No choice, limited choice, forced choice

Life is a complex odyssey of events and dramatic changes. There are many courses of actions, choices and decisions to make. Many things happen in life that leave one with no choice, limited choice or forced choice. One has no choice as to who his parents are, ministers or cardboard collectors, they just have to live with them. Some things come with limited choice, like choosing a partner. One’s background and makeup will narrow down one’s choice. Some things ended up with forced choice, the parents may force one to take a partner of their choice or because of some handicaps, one can only do certain things or jobs.

There is another dimension of life when one’s choice, no choice, limited choice or forced choice, is dictated by the govt. Yes, the govt has that kind of power on the life of an individual. In many areas, the govt determines your life, decide your life or your way of life and your life choices. Just a few simple illustrations, NS is a no choice event unless one could cook up medical grounds or some extenuating circumstances. The money to be kept in the minimum sums, the money to return on sales of properties, on reaching retirement, the money that can be taken out, all a matter of no choice. The govt decides.

In public housing, most Sinkies are left with limited choice. The very rich have all the choices. The average only have what the HDB decides for them, 2rm, 3rm, 4rm, 5rm and something better. These are the limited choices they will be given, also decided and determined by the govt.

And there are things that ended up with forced choice. The income of a person will determine what kind of public housing he can buy or cannot buy, the kind of hospitalization bill he will have to pay. In the case of money in the CPF, it is a combination of all 3 choices. No choice but must buy annuities. Next there is limited choice because only a few types of annuities are available. And forced choice cause the CPF holders must buy annuities from the govt using his CPF.

What is this thing called the govt that can decide what the people do with their money? Actually in this context, the govt is a handful of people vested with the power to decide the life of the people and their money. How on earth did the people, several millions, ended in such a pathetic and helpless state, that a handful of people could make life very difficult for them if they so choose? And the appalling part, the few people are the few people that would come to the people telling them sweet nothing, to vote them to power and they will be nice to the people, to look after them. And every election the same scenarios would be replayed, and after the election the same sad episodes would be repeated in the lives of everyone.

The people elected the few people to determine their choice, to decide what they have no choice, what they can have a little choice, what they will have forced choice. How daft can the people be?


Anonymous said...

The Conditioning of the Singapore Mind

I once went to a circus and saw a huge elephant tied to a small pole with a rope, just standing there. So I wondered why is the elephant so obedient and doesn’t break away from the stick with all of its enormous strength and mass. So they told me this story:

Once when the elephant was very young, it was tied to the pole the same way.
Naturally, it didn’t like that and tried to escape, but try as it might, the rope and the pole were too strong for it.
So the elephant eventually gave up.

Later on, when it was older, the elephant still believed it could not escape from the rope,
and remained standing in the same place, despite the fact it could by now easily escape.

Now, we humans often have various tasks that we tried to do when we were younger and failed, and still believe that we are unable to do.

But as opposed to the elephant, we have enough intelligence and insight to know better than to believe we are still unable to perform these tasks.
So if you have something that you fear to do because you failed once, now is the time to know better than the elephant, and realize that you may now be capable of doing it.


Anonymous said...

The Conditioning of the Singapore Mind - Part 2

Bureaucracy is waiting for a red traffic light in the middle of the night when there are no cars in sight.

patriot said...

Chin Leng:

Good Morning.

Me agrees with almost all tat is written in tis Post. I also fully agree with Matilah Singapura tat Sinkies deserve the Treatments meted out by the Government chosen by 60% of the voters in the Last General Election.

In the Last GE, almost all Constituencies were contested and the Choice of Sinkies to run, manage and even require to comply with every policy of their live was made.

I do not believe Sinkies have any regret with the Choice they have made.


Anonymous said...

The Conditioning of the Singapore Mind - Part 3

Is this why Sinkies believe only PAP has the capability to form the government?

Anonymous said...

I think the 60% are like the baby elephant. The physical size has grown but the tiny brain did not so kena chained like the baby elephant lor

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you listen how they think or reason you want to cry. They were made to think the way the govt wants them to think. Higher income competing with lower income for public housing! Shit, it is the govt's refusal to built that caused this unnecessary competition and they could not see it.

Citizens cannot buy HDB just buy resale lah. Why should that be when new citizens can buy HDB and citizens ended having to buy from resale or from these new citizens to make a profit from citizens? Really daft beyond redemption.

And what is the call for prudence all about, when people are forced to buy private properties and empty all their savings? And who do you think are the owners of private properties waiting to fleece the young buyers? Got money still want to buy HDB? Cannot meh?

Anonymous said...

