What about me...your citizen?

Below is a comment posted in the thread, 'The Govt should set the example in jobs for citizens'.

Every time I read a letter about our own citizens, qualified professionals with working experience but unable to find a job here, I feel really disgusted. We cannot ignore and disregard our own citizens while providing all the good jobs and opportunities to foreigners. This kind of situation is getting worst and lip service from the govt is not good enough and will be taken very badly by the citizens, affected or bystanders. We must love our citizens, take care of our citizens. If not, it is nonsensical to call ourselves a country and all the pledges we made, and the NS to fight and die for this country.

A govt that cannot get this basic right does not deserve to rule.

"Thanks for this article. I penned my comment in TRE as follows. For your reading pleasure:

I am 42 now, I was retrenched in late 2008 and found a job in HK only 1.5 years later – so I was around 38 then. When I am back from HK in early 2011 I was scounting for a job locally for almost 6 months. Recently I left my current employment because I have strategic differences with my boss, we mutually agree to part and now I am third time on the job market. I am in finance, senior management level, getting between $150 – $200k a year. I am stating this becasue in some (not all instances) I actually quoted a lower expectation hoping to get an interview.

I have on all 3 occassions wrote in to GLC, Stat Board and what have you -all the government related entities and I shall name them here:

MAS, GIC, Temasek, Spring Singapore, EDB, Energy Market Authority, HDB, Health Science Authority, IRAS, IE Singapore, JTC, LTA, Ministry of Finance, MOM, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore Workforce Development Agency,

Plus a few other quasi-government departments. I even wrote in to CPIB.

The role are mostly advertise via jobstreet / jobdb or careers@gov website and typically would be where my relevant experience and skill sets lies such as account & finance, corporate strategy, management, research & analysis, investment, fund management even administration etc.

In all, I figure I could easily wrote in between one hundred to two hundred applications. Obviously careers@gov has my profile.

My point is as follows:


I am not blaming the government that I lost my job.

I would not blame the government if I am not selected for the job: –


I paid my tax, I voted for the government even during the last election – (yes I am that stupid 60.1% , Yes I confess I am that stupid) becasue when I work in HK and I travel frequently to Thailand / China I felt in totality this place compared to the many places I have been to is still a decently governed country – little corruption, clean street, good quality health care, well run public school etc. But tell me why should I vote for you again come 2016. When you get my vote but give jobs to foreigners. I know for a fact, GIC / Temasek hire largely foreigners. I know you are reading this, feel free to approach me for a discussion if you think I am not telling the truth, I am happy to meet."


Anonymous said...

A Singapore citizen is like a mistress.

When you want to fuck your mistress, you show up with flowers.

When you don't need her services anymore (for the time being), you pretend she don't exist.

General Election Year = show up with flowers.
The next 4 years after General Elections, pretend Singapore citizens don't exist.

patriot said...

The Rulers really testing the tolerance of the people.

How long do they expect the people to bear with them?


Veritas said...

This guy is pretending to be naive. Everyone who have some management experience in Singapore knew that a senior manager job is a political appointment. You will need to know someone especially the recruiting officers. Then the cabal of managers form gangs to terrorize everyone else under them and to fight rival clique.

I rarely seen exceptions in SG. I am a engineer currently only doing technical. I used to have managing experience.

In western countries, you can still have extremely smart CTO (Chief Technical Officer), who know all the technical stuff. In SG, even CTO can be filled by people with no relevant experience.

In GLC and stat board, especially A*, DSTA, MRT, you see plenty ex-mercenary who was trained to kill people lording over honest scientist. In SMRT, you can see crooks like shop keeper Saw Phaik Hwa to run our ultra mission critical transport system.

And very few honest people can climb high in SG context especially in the FIRE industries. These are all the type A personalities who have step on people on their way up.

Anonymous said...

My friends,

As far back as 5 years ago. I shared with everyone how the immigration policy would displace many natives and confer an advantage to professional class migrants.

Many laughed at me. They said, this guy is highlighting a red herring again.

Today we are beginning to see the cracks appear in the middle class.

Now you all decide whether I am right or them.

Truth is they may have simply run out of ideas to grow the economy except to pack as many people as they can on every available square footage. Beyond that, I do not see a coherent or even logical immigration/ job creation policy.

And what is the manpower minister doing? He is sleeping?

Darkness 2012

Veritas said...

Can this joker whinner swear that during his career, he has never actively hire FT in order to shit on young Singaporeans? If he cant, then he must bite the bullets that he has sown. We all know financial industries are extremely notorious in giving all good jobs to FT discriminating Singaporeans.

Even I do not in charge of hiring at the moment, I skewed opinions by influencing hiring officers by telling them that I prefer to work with Singaporeans. When I am in a panel sitting in interviews, I skewed opinions in favor of local candidate unless FT really excel by a great margin.

I believe this is a sacred duty of patriotic Singaporean. Call me racist, I dont care. I do not believe in 100% nuts meritocracy. Lee Hsien Loong got a Abino son can got cancer, he will screw Ho Ching himself. He will not hire Tom Cruise to do it for him.

patriot said...

