Singaporeans taught the foreigners a good lesson in social behavior

Last week as Singaporeans mourned the lost of LKY, hundreds of thousands were on the move to the many sites to pay their respects. The Padang in particular was where many congregated, forming long queues and waiting for hours, 8 to 10 hours, under the hot sun, in orderly manner, no rush, no impatience, and no litters. Yes no litters!

The behavior of Singaporeans was at their best in a difficult time, was exemplary, the foreigners have a lot to learn from us on how to keep a place clean after used. Now who is going to tell the foreigners that we are a very bad bunch in social etiquette, prone to disorderly behavior and littering everywhere? On record, there were no rowdy behavior, no rudeness, a lot of patience and good manners that in many places tempers would have flared. Singaporeans are a graceful and discipline lot.

Singaporeans have shown to the foreigners what good behavior meant, from the young children to the grandpas and grandmas, we were a very discipline people befitting of our good upbringings, our education system and our status as people from the first world.

No one should be allowed to go on spreading misleading myths about how bad Singaporeans are and putting the blame on Singaporeans for all the shit on the streets. Last week was an excellent example of what true blue Singaporeans were and they should be very proud of themselves for being Singaporeans.

Singaporeans must not allow silly people to slap them for the wrongs and misbehavior of foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Love Your People Love Singapore!

Last week, the way Singaporeans
come together as ONE PEOPLE ONE
many many people including our

Please treasure this spirit!

Love your people!

Love Singapore!

jjgg said...

Sure or not..I see so many pictures of cleaning brigades..RB..funeral crowds are different to concert crowd and also very different to orchard rd closure crowd and little India crowd. Bro..u losing your perspective la.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is true that Singaporeans didn't make a mess queuing for the last glimpse of their "god". (or in the words of Amos: "necrophiliacs sucking LKY's dick" Time 01:20 in his infamous, "historic" video).

It stands to reason---SOCIAL PRESSURE. The social pressure to conform, to be on your best behaviour because eyes are on you.

Singaporeans however make a mess in the toilets---still, to this day. There in their own privacy, there is NO social pressure to conform nor to behave with consideration.

This is why perhaps Singaporeans need a big stick over their heads, to threaten them with "consequences" such that they will then moderate their behaviour and not behave like entitled assholes.

Yes lah redbean, keep your perspective!

Anonymous said...

"No one should be allowed to go on spreading misleading myths about how bad Singaporeans are and putting the blame on Singaporeans for all the shit on the streets."

Is it true?
Only PAP politicians were blaming Singaporeans for higher crime rates and littering?
Are they Pro Alien Politicians?

Virgo 49 said...

Human beings once become rich tends to look down his poorer cousins and have feelings that they are peasants.

Likewise the PAP now have the unwavering daft support of the 60 over percent of sinkies.

Have become rich and believed that they are god chosen elites to rule over you.

So now also tends to look down on the very people who put them there.

They prefer to associate with the world foreign talents that they brought in by the millions.

Now they will push the blame to all sinkies whatsoever dirt or grime as created by their foreign talents.

Singaporeans committed more crimes than their beloved trashes that they brought in to have the first strike and riots after these years.

So the only way to their demise same as their founding father is to tell them, WE CAN PUT YOU THERE, WE CAN ALSO PUT YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!

patriot said...

It was reported that cleaners were working overtime to clean up the Places where the worshippers gathered to mourn.
Cleanliness is something we should all be proud of, however in the Case of Late Lee Kuan Yew Mourning, it was to ensure his image will not be affected by poor behaviours and indisciplines of the Mourners.