Who is the real kingmaker?

When Chok Tong was made the PM, everyone was clear who put him there. No one has any doubt as to who called the shot, who decided who it should be. When Chok Tong became the PM, he started to groom Hsien Loong to be the PM. It took him 20 years to do the grooming.

Then one fine day, or one fine evening, Wong Kan Seng invited a few ministers for a makan. And in that meeting, not sure if Chok Tong was invited, Kan Seng suggested Hsien Loong should be the PM. And those present agreed.

So, who was the kingmaker then, Chok Tong for grooming Hsien Loong and preparing for the post, or was it Kan Seng? It could be Chok Tong who instructed Kan Seng what to do. If that be the case, Chok Tong was the kingmaker and it did not matter if he was at the makan or not. What is the truth?

, Hsien Loong is still looking around for someone to succeed him. Chok Tong said it would be decided by the ministers of the day, just like what Kan Seng did, over a makan among the ministers. Presumably all the ministers were present or maybe some were and some were not. If that be the case, there was no king maker but a group of ministers making the decision, a PM appointed by consensus. This would dismiss the belief that there is a kingmaker and the PM is the man that grooms the next king.

What should it be? Got kingmaker or not? And if got, who and who is the new kingmaker today? Was Kan Seng the kingmaker then and is he still the kingmaker today? What is the role of the PM in the whole process? Was Chok Tong the kingmaker in his time as he implied in his grooming of Hsien Loong?

It seems so simple and straight forward but really not that straight forward and simple after all. Who knows, maybe Chan Chun Sing would call for a makan like Kan Seng and say let’s decide who should be the PM? Would it be like that?


Anonymous said...

Its a musical chair with someone controlling the music. That was before but I wonder if the musical master still around this time.

jjgg said...

Maybe we'll let a little corporal lead a cabinet of Generals...))) what rank were the rest of the un General boys ah???

Anonymous said...

whether there is a kingmaker or
not is not important......

to really survive in this very
crowded turbulent tiny city state
and to be "sustainable" what is
most important, the successor
must be well respected by the
people, not just the few
ministers over makan.....

it is not easy......

it is never easy......


Anonymous said...

Neither Goh CT or Wong KS were ever the kingmaker. Goh CT was the wooden seat warmer, while Wong KS was always a tripod ("sar Kah") and balls carrier but he was family. The puppeteer was LKY himself, and Wong KS was only doing his bidding and family duty to arrange the meeting of the puppet ministers. Since the puppeteer can no longer hold the strings up and require mechanical assistance even to breathe, the son will take over. When the time is ripe, he will appoint someone to arrange another meeting to nominate the next PM who is another family member in the Cabinet. Wong KS will be very happy!

patriot said...

Shall we just say that the People are restless and agitated over much issues; evet rising costs of livings, ever rising numbers of aliens, increasing animosity beyween locals and alien settlers and never ending tweaks to long established scheme such as CPF are infuriating many Sinkies. So, be it the King or the Kingmaker, the Next Misstep in Policy Making could plunge Sin into chaos and instability.

King and King Maker got to be mindful of the Consequences of THEIR DEEDS.



Anonymous said...

Why not PAP call for a General Elections and Singaporeans decide who should be Prime Minister?

The said...

Wong can Sing.

Can Chan Chun sing?

Anonymous said...

Actually GCT wasn't supposed to be PM. LKY didn't like GCT and wanted Tony Tan instead. But the other ministers in the Cabinet all voted for GCT.

So in that case, the kingmaker was actually the other cabinet ministers, not LKY.

Anyway as long PAPies hold 2/3 majority in parliament, Sinkies still gonna get fucked. For Sinkies only got slavemaker --- they don't understand what fuck is kingmaker.

Anonymous said...

But more crucial is who decide who should be kingmaker? Why must kingmaker be from the PAP, and not the Sinkie opposition, u tell me lah?

Matilah_Singapura said...

At the end of the day, the people are 100% responsible for choosing their govt/ king/ emperor/ dictator, and thus the fate of their cuntree.

Anonymous said...

I thought Tony Tan declined the PM's post, not because the cabinet voted for GCT.

By the kingmaker's (you all know who) reckoning, there were two others ahead of woody besides Tony Tan. GCT was then ranked 4th.

But, not to worry too much, because if they choose the wrong person and things get fouled up badly, the kingmaker 'will rise from the grave to make it right'. Those words came out from the mouth of the kingmaker himself hor.

b said...

Every country is ruled by aristocracy not by democracy or any other rule.

Anonymous said...

“It’s the law”

In a statist society, the laws are a collection of opinions written down by sociopaths who have managed to either win popularity contests or murder their competitors and enforced at gunpoint by thugs in costumes.

The implication of the phrase “it’s the law” is that this state of affairs is both necessary and proper, rather than inherently illogical and immoral.

Also implied is that the law is somehow sacrosanct and immutable, which is clearly false because the aforementioned sociopaths both frequently alter the laws and routinely disregard the laws they make for everyone else.


patriot said...

Are there Bi-polar and Psychopathic Members in the Regime?


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

>> Are there Bi-polar and Psychopathic Members in the Regime?

I hope so. These types of people are CRUCIAL for the success of the nation state.

Go buy the books from Amazon thru this site, give redbean some kickback.

Innovative and creative people exhibit bi-polar tendencies.

Mental "abnormalities" have their good sides ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just because you bipolar so must say bipolar good lah.