When no new immigrants are imported, consumption falls. When consumption falls, the economy suffers. When economy suffers badly, the State collapses.

The Rulers have over used and over developed all the latent and potential resources. And now have to resort to the one and oni way to sustain the economy, keep increasing the population.

Another possible way is to have more casinos.

Anonymous said...

If I have already fallen, do you think I fuck care if Singapore also falls?

Anonymous said...

Sad. Many PMETs are driven to desperation.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Is it due to cost effectiveness ? Meaning cheaper to get FTs over locals cuz they are cheaperest? If not what's the reason? This guy is talking abt civil service not pte sector where he's trying to find a job. Or maybe jobs reserved for retired MPs, ex-ministers, grassroots etc. I need not quote so many out of government are offered jobs straightaway in stat boards or GLCs. This guy has no connection. Why shld they give a job then?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The govt must have a Singaporean first policy in hiring for the ministries, stats boards and GLCs. All things being equal, they must hire the Sinkie. And all jobs that can be done by Sinkies must go to Sinkies.

Only specialised jobs that no Sinkies can do will a foreigner be hired. The foreigners can find employment in the private sector.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

I see FT hiring not merely due for wage suppression. There are things that are more noxious. First, we got to get this concept clear, the top sworn priority of every managers is not efficiency, not rather self preservation. This is especially salient in the most wicked FT Indian managers. Hindic is the worst civilization in the whole universe.

Whenever a manger recruit, he will not go for the best, but rather, someone he can control. That person must not be too good that the manager will get the prospect of being replaced by his subordinate.

Hiring FT fits squarely. First, PRC FT still have language barrier. So, the boss feel secure as his PRC lackey would need time to polish English before he can take over high positions that need communication skills.

The FT Indians has an addition of much evil dimension. Being the most wicked people the Indians, they have 5000 years of selecting the most stupid people for the job. The company can rot. The government can rot. That is not important, as long as me and my tribe are in charge.

That is why India having 5000-6000 years of civilization and accumulate much superior amount of capital, most of its people is more miserable than caveman. India rot and Indian cheers, then they use their stupid verbose English talk and talk alot of cock. They have the worst twisted tongue.

Indian FT cannot tolerate meritocracy. They hire every of their friends from India, a country with IQ 81 to replace all Singaporeans, a country with IQ of 103. Indian manager will feel secure henceforth.

FT Indian hate Chinese. I have never see an FT Indian hiring PRC in my entire life. They barely tolerate Singaporean Chinese to window dress wayang of "diversity". Dont believe you go Citibank CBP tomorrow.

You are naive if you think Singapore has meritocracy. More elements of meritocracy can only exist in socialist society. There is a reason for that.

Unfortunately, we are not going towards socialism. We are moving to caste system where Singaporeans are now neo Dalits to FT especially FT Indian clowns.

patriot said...

Tis must.
Tat shud.
Tat are the mantras of netizens.
wat? If your Rulers is adamant
tat they know best?

Who are we to ask them to
accede to our request and plea??


Anonymous said...

"The govt must have a Singaporean first policy in hiring for the ministries, stats boards and GLCs"

Redbean. Why so idealistic one?
Pretend you the gahmen.
You want Sinkie accountant to know the details about our accounting system for our reserves?
Or you more comfortable with a FT accountant who fuck cares about the reserves and will do as he is told. And got no relatives and friends to gossip to in S'pore?

The gahmen is more comforatble with loyal FTs than they are with loyal Sinkies.
Because Sinkies may not be loyal to the Pro Alien Party.
The Sinkie may be loyal to Singapore & Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

They only want "Yes" man to continue with their group think.

BTW, all those Singaporeans who are currently employed with good salary cannot feel the negative effects of the pro-immigration/foreigner policy until they are retrench and jobless and unable to get a decent job. So, if the pro-immigration/foreigner policies continue, more and more PMET will be in the same situation and that translate into more votes for the opposition come 2016.

Since most of these affected PMETs are in their 40s and 50s, it might even have a multiplyer effect ie, getting their spouse and children to vote opposition. The PAP may be hit by a tsunami before they know it.

Anonymous said...

You don't belong to the Party.It is as simple as that.Membership has indeed privileges.You don't have to be clever.
In the words of Yao Ming,the Chinese NBA basketball player.
Hard work and clever are not always recognised,just be lucky

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hiring FTs to keep their mouth shut is a myth. They don't talk when it is to their advantage. When they are not happy, or when they have something to gain, like kickbacks, you cannot guarantee that they would not spill the beans to their foreign contacts.

Anonymous said...

They want all the front line staff and key positions FTs ....

One day if we revolt or civil disobedience?

Then the front line staff and Key FTs can still run the show?

Just look at Cisco? its practically a private foreign security firm!! are they running prisons also??

So if sinkies are lockup in prisons ... they wont give a shit and its just a job to them!!

To the PAPies the show will go on


Anonymous said...

