The people did not understand Natcon

This is about what Grace Foo was saying. The Natcon is to talk about the future, about how Sinkies want this paradise to be, with millionaires and a great cosmopolitan city with gracious living for all. Instead, the people have totally misunderstood the conversation and went complaining about bread and butter issues, about big population, about foreign talents, about job losses, high cost of living etc etc. These things are non issues and are not about the future we want.

Let’s talk about our dreams, about beautiful dreams we can built for our children in 20 years time. The problems of today, put them aside. These are unpleasant things and would only make everyone work up and feeling angry. No wonder the ministers are not listening to what the people were talking about and neither the people understood what the ministers were talking about.

Can we restart by redefining the agenda so that our aunties and uncles in the markets and hawker centres know what to say and to express their dreams of the kind of Singapore they want in 20 years time? I am very sure if this is explained to them they will come up with a decent blue print of the future Singapore, Made by Uncles and Aunties from the Hawker Centres and Void Decks. And Parliament can then debate over it and put it into action like the new Punggol Town of the future.

In the meantime please be patient as the uncles and aunties are not super talents and it may take them a little longer to gaze at their crystal balls on how to plan for a futuristic city. Many may not even have gone pass O level. So the task must be pretty daunting on them.


Anonymous said...

Grace Foo and the newly created Internet brigade should go and write sci- fi novels.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Then they will need to take lessons from you.

Anonymous said...

[Stuffing the Ear When Stealing a Bell]

"This idiom is used to refer to those who think they are clever enough to cheat others or who do wrong things with the hope that no one will know. When cheating others, one cheats oneself, or engages in self-deception."



Anonymous said...

We are having problems today due to poor planing in the past. So to avoid addressing the problem, they want us to forget about the past and the present and focus on the future.

Fooling us Gracefully?

The said...

/// Can we restart by redefining the agenda so that our aunties and uncles in the markets and hawker centres know what to say and to express their dreams of the kind of Singapore they want in 20 years time? ///

In 20 years' time, most of all these aunties and uncles will be dead. So, yes, lets dream of more hospitals, hospices, death houses, sanatoriums, nursing homes, crematoriums and columbariums.

Anonymous said...

If uncles aunties have the brains to look into the future we don't need super talents anymore.

Who are we bluffing

Anonymous said...

Remaking Singapore 2002 was headed by Vivian (3 meals) Bala to talk about the future. i.e. the 2012 shit mess that you see today.

NatCON 2012 is to talk about the future of Singapore in 2022? Since nothing is going to change, it will still be the same shit mess you see today.

By the way, while we are all talking, who is actually doing any work to clean up Singapore's mess?

The Millionaires-In-White must think we are daft.
Correction. They know we are daft because we keep voting for them.

Anonymous said...

These People In White talk cock like sing song, everyone of them, not a single one is graceful in anyway.
They collect million Sin Dollars just to talk cock all the time.
Everyone talk about the future when the present dire situation is causing much hardship to the people.


agongkia said...

Disgraceful.Dun even know my needs and you all want to talk about my dream.

Anonymous said...

All the DISGRACEFUL IDIOTS only care for themselves and want the people to work for others. They even have the audacity to call on the people to work for coming generations while they themselves live with Sinful Incomes they approved themselves.

Shameful people with great audacity.

Anonymous said...

For a meaningful dialouge, first the government should admit their flawed policies and tell us what they intend to do to correct the mistakes. We will then tell them if the proposed corrective action is appropriate.

No point asking for a wish list and nothing done at the end.

Anonymous said...

Now I am beginning to think that this Natcon shit is not about problems facing the Uncles and Aunties, but about the future of the rich, elites and glass tower residents. Yes, they can talk about the future, because to them everything is so rosy.

So, Uncles and Aunties, please keep quiet, bear with it, just go to meet the MP sessions that you all belong. Some things are just not meant for all Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

"Grace Foo and the newly created Internet brigade should go and write sci- fi novels."

I thought the PAP already did for the past few decades. Their shittyMedia, shittyTimes is as good as scifi novels, even more surreal than any novels.

Anonymous said...

What ? NATCON is not working at all ? PAP can always ask the police department to unleash more sex cases to ShittyTimes and media to distract attention for all its failure.

There must be a reason why PAP want government departments to subject to political will so it may be able to manipulate public perception and let us live in fantasy island.

Agree ?

Anonymous said...

SCIENCE FICTION!!!!!! LOL that was the best joke in the internet so far abt NATCON. These dummies cannot even take care of the present generation and they really expect us to leave it all in their hands for the next 20 years?

You've got to be kidding me

Anonymous said...

BTW I just want to say something darkness. No woman wears a key around her neck like a necklace, so if you want to come across as convincing you better make it into something diamond encrusted, just an ob :)

Anonymous said...

The people did not understand NatCON
NatCON does not understand the people?

Anonymous said...

Oh we do understand...

Anonymous said...

Another hip-hop to nowhere!

Anonymous said...

What so difficult to understand ?

NATCON's purpose is to con and to wayang. They can't solve the current problems and then tell you grandfather's story of how you want to be in 20 years.

It is like a sinking ship whose captain telling the passengers where they want to tour in the next few days, while at same time, the captain and bunch of irresponsible crew is hurrying boarding the helicopter to escape the sinking ship.

Now still cannot get the idea ?

Anonymous said...

What is there to understand when it is now apparently a duck talking to a chicken.

The objective is getting more diametrically different, while the aim is getting increasingly divisive on what is important to either side.

It does not work anymore. The divide is too wide and the trust is no longer there to hold it together.