NSmen – cheap talk or for real

Hsien Loong paid tribute to NSmen who have protected Singapore for the past 45 years during his trip to Australia. He also visited them in the field.

‘He said, “For them to spend 20-odd days overseas (ICT) continuously like this for the country, I think we owe them something.”’

NSmen should find comfort in the words of the PM for acknowledging their contribution and sacrifice to the country. So, what is this something that the country owes them? The NSmen are training and being prepared to defend this country, to fight and die for it. How many NSmen are left without a home, cannot even buy a HDB flat for all kinds of crappy reasons? And they are supposed to fight and die for this country, defending it, when foreigners are flocking here, turned PRs or citizens the next day and eligible to buy HDB flats that these NSmen are supposed to fight and die for. And the silly NSmen did not even have a roof over their heads.

As long as NSmen are deprived of the right to buy a HDB flat, it is all cheap talk for nothing. The very basic and fundamental needs of a citizen is a roof over his head. And that is the least the country owes him for believing in the duty and obligation to be an NSmen, to fight and die for this country. Without a stake in the country, they might as well emigrate somewhere. What is there to fight and defend for?

‘I think we owe them something.’ Put the money where the mouth is. Get the basics right. Make sure that the citizens, the NSmen, are not disadvantaged and treated worst than PRs and new citizens who have no need to serve NS or as reservists, and to answer the call of the country. Is this too difficult to understand?


Anonymous said...

I was ever away for almost a month overseas for ICT, back in those days where handphones were not in use. I lost several big accounts during my absence and had a PR supervisor who just shrugged his shoulders when I hightlighted the unfair year end appraisal. You infer how I feel about the uneven playing field for our men in green till today.

Anonymous said...

NSmen=Cheap labor?

Anonymous said...

NSmen = lowest life form in SG (MIW's mind)

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see how PM dressed in army uniform. He was not even wearing the shirt properly! What signal is he sending to our MSmen? I do not think Obama would show such disrespect to his soldiers who are supposed to give their lives in defending the country.

Anonymous said...

NS = National Service?

NS = National Slavery?

Anonymous said...

Well written. I am sure many true bred male singaporean are having the same thought.

Anonymous said...

When in Rome, speaks like a Roman..

Anonymous said...

NS Men:
While you are defending Singapore.
Who is defending your job?

Vote Opposition.
For the Defense of Singaporeans.
Against the Pro Alien Party.

FL said...

I have done NS from 1970 to 1972 (so you guess my age, now) and also,completed 10-year cycle as a reservist. Was in combat side, not service side (army terms). Went oversea training once in Brunei in 1975. How time flies, so rapidly, and we r getting old now !

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's an acknowledgement that we have been shortchanged all these years!

Anonymous said...

Same same here.
Never ever liked a day of it.
Can never respect any soldier,
not even a 4 star general.

agongkia said...

Is this too difficult to understand?
Yes I really find it very difficult to understand.
As a citizen,spending 2 years plus serving NS and learn a trade in our Uniform Organisation is something that we should be proud of.

Everyone must contribute and play a part in defending this piece of land.
Half the battle is lost if our morale is affected just becos new citizen or PRs do not need to serve the NS.Remember,This is a special privilege given specially only to local born citizen like you and me and not any Ah Tiong,Ah Tok Ay or Ah Nae etc can have.
Treasure the opportunity given and live without regret.I am actually against the idea of having NCs or PRs to serve in our sensitive Force for security reason.
A longer period of NS and reserve service should be encourage since there are many who do not have a job.
Thinking of special privileges is just like a public servant thinking of more pay to serve the Nation.Must wake up from this bloody idea.
We must be different.Be proud to be in NS.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone must contribute and play a part in defending this piece of land."

You mad ah?
Even your HDB flat does not belong to you.
What are you fighting to defend?
All the private properties belonging to the rich people and the bankers?

Get this through your head.
You don't own any piece of land here in Singapore.

agongkia said...

Anonymous said...
"Everyone must contribute and play a part in defending this piece of land."

You mad ah?

Hehe..Better to be a mad straggler and perish with the enemy than be a POW with our love one being force to kowtow to others or to be comfort women .
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

In Vietnam, the American soldiers shot the incompetent officers to save themselves.

We are worse off as 1st class citizens in Singapore.
Than as 2nd class citizens in other countries

Anonymous said...

Dont bullshit around here.
There aint going to be any war.
The tiny dot is almost bought up
by foreigners.

xany said...

nice blog.. keep it up...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi allan, welcome to the blog.

Please bear with some of the provocative comments. They add spice and life to the discussion but can also hurt and be painful.


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