I must say that I am not sympathetic to this guy. When he was not affected, he voted based on his selfish own interest. He never thought of others. Now that he is affected, well serve him right. He is only one vote, if he now vote for opposition in 2016, it's not going to help him get a job. It takes time for policy changes to take effect. He is now 42, I think he is screwed.

oldhorse42 said...

In today's issue of The Straits Times Home page B3, there is a news item captioned " Auditor who turned to Cannabis jailed" this item is accompanied by a photo of an Indian national. This FT has a good job in Singapore. He is an auditor for an reputable accounting firm- Pricewaterhouse Coopers. A job any local citizen will die for. Yet it was given to a foreigner who suffers from epilepsy and is a drug addict!

oldhorse42 said...

In today's issue of The Straits Times Home page B3, there is a news item captioned " Auditor who turned to Cannabis jailed" this item is accompanied by a photo of an Indian national. This FT has a good job in Singapore. He is an auditor for an reputable accounting firm- Pricewaterhouse Coopers. A job any local citizen will die for. Yet it was given to a foreigner who suffers from epilepsy and is a drug addict!

Veritas said...

This joker has spent his entire career in the business of usury-- the occupation cursed by GOD. We all know that 99% of all bank managers are type A wicked people.

Unlike doctors, engineers. bankers has no skills per se. They shoot others to stay ahead. Worse, duing heydays, he voted for PAP, never thinking about the exploited Singaporean brothers.

Now he is screwed. We should celebrate. I would not shed a single tears if any shylock or landlord in this land is screwed. These people screwed Singaporeans big time.

This joker who must be especially agressive, given his rise to senior management, should now go and find a job as janitor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse, welcome to the blog.

Anything that moves, foreign, is a talent, better than any sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, I agreed with you. Many in the 60% are like him. Only when they are personally displaced and screwed then they cpcb.

Anonymous said...

By the time 2016, he would be 46, an age consider too old by most headhunters when FT are easily available. Even by then if there is a policy change on FT, it will take a few years to take effect by then he is close to 50. I agreed he is screwed for this life, hope for better luck next life.

auto said...

Everyone will go thru a state of enlightenment. I once heard from a HR practitioner (Type AAA+ wicked people) that they avoid to employ 40+ people cos they are past their prime and some have huge medical claims that will wipe out the company profits. The system we have in sinky is making the employers avoiding 40+ people at all costs including shitty GLCs, TH related. Thats also part reason they have to import so many shitty foreigners. I prefer the system running in north eu countries whereby such risks are transferred to insurance companies.

agongkia said...

This one smart tactic.Suitable to be leader.Kay Kay hinted I belong to 60.1% and lost hope because not granted interview for Garmen job.
Mean when granted interview or given a job, I will continue to be the 60%.
I must learn the tactic from you all and follow the flow.
No wonder I am always a nobody struggling 20 hours a day.

SG Girl said...

Not all FTs are cheap. In the IT industry, most IT foreigners are paid close to market rates here ranging from $3k to $10k. On top of that the companies who hired them have to pay few percent each month to the HR companies that brought in these foreigners. Cost effective?

Those foreigners (especially those who have never work outside of their country or couldn't find a job back home) would agree to any rate offered to them, as they could not get this pay back home. Imagine the same job, the vast difference in pay at home and here. After 1-2 years here, they would demand 20-30% pay increments. Not granted they would threaten to leave. As companies who hired them for purpose of fulfilling projects for their clients, they could not afford to have manpower disruption.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sinkies must stay united and not be divided. All Sinkies hitting tough times will understand better the shit that others in the same state of affair feel and will turn out to be better people after the ordeal is over, if they are still alive.

denk said...

ever heard of the one world government....the washington consensus ?

all roads lead to rome....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What everyone here is missing is MOTIVATION. Coupled with INCENTIVES and ASYMMETRICAL POWER.

If you are local and retrenched, any complaint you make will be made form a position of weakness -- no, sorry, you have no "oomph" to negotiate. You can beg, you can complain but leverage -- you have ZERO.

The foreign worker is in another cuntree other than his own. He is essentially "enslaved" by his employer. His "being here" rests on permission (work permit, working visa), his "value" to his employer who holds most of the cards, as far as POWER goes.

Political solution? I doubt it. At the end of the day the market (people) want cheap stuff -- cheap food at food centers, cheap goods at the stores, cheap transport.

Life is good in Singapore for the majority of people. As long as it stays that way, people will remain in blissful ignorance.

Anyway where got problem? If I applied for a job, I know I'll be knocked back. So the only way out I can see -- in my case -- is if I am my own boss.

OTOH, there is nothing wrong with taking ANY JOB you can do, even though you have to take less money.

People are getting tired of these belly-aching re-trenched cocksuckers lah. Move on lah. Drive a cab. pick up a broom...do something to earn an honest day's pay, and improve yourself. Singapore's "open economy" offers so much OPPORTUNITY, but you need to wake up your fucking loser ideas to see it.

Got Positive Mental Attitude?

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