The Americans call them war games

The Americans are conducting ‘military exercises’ at the doorstep of their self assigned enemies like North Korea, Iran and even China. The nature of the so called ‘military exercises’ or war games is anything but benign or friendly. The war games around the Korean peninsula are always about simulating an assault or invasion into North Korea. The war games with the Philippines are about retaking islands in the South China Sea that belong to China. And the latest with the Japanese is about retaking islands like the Diaoyu Islands that belonged to China. It is sabre rattling in the most belligerent and arrogant manner. They are not games but game of death.

Do the Americans ever consider the views, feelings and interests of the countries they are conducting war games against? Would these countries see them as friendly exercises or acts of provocations? Could a deliberate ‘stray’ bullet or missile be fired into these countries like the attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? The Americans must known in no uncertain terms that another such crazy and irresponsible act will mean war with China. Who is the provocateur or angel of death?

Back to the American war games. Would the Americans tolerate the Russians or Chinese conducting similar games with Cuba or Mexico or any Latin American country, simulating an attack on American soil or the retaking of Hawaii or Guam? Would the Americans be as good manner as the Chinese and North Koreans and the Iranians, standing at their front doors and watching hostile and potential enemies sending their weapons of war to their doorstep, waving their fists at them?

The provocative and irresponsible military posturings of the Americans and its semi colonies must be condemned by the world communities. The UN should impose a sanction against the Americans or any countries conducting hostile military war games within the territorial limits of another country. The gangsters of the world must be stopped before they create more wars and more serious wars with other countries.


Anonymous said...

RB, from what I read so far, I sense that you are not happy with America and have soft spot for China. Nothing wrong with that. It just my observation.

Well, everyone knows that war games are designed for specific purposes. For example, there is no point having war games with Japan expecting a land invasion. So it is natural that their exercises with Japan involve sea invasion instead. For S. Korea, their main threat comes from the north. The games obviously try to simulate invasion and defence.

The point I want to make is that the world is very political. Each country has its own agenda, basically taking care of their own interest. China included.

Veritas said...

Recently rascal Cambodia ex-king Norodom Sihanouk kicked bucket. I would like to take this opportunity to write about how USA, China and elites of Cambodia screw the people killing more 1.5 million.

Sihanouk is not innocent man portrayed by mass media. He is an active participant of the murder.

To put things simple, things started when USA bomb cambodia and CIA put puppet Lon Nol in power, kicking out Sihanouk.

USA always do all funny things non-stop.

Sihanouk respond by supporting Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge are able to get recruits not primary because of class struggle but because they think they are fighting for the king.

The rest are history. Many do not know that Sihanouk are still supporting Khmer Rouge while his scions got murdered and after Vietnam invaded.

While China is scumbag for the murder, so is USA. The responsibility is probably USA 50% China 50%. Few people knew that Cambodia in 1960-1970 is one of the most prosperous and its a golden period. CIA destroyed that. Then China Tit-for-Tat.

These are things that all western media do not want to talk about. Few today want to really tell the world the crime of USA in Cambodia, the also the real truth.

Meanwhile, Hollywood forever have genocide movie like "Killing fields" glorifying USA. Singapore as a client state of USA must learn history. USA has screwed many people in the past. And she is getting more and more deprave as years goes by.

Anonymous said...

Every country can play any game. For those tat like to play the same game together and if they are welcome, see no reason why not.

Singapore has a base for the US, maybe the SAF can join in the fun of th US Marines and its'Allies. This will make our soldiers better fighters. Dont You think so?

Veritas said...

Why spent $$$ on SAF when our old man is starving and our sick man is left to rot. I would like SAF to be 25% of the current size.

Why spend so much of $$$? The USA marine are not that good fighter. If you study Korean War, China PLA pushes the US troops from Yalu border to 38 line.

USA lost the war. We can train with PLA, its much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Jus like Veritas to know a little of d history of Sg. Rb can attest to it.

In d colonial days, almost all Singaporeans loved to work and cater to the angmos. Local girl n woman worked as maids, daring ones worked as hostesses at bars mostly near all the angmo settlements at Sembawang, Tengah, Seletar, Gillman and Changi Village.

Others like transexual, hawker and pimp did roaring bisness at Bugis. Everyday they prayed for d arrivals of angmo chuns(ships loaded wth angmo sailor and soldier). They were treated like caisheng yehs(god of fortune).

