The Empire all out to contain China but left out in the cold

Not too long ago there was this naïve professor whose article was published in the ST claiming that the US was not out there to contain China. Only the gullible and ill informed would believe his innocence. The Trans Pacific Pact was a political trade pact designed primarily to excluded China and with China as its main target. It is still struggling to get its feet off the ground with only the die hard American allies wanting to be in. The intent to exclude China was simply too glaring to go unnoticed.

Since the days of the Cold War, the US has been blocking China in every move it took, trying to contain and isolate China with the singular objective of keeping the US as the dominant and undisputed world power. China on its part has been trying all it could to break free from the American containment policy and is constantly finding ways either to break into the American dominated international system or to develop its own parallel systems and organizations. If China cannot join in the game, China will develop its own game and play with other willing players.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a China initiative to provide an alternate organization to the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank controlled by the Americans and Japanese. The AIIB’s stated mission is to provide financing for big infrastructure projects that would benefit its members, especially countries that were not in the good books of the US and Japan. China is offering smaller states an option to finance their development without having to be allies or semi colonies of the US. It is a financial institution providing badly needed funds, not a military or political institution.
The US has be pulling all the brakes to keep its allies and semi colonies out of the AIIB citing lack of transparency, corruption and whatever excuses it could fabricate. It is assuming that the rest of the countries joining the AIIB are idiots and would blindly allow China to control them and the bank.

South Korea and Australia and of course Japan are thus coerced to stay out of the AIIB against their national interests. The European countries too have been pulled back and likewise kept out of the AIIB. The UK is an exception, it is one and only G7 country that is independent enough to say no to its former colony, the Americans, and has joined the AIIB as a founding member to the fury of the Americans. The Americans have come out openly to rebuke the Brits for disobeying the order of the Empire. The Brits have done their sums, and being strategically forward thinking, knew where their interests are best served. They would want to maintain their pole position as the Number One financial centre in Europe and would not let this golden opportunity to slip by. They must be celebrating and wishing that the rest of the G7 would stay out of the game to give them a monopolistic advantage to work with China and AIIB.

The spat between the UK and US is out in the open with the US badmouthing the Brits and revealing its intent to keep China out of the loop, to be isolated from the rest of the world dominated by the American system. The Chinese have found their way, together with the other side of the camp, to build a new financial system independent of the Americans. To the Americans it is all about political dominance and even a financial institution is seen as unfriendly and must not be allowed to succeed.

Succeed AIIB would be and with the big war chest of the PRC and the BRICS countries, it is going to rival the World Bank and IMF to offer funds to needy countries. And needy Asian countries would form a long queue to where the nectar is. How long would South Korea and Australia be able to stay out of the AIIB where things are happeining? How long would the rest of Europe stay out and compromise their national interests and seeing the British gaining an easy and convenient advantage over them by joining AIIB instead of toeing the American dictates? What is the price for staying out of AIIB when they should be in?

Is there any kids out there still claiming that the Americans are not out to contain China?

The above was written yesterday and today the whole picture has changed. With the British breaking the ranks, the dam has been breached. The French, Germans and Italians wasted no time to announce their joining the AIIB as founding members yesterday. The rest of the G7 would be held in the balance. Australia and South Korea would be pinching themselves silly for not being able to join the AIIB as Asian countries. Would they have the strength to disobey the Emperor and join the AIIB?

The attempt by the Americans to lay a blockage against China, to contain China, would in advertently lead to its own isolation. Now it stuck and hang high and dry with this AIIB initiative and would be too embarrass to ask, ‘May I come in?’ It would be left out there in the cold, by its own Cold War mentality.


Veritas said...

The war of civilization is happening right now in Singapore. There is no coincidence that Ang Moh are bring in Indians despite their obvious incompetencies. The Chinese in Singapore must be contained.

When I work in MNC, my ang moh manager told me point blank that they prefer Indians. Then the FT Indians replaced all East Asian and middle east people in the one of the division.

FT Indians also seems to be able to solicit one perks after another, in a way that can happen in the wildest wet dream.

One Indians request to work at home and was immediately granted. Then this Indians get greedy and requested not just to work at home, but work at home in India and fly back from time to time. Got granted also, but I am not too sure whether this person was under India office headcount. But likely this person is paid by SG office, as company sponsor her working at home in India and flying back time to time.

All academic results in USA high school shown that Chinese are the most academically talented, beating even the Jews in high school. (Jews are using college admission caste system against Chinese)

But right now, Chinese are under-represented in all big Tech.

I believe such cannot last. Since ang moh MNC want Indians and dump talent, so be it.

It can only hasten the rise of China, who is more meritocratic. Greater China MNC is going to hammer all ang moh firm in the future.

Anonymous said...

If the East Asians can get their acts together, they will take on the West hands down.

b said...

I think there will be a day when china will even own the president of us of a. afterall, its a profit/money oriented country. Anyway, it does not matter who is the super power number one country so long as there will be more prosperity all over the world, no wars, no hunger, no kids being left behind etc.