay", now the Hokkien people started to produces lots of scholars. Fujian province produce probably the 3rd most scholars in imperial exams after Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Not only scholars, Hokkien Chinese are the first Chinese to defeat European militarily. Koxinga (Zheng Cheng Gong 郑成功), defeated the Dutch and take back Taiwan.

Hokkien Chinese look somewhat different from Chinese from elsewhere, but is very similar to Malay hill tribe in Taiwan. I suspect this is what proto-Malay looks like.

And when proto-malay conquered other oceanic Island, they probably mix with Australoid that give them a darker look and curly hair. Philippines is closer to China. So many Philippines look quite mongoloid. (Pinoys are Malay)

Those near Paupa New Guinea look quite dark.

Many Malay and Hokkien Chinese that hurl slurs towards one another are not aware of historical facts. And politicians and elites wants trouble to control people.

Truth must be concealed.

Veritas said...

Malay by itself is extremely tolerant people. In fact, Chinese has often no problem with Malay of Pinoys, Indonesia Tanah Toraja, Batak, Nias Island, Hawaii, Polynesia, Malanesia......Most of these are Christian.

When early Chinese settlement came to SE Asia, many got butchered by Ang Moh in Indonesia and Philippines. The Muslim Malay are generally quite welcoming to us. (People and bananas forget the genocide of Chinese by Europeans and few white man want to write anything about it)

The tolerance of Malay Muslim decreases with the rise of Saudi Arabia, which bring radicalize salafism. Malay in Indonesia barely put up with their own Malay Ahmadiyya or Malay Christian, so it is not surprise Chinese are discriminated there. However, things get better in Indonesia now. The new bunch of leaders in Indonesia are promising and enlighten Muslim.

Malay Indonesian and Malay Malaysian are not so tolerant to people on religious basis, rather than on racial basis. If you convert to their religion, they treat you as one of their own.

Even so, that is way better than Indian caste system. Much better.