Red bean, I agreed lor no point slave whole life for 99 years leasehold. My plan is to see whether I can rebuild my property so that it can accommodate 4 families including my kids. If can not, either the immigrate and we follow them lor knn but what to do

auto said...

When sing people are not so educated, they prefer the gov to make the choice for them. When sing people are more educated, they prefer to make the choice themselves. Nowadays, ministers should be like managers. They have to please the people (staff) and the investors (boss). If they cannot do the job well, they should quit or be sacked.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, PAP Millionaire Ministers cannot be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Hey RedBean,

Could you please explain/share with us the govt's REAL reason/s for not allowing citizens who earn over a certain income to buy 3-room flats?

Also, what is their given standard reason/s for such a policy?

Anonymous said...

The government want the Sinkies to spend more money on property lah!
Imagine if you earn $20K/month and you still insist on buying only a 3 room HDB flat.
Like that how will property prices go up?

The PAP government's core business is property sales.
So the higher the property price, the more money the government makes (the money from land sales go into the reserves).

You start off with cheap land in Punggol.
You build 'subsidized" HDB flats and "sell" to Sinkies.
Hundreds of thousands of Sinkies move into Punggol.
Because of the sudden increase in population in Punggol, undeveloped land in Punggol suddenly become more expensive.

The newly expensive undeveloped land in Punggol is then sold to private developers.
How does the government guarantee demand and that these private developers will not lose money building condos on these undeveloped Punggol land?

By making sure that Singaporeans whose salary exceed an income level is not allowed to buy HDB flats.
So bo pian. Forced to buy private condo at $1,000psf in Punggol.
So now if lousy ulu condo in Punggol can be sold at $1,000psf, then suddenly Orchard Road properties look very "cheap and under priced."

When prices in Orchard Road go up;
then suddenly Punggol condo at $1,000psf looks very cheap. and the cycle continues.

If condo at Punggol can sell at $1,000psf, then suddenly Punggol HDB flats look very cheap. That is why resale HDB flats in Punggol is also going up in price.

And the beauty is that all the HDB flats and land all belong to HDB. When Punggol land becomes too valuable, just tell the stupid Sinkie in HDB Punggol he is very lucky. His block chosen for SERS (Selective enbloc).
And HDB gets back control of the now valuable Punggol land.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Agenda 21

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:49, Anon 11:06 has given a pragmatic and economic view of why the govt wants people with money to spend more money. It is good for the economy.

I have another angle, official angle, spoke and unspoken. One, people with money must not compete with people with no money to buy small flats. I am still a bit curious why people got money to buy multi million dollar properties would want to buy 2rm or 3rm flats and depriving the lower income from buying their flats. I also not understand why govt don't built more flats for people who want to buy small flat, increase the supply so everyone can buy. I admit I am not a super talent and cannot see the logic.

Another good reason is that the govt is caring and want the people to have a good life, to live in bigger flats, in more expensive flats, in private properties. That is why when people got money, the govt frown on them becoming misers, hoarding their money in the savings. The govt is in a way telling these people to spend, to enjoy life. Money kept in the banks and not spent is wasted.

See, the govt is so kind and caring and that is why the people fully support them and keep voting them to be so kind and caring to the people.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the government has no business being in the property market in the first place.

You don't see the USA govt. getting involved in building HDB flats for American citizens do you?

patriot said...

Where there is money ro be made, our leaders will even help You to prepare your afterlife journey. They undertake to house the people after death as well.
Housing for the dead are their bizness too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah hor.
Recently I saw a new funeral company at my HDB void deck.
Casket Fairprice.
Looks like NTUC is also entering into the funeral business.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If I offer some alternative ideas:

My funeral costs will be close to zero. Most of the money spent by family will be for the wake.

My dead carcass is going to science. Young female medical students can then marvel at my beautiful cock, and imagine how I would have been alive and fucking them.

patriot said...

I hav told my children to cremate me wrapped in a piece of cloth and i di not mind if they used old newspapers. However, i understand from undertakerS that coffin is a must except for certain believers.

Dont know wat the fuck such a ruling is needed. Cant even let the dead rests in peace. Bloody nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, RB. Yours too, Anon 11:06 PM.

RB, you also mentioned, "I also not understand why govt don't built more flats for people who want to buy small flat, increase the supply so everyone can buy..."

To my no-talent brain, with BTO, it makes absolutley ZERO sense why more 3-room or whatever room flats can't be built to meet demand when there is one.

Is it really too much to ask - not to have to retire broke or close to it???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Same as not building more C class wards and insisting that the patients must go for B and A wards.

Anonymous said...

One great solution to solve the high property price problem. No need to restore estate duties. Just convert all properties, except commercial properties, to 99 yr lease.

Anonymous said...

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