Natcon fizzling out or taken a new life

I was thinking of revisiting the issue of reinstating estate duty as it is now a major cause of high property prices with the rich, both local and foreign, finding this as a way of tax evasion. And with the rich amassing more and more properties, knowing that it is very safe, it will only add to the mounting pressure on sky high property prices. But it is also a sad reality that the rich would have vested interest not to change this situation at all. I thought one or two properties of unlimited value would be very generous to the dead.

So far this subject has not been brooded anywhere, and not in the Natcon. But where is the Natcon heading? Things are getting clearer now, that the Natcon is just a conversation. It is a dialogue of sort. You talk I talk. The people talk, the govt talks.

When grave issues of immigration and population were raised by the angry citizens, when high property prices elicited serious concerns by the average sinkies, they were just that. Just raised and nothing seems to be done to ameliorate the Sinkies’ worries.

The govt will continue to sing its song of praises for high population, more immigrants and high property prices. Things will just be the same. The people will talk, the govt will talk, but both not listening. Both talk and talk. This is about sums up what Natcon is all about. Happy Natconning, or happy talking.


Anonymous said...

Rite. All tok only, like sitting on a psychiatrist's couch.. tok n tok and at the end of 1-hour session you're supposed to "feel better" cos they believe that all this anger and frustration built up is all in the sick patient's mind and tokking will blow off steam and feel much better after that.

patriot said...

If they are sincere,
they wud have been
conversing with us in
Blogoland for over a decade.

Anyway, they treat Bloggers
with contempt. This is my impression
so far. No talk with bloggers, lawyer letters, got lah.


Anonymous said...

Talk no use.
Only votes for Opposition will count.
My conversation with the PAP is carried out at the ballot box.
With my vote. And the votes of my converts.
Going to the Opposition.

Get a Millionaire Minister's attention today.
Convert one of the 60% of your friends & relatives who voted PAP.
Turn him into an Opposition voter.

Anonymous said...

There can be no conversation on a national scale as far as the internet is concerned. As we have a lousy internet brigade outfit that doesn't seem very interested to establish a working relationship with the blogging community.

These delusional people who are probably led by an equally delusional internet brigade commander seem to think that all you need to do is get a train driver to write stuff, maximize his popularity through the MSM along with their aggregation sites - and viola!

You are already good to go for a conversation on a national scale.

How childish.

They have no one but themselves to blame for screwing up this opportunity to reach out and make meaningful connections.

This is one of the saddest things I have seen in the internet. Definitely one of the saddest.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

Hi red bean, u r right, the estate tax removal is very bad and benefits the rich only.

In fact i smell a big fish as it was introduced just before lky wife died...... Concidnece or curruption?

I reckon she has assets between 100 - 200 mil

Anonymous said...


You nag, they con. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

The label for that conversation was mis-spelled.

It's the NATOnal conversation.


And when you've talked enough... they will do what they wanted to do all along anyway, but now they claim they have 'consulted' you first. Like two wolves consulting the sheep on what to eat for dinner.

Not good enough. Light a candle under their collective posteriors and show them that business as usual doesn't cut it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, talk no use.

We need a National Conversion. A conversion which amounts to a change, by getting rid of the deaf frogs by 2016. Deaf frogs will always be deaf frogs, even if you have a National Shout-ersation with them.

Anonymous said...

Keep everyone talking while PAP quietly let in another million foreigners.