Affordable healthcare in Sin

Singapore healthcare, like public housing is affordable. A meningitis case in KK Hospital ended with a $130k bill for the boys’s parents. But they are not complaining. They were too happy with the bill as it was affordable. They only need to pay $250 pm for the next 42 years, interest free some more. The hospital is so compassionate and generous by not charging them any interest.

Welcome to the all inclusive and richest nation in the world when a truck driver would not bat an eyelid having to pay $130k hospital bill incurred by his son. He is happy and the hospital is happy, for the next 42 years.

The paper millionaires in Sin are living precariously with their $1m property and feeling very secure and pleased with themselves. They did not know that all it needs is a family member to be down with cancer and his wealth will be down by half a million immediately, to be paid in cash. And the monthly check up is going to cost him $10k for the next 2 to 3 years at least. Such millionaires will be in debt in no time even after selling off his only paper asset.

As for the retirees, the system is designed to finish his savings in double quick time with inflation devouring away everything he got. Retirement is a very dangerous state of existence unless one is drawing a million bucks in retirement pay. They have counted why they needed $1m a year on retirement.


Anonymous said...

Medical costs certainly is not cheap. Labour costs have gone up and so have drug costs by pharma comapanies trying to recoup expensive R & D.

Back to the lorry driver. Certainly if he chose to stay in KK Class A ward or Mt Elizabeth Hosp, he should not surprised by the bill, shouldn't he Mr bean?

Anonymous said...

Alamak I assume he has no insurance that is medishield?

Anonymous said...

Must be the work of mean testing. Truck driver so rich so cannot opt for C Class or B Class. Or is it because he is PR?

Anonymous said...

Something is terribly wrong with Singapore system. For those of us who still got a job and home, life is toygh but bearable. What about those who fell through the crack because they were born during or soon after the war? Many got little education and had never been able to save much. At their old age, they have to resort to selling tissue paper, collecting tin cans or wiping tables. Here the government keep saying we have one of the highest GDP growth in the world. But have they actually take a closer look at how these people are faring? Did we do enough to help them?

Anonymous said...

These people certainly would not be able to affort medical help.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.22 am is right. The govt has not done enough. These people are the forefathers of Singapore and through no fault of their own, have fallen through the net. The govt should spend more effort to find out where these people are and round them up. They should be feted upon with good food and free first class medical. Vote for more opposition and put pressure.

Anonymous said...

The National Conversation is on for the next few months, see if any sinkie will discuss this case with any of the leaders.

If nobody brings it up, then it is confirm affordable or at least not serious enuff for complaint.

Anonymous said...

What is affordable? Affordable to who ?

Same chicken rice you can get for $2.5. World famous Tian Tian chicken rice is only $3.5 with lots meat and rice.

Same chciken rice also sells for $10, $20 or even $40 in restaurants.

If you die die must eat $40 chicken rice, because place got aircon and chio bos, then dont complain.

Same kopi at $1. Starbucks sell for $5.5. Which one you want ?

Anonymous said...

We need to vote in more Opposition MPs to demand a detailed breakdown of the cost.
How do we know the MIWs are not using Brompton brand medicines or Brompton brand doctors and Health Ministers?

Is the cost of the land (which belongs to the Singapore people) being used to boost up the overall cost of hospital bills?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think we should vote in more MPs who are poor so that they can understand what poor people like us feels like, so that they can institute policies that benefit the poor. And most opposition MPs are poor so we should vote more oppo.

Also, since they are poor, there is nothing much to declare of anyway and we wouldnt be interested.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies come into this world for two things. Become slaves to help the economy grow, and forced by circumstantance to work until they drop, while continuing to be conned by the PAP, one generation after another, about the false sense of the good life, that is actually no more than slavery.

Slaving to pay for their million dollar pigeon holes and, if anything is saved and left over, taken away by the hospitals, knowing that sickness is one sure thing to befall humans. Is this all there is to life in paradise?

Anonymous said...

"I think we should vote in more MPs who are poor ..."
ANON @ October 22, 2012 11:48 AM

We are MIWs.
We are the Millionaires-In-White.
We are the political party for the rich & influential.
Don't call us.
We'll call you ... if we think you are good enough to sit at the tea party table with our other Millionaires.

Anonymous said...

More opposition to demand issues can only come about if more people vote for the opposition.

Right now, every demand is met with either silence or beaten down using numbers in Parliament. How can we expect the few opposition to do what is right if 60% still vote for PAP, election after election.

Mindsets must change first at the ballot boz before we can talk about changing the system.

The said...

Healthcare and housing are very affordable in Singapore.

Healthcare - just spread the cost over 42 years - voila - affordable!

Housing - just take up a 35 year mortgage - drum rolls.... - affordable!

Anonymous said...

To make Minister salaries more affordable.
Their salaries should be paid in installments spread over 5 generations.

Anonymous said...

Looking back, JBJ's warning to Singaporeans more than a decade ago, that dying is better than falling sick in Singapore, is so accurate and true.

We ignored his warning, we continued to vote PAP and we are paying the price. Not only for this, but for most of the things that befall us today.

Singaporeans should really reminisce on these things and wake up.