President Netanyahu to speak in Congress

President Obama has infuriated Israel for working up a deal that was interpreted by the White House in Israel that Iran would be allowed to build nuclear bombs. The White House in Israel would not accept such a deal that it has vetoed and prevented for the last half a century. How could Obama allow this to happen as it would jeopardize the safety and security of Israel. Israel’s security is built around its absolute military superiority in the region and with its nuclear arsenal to obliterate any Arab states or Iran should they intend to mount a military campaign against Israel.

President Netanyahu has invited himself to speak to Congress to overrule Obama’s initiative that he and Israel would not accept. The de facto President of the USA is challenging the de jure President of the USA to have the latter’s plan dismissed and dismantled. Congress is going to be the battleground for the two Presidents to call their shots and see who is the one that is holding the real power to determine the policies of the USA.

And the Republicans are laying the red carpet to welcome the de facto President to turn the table against a lame duck de jure President on his last leg out of the White House. The true power of the President of the USA, in the hands of President Obama or President Netanyahu will be put to a test finally.

Who is the real President of the USA will finally be settled after President Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. The rest of the world will finally get to know that there are two American Presidents calling the shot at the same time, one elected by the people of America and one elected by the people of Israel.

The truth is stranger than fiction, so they said.


Anonymous said...

President Netanyahu has invited himself to speak to Congress...

But why he can even do that ah?

And why the Sinkie opposition cannot do much to be even united and not behave like frogs, let alone do something to be ready to be govt. Is there anything the Sinkie opposition can learn from Netanyahu?

Anonymous said...

You parrot or machine?

Matilah_Singapura said...

USA needs Israel and Israel needs the USA.

Let the horse-trading begin :-)

The Jewish fella is negotiating from a position of weakness: he has gone to "the king" instead of the other way around. His stature is that he's gone to Washington to "beg" for some form of "conferment". Applause from the joint houses of the US congress is simply being applauded by a large room full of idiots and power-mad psychopaths. No big deal lah, even though the world press makes a "big deal".

"Controversial speech" my fucking hairy balls lah. Israel is a nuclear power, but apparently it won't "tolerate" a nuclear Iran.

Fuck off lah. Go home and eat your kosher bacon lah, you reactionary fool.

P.S. I am an Israel supporter. But this clown has just let his cuntree down.

Anonymous said...

What cock you talking? This guy is the PM of Israel and also the de facto President of the USA.

Anonymous said...

recently, after years of backroom work, he's become the de facto PM of canada.
soon will be de facto PM of australia
next will be uk.
just like umno president. once you're head of umno you are head of bn and hence pm.

b said...

That president that goes around shaking hands, on air force one is a smokescreen lah. The real one sitting behind no need to beg for money for election, has terms as long as him wants, no need to worry about voters wellbeing etc.