Return of Warlordism

The high profile news of the rich and powerful in China flaunting their wealth and abusing their power hinted towards a return to the days of Warlordism. After 300 years of shame and near bankruptcy, 亡国时代,the new China has just stood up on its two feet to stand shoulder to shoulder as a respectable nation, there are ominous signs that China is sliding back to it corrupt and decadent days. The days of lawlessness, 无法无天, when the rich and powerful are starting to abuse their positions, and the excesses of their children in total disregard to law and order and propriety, misbehaving in the wildest kind, 花花公子,are putting China and its society in a very bad light.

The rapid fall into ill repute, abuses, corruption, no respect for law and order, and bullying the ordinary citizens are a shameful display of not only a country, but a people and its values and culture. The philosophies of the great sages of Mencius, Confucius, Lao Tzu etc, did not seem to teach the Chinese any good. It is becoming another wild country if things are not put in order. Or, if it is not the fault of the great philosophers, it must be the poor upbringings of the rich and powerful. They did not know that their misconduct is not only bringing shame and embarrassment to the country and people, it could lead back to a period of decadence and the destruction of the nation.

It took 60 years of hard and arduous work for the country to climb back to respectability, but in such a short span of time, the ugliness of the Chinese and its culture are already rearing its head. Would China be able to transform itself into a powerful and gracious nation, or would the decadent past catches up and return China to become the Sick Man of Asia once again? The signs are very unhealthy. The top officials who are not able to educate their children to be decent and respectable people are failures and should not be in public office. They are the role models to set a good example for the 1.3b people to emulate. Hopefully the disgraceful acts and conducts of the few are only exceptions and can be corrected and eradicated from becoming the new cancers of the new China.


patriot said...

I will repeat again, China will be in trouble as evidenced in its' long history.
And I like to add that each timr it opens its' doors, it will be in trouble. Thr wider its' doors are opened, the more trouble it shall have.

The oni way for the Chinese to be united is to have a large scale war with alien.


Anonymous said...

The Europeans are now suffering the same fate as China.
As individual European states, each of them had their moments of glory in history in dominating the world.
The last being Great Britain.

Now as "united" Europe, they limp along in the footnotes of history.

China has been limping along in the footnotes of history for thousands of years.
Ever since we became "united" as a single China.

Seven warring kingdoms.
Each competing to out do the other.
Would have spurred the Chinese to greater heights of achievement than a "united" China.
What does a "united" China do other than "close China door" for another few thousand years?

It is time for a historical re-interpretation of Chinese history.
And not buy into the notion of a "united" China.
Which is a piece of Qin dynasty propaganda.
To legitimize their rule over the other 6 warring states they defeated.

patriot said...

Got it.
The Chinese is not of homogeneous ethnicity and eveb if they were/are, most are selfish and greedy.
They are also mostly treacherous.

Me am a Sinful Chinese.


Veritas said...

The Sinitic civilzation despite of all its vices, solve the unification problem that western civilization are still figuring out. The Chinese and Persian are the only 2 empires that is one piece for more than 2000 years.

Lets see if modern transport and communication system can but afore fragmented civilization such as Western, Hindic into a unity state.

During the China warlord era 1911-1949, even though different province are de facto independent, anyone who dares to declare de jure independent gets hammer by attack by other warlords. Every major warlord even fighting one another, sweared loyalty to the Chinese flag.

Japan tried to seduce warlord to declare independent in countless occasions, but get fxxx by these patriotic Chinese every single time. Even minority Muslim and Yunan tribe is loyal to China.

Only exception is probably Tibet and Mongol, but then their elites are not so into Chinese culture. Mongol got help of USSR, so China can do nothing.

And very few knew that it was Chinese Hui Muslim (not Han Chinese) who keep on screwing Dalai Lama independent effort buying time, until the day communist take over Tibet. All Hui Chinese support Han Chinese in fighting Japan, and fxxking Dalai Lama. Western historian hate to mention that.

