Malaysia’s third grade thinking ticking again

I call it envy thinking or missing the woods for the trees. Malaysia is unhappy that their companies are paying Malaysian employees less than Sinkie employees. They want to pay their employees as much as the workers in Sinkieland are being paid.

The first question, are the Malaysian workers really underpaid? I don’t think so. A Malaysian employee earning RM3000 or RM5000 will probably be much well off than his Sinkie counterpart earning $3000 or $5000. His cost of living is so much cheaper relatively and he could own a much bigger home, maybe even landed properties than the Micky Mouse flats which Sinkies called home and so bloody proud of it. But you can’t blame them when they have been so conditioned to think less is best.

And every Malaysian could easily own a car to travel around the vast country and paying cheaper petrol for it. Everything costs lesser in Malaysia when it used to be the other way. What is this talk about Malaysian workers being underpaid? Maybe the companies could pay them much more if they take into consideration the cheaper cost of business and rentals, not forgetting their top management are not robbing the companies to pay themselves crazy. They can afford to and still be more competitive than their Sinkie counterparts. That is the reason why many Sinkie companies are moving over, and more will do so.

Does Malaysia seriously think that it should go the Sinkie way, to price itself out of competition in the international market? China’s manufacturing factories are being pressurized by the Americans to pay more and to price themselves out. Is this what Malaysia wants? The Sinkie model is designed for self destruct in the next 10 or 20 years, or earlier should a major world crisis hit. Life will go on as per normal in Malaysia should it happen. Sinkies will be jumping off from their million dollar Mickey Mouse flats when they cannot service the huge mortgages and debt that they have acquired. The truth is that the average Sinkies are all heavily in debt and this will only get worst.

The issue of Malaysiansskilled personnel working in Sin is a totally different problem. The proximity of Sin and the comparatively higher salary, and the ability to return and spend the money in Malaysia is a strategic factor Malaysia would have to cope with. But this is not the only reason for the brain drain. The Malaysian govt should know better why. Given a decent govt policy to value their own talents on their own merits, many Malaysians would be the first to run back to Malaysia today. Their salary though comparatively lower than Sin does not mean that their standard of living will be lower as the cost of living is so much lower. Simply put, it is bad govt policies that created this problem.

Malaysia should be thankful that its economic system has not been taken down the Sinkie way, a system that is unsustainable and is likely to cause much grief in a crisis. The Malaysian system will grow slowly and steadily. They need not work themselves to death. They can afford to stop in their path to smell the roses and take a nap under the coconut trees.

Sinkies will die or be in deep shit if they stop working before they die at the ripe old age of 80 or 90. Malaysia should stop this rubbish envy thinking and look at how blessed it is and can only get better with good and positive govt economic and political policies. Malaysia can only get better. Sin can only get worst. And Malaysian workers are not paid worst relative to their cost of living.

When or if the Malaysian govt embarks on a path of enlightened economic policies, and discards the unproductive and counter productive political policies, it will seriously undermine the economic development of Sin. Many of the highly trained and experienced Malaysians would rush back to lift up the quality of life in Malaysia in all fields. Malaysia could be a shining first world country when the talents returned. The past policies were doing just the reverse, leveling down in all aspects of economic, technology and social endeavours.


theonion said...


Other than cars, housing in cities such as KL is almost basically equivalent to Singapore if no currency exchange is taken.
Food and other daily living is more expensive.
Unless someone is earning KL salaries but living in small towns, there is no way they have a better lifestyle
You keep counting the exchange rate rather than the actual cost to a wage earner in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Rb interfering into Malaysian Policy..

Have You settle yours with yr ownTowkay?

Anonymous said...

The easiest way for the Malaysian Govt to solve the problem is to appreciate the MYR.

Once this happens, Malaysians may not find the salary in Singapore attractive enough to come here to work.

Anonymous said...

They are held back by politics primacy policies and could still do quite well because of oil and natural resources minus human talents. Without the resources they will be in deep shit.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you in general. Your suggestion of getting all talents back is not going to happen. Its current policy of protecting and favouring one race in the civil service cannot accommodate talents from others.

Anonymous said...

That is their real problem and ended up envying Sin for the fast pace of life. They can only dream of what Sin can do if they continue with their own priorities.

No change means going backward while Sin running forward.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem with Sinkieland is that it is running too fast and may run over the cliff without knowing.

Anonymous said...

We are already at the cliff. They know it. Only Sinkies still in the dark!

Anonymous said...

I am one sinkie very the envy the
malaysian natural resources.
Even if they have very bad politicians,
no problem.
Malaysian oppositions are not as weak as
those in Sg.
However and whatever, nature has provided malaysians well.

Sinkies can only envy and salivate.

Anonymous said...

Annon 2:07 Agreed with you. Malaysia is trully blessed with all the natural resources. They will never go hungry not like Sinkies. Politicians can corrupt, no problem. People can go slow, no problem. No house to stay, no problem. Only one thing that could screw Malaysia - racial riot like May 13. But there again, the same can screw up Singapore too.

Veritas said...

People thought Malaysia did well solely on natural resources, just because of a mercy Allah. These people are dead wrong. UMNO despite of all its weaknesses understand the way forward better than PAP's leader. Malaysia has more tangible capital asset than SG.

Other than natural resources, Malaysia is one of the greatest producer of palm oil and rubber. It is the design and production center of Intel, Motorola, Altera, Infineon, Agilent, hiring many indigenous Malaysian, and a very insignificant presence of FT. Every individual of the above companies have headcount of thousands in Malaysia.

The only major and significant Hi-tech MNC presence today in SG is probably Rohde and Schwarz and HP.