No matter what, those days, the angmos were very generous and though they were the masters, they treated the locals very well. Personally, they were far more respectable than local leaders. The British provided generous welfare schemes and the visiting angmos gave just as generously. Those who plied taxis then knee best.

In fact, bcos of angmo generosity, Chinese and Indians came all d way to Nanyang for living and to make fortines.
So, if the angmos revisit Sin again, the same history may repeat again except tat it will not be as lucrative as the past. Still there will still be more bisness for all, especially those in the vice industry

Veritas said...

Agree.... PRC are far more wicked than civilized ang moh.

Even today, it is still true. But that only show Chinese serf, and Indian serf in Malaya are far more pliant.

The Ang Moh shows a different face in Africa. Remember the Congo genocide. And in the post colonial period, ang moh support rouge armies and militias, in order to exploit Africa. These causes genocide of certain tribes.

I think even though PRC and Chinese are far more wicked than whiteman, we must know the real truth. Then we will know how to react to situations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No doubt the angmohs were very generous in Sin. They came and just took the land and became owners. And they needed the pliant and obedient workers to do the labour work and to serve them.

They needed not be cruel to the locals as there was no resistance to their rules and they were just the overlords, looked upon like gods, with the money and wealth they took and to throw some crumps to the natives and the hungry foreign workers. In a way the foreign workers then were the same as those here today, just be happy to have work to have 3 meals. That was the expectation and anything more would be great blessings.

The colonial masters provided the jobs and the pay. The British soldiers were given hardship allowances that were generous and they could be most happy to share a little with their ah mahs, cooks and drivers that were the perfect servants. No trouble, just dutiful servants. Even a serjeant could live in a double storey bungalows, the black and white you see along Adam Road.

The poor immigrants needed only a job and would not dare to ask for more. They don't give trouble to the colonial masters. Both were happy with the arrangement and relationship.

Anonymous said...

Today, surviving local ex British Army Staff are still collecting their pensions. Most are still invited to Functions of the Empire and Commonwealth.

See how they treat their subjects and former workers?

Those who can make their piles like Yap Ah Loy, Lee Kwang Chian, Tan Lark Sai and Tan Kah Kee, Nee Soon etc were allowed to bloom and boom.

Veritas said...

Absolutely agree.

Veritas said...

You ask me, I will say a large part Chinese culture is wicked. Chinese wickedness will blow up if there is a right dynamite.

So if Japan do not invade China, China today will not be communist. And if China is not communist, Ho Chi Minh and Cambodia's Pol Pot will be a janitor for whole life.

Think about that, Japan is indirectly responsible for many of the tragedy of Asia.

The solution to all these problems are people need to be aware of truth. People must repent.

Politician hate to inform the truth.

The said...

/// Would the Americans tolerate the Russians or Chinese conducting similar games with Cuba or Mexico or any Latin American country... ///

Is this a rhetorical question or what? You forgot the Cuban missile crisis. Unfortunately, the Russians backed down, and the newly installed JFK won the brinkmanship game.

ufo said...

I do not blame Japan totally. Japan saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. Just like greedy bankers, property developers, politicians. The opportunity was created by those useless, corrupt, myopi Chinese rulers that took everything from people and oppressed their very own people using horrible punishments and inhuman laws, turning them into slaves (very similar to ahkong). Even today, it is a dog eats dog society in China. I do not care what game America is playing as long as a world war can be prevented. I do not care what game America is playing as long as America continues to pressure ahkong to treat own people better. I do not think that China will even bother to pressure ahkong for humanitarian reason.

Anonymous said...

US is probably the only country able to expose LKY wrongdoings.

Veritas said...

The Qing dynasty rulers are the best among all dynasty in China. The later Qing officials and Mandarin are the most enlightened, given their own restriction in world view.

The last 10 years of Qing dynasty is the most democratic period in China. The Manchus has did the Chinese race proud.

Without the Manchus, China would be much worse, and probably would cease to become a unitary state. Yes, Chinese officials are corrupt. We got to look into our culture for this. The Ming dynasty screwed Chinese culture big time, the communist are the worst.

In Singapore, we inherit a rather good British system. I see LKY trying to tear it down and replace it with the worst elements of Chinese culture.

(There are many good things in Chinese culture but PAP only like those shit things.)

Anonymous said...

Dynasty and democratic can never sing together. Chinese will be better off with Angmoh rulers. Just look at the millions of chinese living in angmoh countries. Many live better than sgp even if sgp have million dollar worth HDB. To understand Chinese better, read this.

Anonymous said...

luxun from yahoo.cn.