Google "dalai lama hui muslim " and start research from there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today the notion of a united China is more relevant than the past. It is all about being big. But big has its big problem and the threats of breaking up. China, with one single written language and the respect of minority tribes, is perhaps in the best position to remain as a united country. It has been so for thousands of years.

Europe tried to emulate albeit too late as it is too diverse in many ways.

Veritas said...

One reason for me to support evil PRC is Chinese simply cannot exist in separate state without disaster. The centrifugal force is so big that no warlord in China would leave their buddy alone.

China as a separate state will not behave like European states. Although there are individuals of inspiration of Roman empire, but generally, european is comfortable to exist fragmented.

For China, every warlord hopes to become the ultimate emperor. Every Chinese, despite of different tribes hopes to exist in a unity state. Even for Taiwan, so long as USA influence wane, they will return to Chinese normal mindset.

Hence a separate state would mean non-stop warfare.

Anonymous said...

So is Singapore also going to rejoin China?

Veritas said...

haha.. LKY already sold Singapore to USA. We queue up behind Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

a fragmented China? that i don't even want to imagine much more think about! if china separates into a few states, america will play one against the other. america will love a fragmented china. china must remain united not only for its own sake but also for the stability of east asia & south-east asia and the rest of the world. stories i've read about the very spoilt little emperors and empresses are very worrisome. one worries about China's future with such people. something must be done about this cancer.

Anonymous said...

unlike veritas i have a lot of respect for the dalai lama. however i do not want an independent tibet. if china gives tibet its independence, tibet won't be independent for long. the US will very soon set up military bases in tibet and there will be hundreds of thousands of us military 'advisers' stationed there and the us will f--k around by creating 'disturbances' and 'incidents' in china's westernmost provinces. the us will create a new middle-east. the us is championing 'independence' for tibet and 'human rights' for this greedy & selfish purpose of weakening china. they don't care a shit about the tibetans. fyi, i'm anon 7.43pm and i'm not a chinese. i'm a malay and i have a lot of respect for china & i have high hopes for it.

Anonymous said...

The Asians and SE Asians have been duped by the West esp the Americans to be frightened and suspicious of each other. The result, they are constantly quarreling and looking at one another with distrust. And some would willingly bow to the Emperor and do the Emperor's bidding.

Other than the early days of Cold War, China has been a balancer to keep the Americans from its hegemony in the region. Without China as a counter force, the US will be taking one country out one at a time. Without China, many Asian and SE Asian states would have regime changed. Myanmar is so lucky, so is North Korea, so is Pakistan, so are Malaysia and Indonesia.

Asians should keep wars out of the region. And the only way to do so is to keep the Americans out. And with China as a counter force, the Americans could not do as it will. Asian nations should capitalise on this to keep the two powers in check and balance, not allowing anyone to be so dominant like in the Middle East where the Americans and Europeans can decide to attack anyone they want.

Syria should count itself lucky to have Russia and China saying no the the US. If not, it would have been like Iraq and Libya.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Rank and economic achievement has its concomitant privileges -- i.e. the more you achieve the more freedom you have to live by your own "rules" and insulate yourself from the unwelcome affectations of other humans, who just don't come up to your level.

Any towkay who has "made it" will tell you -- usually not so politely to "fuck off and mind your won business". He will do as he pleases -- to the extent that his money will allow him to do so.

And why not? He has achieved something. So he is entitled to his own fiefdoms and bands of "followers".

China is too big. May it split into many fragments of independent entities, all filled with wealthy over-achievers -- from every dialect group -- doing their own thing, and chasing success and profitability with zeal.

Then Asia will really become interesting and really UNpredictable. Asia-observers will be so blur, they won't have a theory to cope nor explain.

Boy, would I love to see that happen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, when China splitted, then they will be bickering and fighting each other forever. And the big powers will come in to take sides and create more animosities and more wars.