Malaysia has more hi tech entrepreneurs than SG, as engineer got the know how from MNC. In Malaysia, the CEO of companies are often Malaysian citizen. Malay who hardly become CEO in SG is CEO in many MNCs. Many of these companies are doing better than companies in SG.

In SG, LKY hates Singaporeans other than banana or ass-licker. If no suitable suckers are found, job would rather go to FT rather than capable Singaporeans.

SG sink to hell.

Anonymous said...

They say that every dog has it's day. The wheel of fortune turns around and no one will be in his state foreever.

We seem to think, as always, that just because our neighbours are economically more backward, they have only third grade thinkers. That could be our mistake, because like Singapore, not all the real talents are politicians as we have been assuming. Japan, once the brightest in Asia is going downhill, slowly. So does most of the developed countries of the West.

Singapore just happens to catch the wind earlier, so we rose faster. The story will be different with the opening up of Myanmar, Vietnam and India, if they can have the political will.

Many of our earlier politicians of repute, came from Malaya. Many of the younger and more talented Malaysians are making a living here too.

Veritas said...

Malaysia FT policy though far from perfect is much better our FT ponzi. While Malaysia's bumi policy is flawed, it has nevertheless bring up ten of thousands of Malays. These Malays go on to become CEO and doing many lucrative jobs such as upstream oil exploration. And Malaysian IQ is much lower than SG.

In SG, all these job are fill in by FT, despite we have highest IQ in the world. We let caste system take root. Citibank CBP hire all the Indians, their IQ is 81 and our IQ is 103.

Eventually, SG Malay IQ may drop. Because now they work as janitor. Malaysian Malay IQ will hike like rocket.

And today, very few people are aware that despite Malaysian has lower IQ than Singaproeans
, Intel has a research lab in penang designing IQ. Agilent the best RF company in the whole world has big R&D in penang.

Despite being able to get the best people in the whole world, Singapore produce and design shit. A-Star only have shit over the years. DSTA, DSO, ST will all go belly up without SAF subsidy.

We are not dalits. PAP has let racist slowly taking over Singapore. Our foreign talent and all the other fucking system are the worst in the world. If we do not take down PAP, we will suffer one day.

The Malay must remember Mahathir who give all these to Malay. And eventually in history Mahathir may stand taller than traitor LKY.

Anonymous said...

And we are now in seventh heaven talking about our University rankings. These have a lot to do with all the imported talents doing research work in the two Universities and producing all the results.

But this is just the same everywhere, so the rankings does not tell the whole story of how good the education system is. Even the ruling elites know this, thus the talk that ministers must be educated in one of the Ivy League Universities. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Malaysia has lost a lot of talents to other countries. What they have left is about half of what they should have and half as able.

For them not to be able to differentiate why they are better off than the Sinkies living in delusion is why I called that third grade thinking.

They are living in a much less stressful life, and living life much better than the Sinkies with a lot of living space. How many Sinkies are enjoying their lives or even their multi million dollar homes when they are slogging it out the whole day? Their children are also often not at home as home is an empty nest.

The quality of life is so materialistic and artificial. There are hardly any time left after working and working all day long, except for the retirees that are not working.

Anonymous said...

Sg is much luckier than Malaysia anytime.
Sinkies will live and die with their elected dealers. They will swear by them and protect thrm to their last breath.
Don't believe?
Just see how the people weep when Lky dies.

Veritas said...

The way PAP does things is via the so call USSR "commisar" system. A political appointees will be the CEO, and he must asslick LKY and LHL. The real talents must stooge and give "advice" to these commisar and take blame if these commisar cocks up.

Yong Ying-i daughter of CJ Yong Pang How brag "I may not know what CDMA stands for, but I can always hire someone who does.". Today, there are hundreds of parasitc Yong Ying-i in SG. Before such system works when we are at the lower value chain, now, such things do not works anymore as we move up.

Our system is extremely top down. Any engineers who work in silicon valley knows that it is extremely common for engineers to fuck the boss. The boss is normally the first among the equals. He is extremely competent. He quickly understands the problem and do not take things personal.

In SG, fucking your boss means you get fired, never mind how talented you are.

Our system is rigged to allow top down management. The wage difference between boss and technical staff is crazily big. PAP also rigged our culture that in SG, boss can know nuts, he is just there to play politics.

Anonymous said...

remember last week in new paper about singapore boss who have black belt everytime whack his subordinate black and blue whenever he makes a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian boleh.
Sinkies bodeh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the event of a major financial or economic crisis, life will still be fairly normal in Malaysia. On the contrary, many Sinkies will be cooked. Many would face very serious financial problems that they would rather die.

The govt is cooking them without them knowing how bad things can be. Sinkies really do not know the meaning of death. Everything looking so promising, so rosy. Everyone living in debt and thinking that they are rich, on paper only.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapurlang.

Anonymous said...

Angkat bodek also got to get some benefit mah.
Cannot angkat bodek and get fleece in return.
tioh boh?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, at this stage, housing is a time bomb, CPF is a time bomb, healthcare is a time bomb.

But, hor, they are really good in wriggling around, even saying that opposition ideas are all time bombs, and 60% still believe them and swallow their arguments hook, line and sinker. Some people never wake up!

Anonymous said...

I am a middle class Singaporean. I owned a semi-detach house in JB.I am currently working in Singapore but live in JB. I worked as a Technical Officer with gross income SGD6000 per month. (about RM14700)I rented my 5 room HDB flat for SGD3000 per month(about RM7350) This rental amount will be sky rocket due to limited land there. If anything goes bad to our economy.I still have house here and there.Everything are so cheap here in Malaysia.LOVE MALAYSIA.

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