Ministers salary, 3 year no increase, so ‘charm’

It was reported in the main media today that the ministers did not have any pay rise for the last three years. And their salaries are falling behind the benchmark in the approved formula. And in another report it said the average household income has gone up by 38%! Goodness, we are shortchanging the pay for the ministers and politicians. How can we do that? 3 years no increase, cannot be like that mah. And the ministers and politicians are suffering quietly, dare not make a noise or ask for an increase, probably tightening their belts.

I think the committee in charge of ministerial salary must convene and recommend an adjustment upwards. We have to be fair and kind to the ministers or else they will quit and join the private sector that would pay them more. Then we will lose the service of these super talents and the economy would go bust, the country will be in deep trouble, our wives and daughters will become maids.

How about a 10% increment to make up for the 3 years of no increase? Let’s see, the entry level for minister at MR4 says the salary should be $1.2m. Now the minister’s salary is only $1.1m, a shortfall of $100,000. I think a 10% increase will be just nice, ‘gum gum ho’. What do you think? Since the ministers are so ‘pai seh’ to ask for a raise, the people must not keep quiet and look the other way right?

Or the opposition MPs should put up a paper for this. Won’t that be nice. Oops, cannot. Then they will also be accused of being greedy, looking after their own paychecks. I think the best people should be the NMPs. I think they are not only neutral but also very clear thinking. Yes, that’s it, get the NMPs to propose a motion to raise ministers’ salary. Get the new NMPs to say it. They are full of fire and novel ideas, to think out of the box.

A 10% increment of $1.1m is about $110,000. Enough or not? How many people earn that much in a year? The median household income according to the media is about $70,000. Household income you know! How many percent of the population earns less than $110,000 annually, as a household? 80%?

So? To give the ministers a $110,000 increment should be fair right? Don’t say I did not say, we need to pay the ministers a decent salary for our own good. I know some of you would say, wah, increment already $110,000 and 80% of the people’s household income is less than that. Would it be too much or not? Come on, nothing is too much when you are getting good value for money. The ministers and politicians are worth every cent paid to them. What is another $110,000?

Just because they never complain does not mean they are not unhappy. They are just being nice, honourable and reasonable people. If they are forced to ask for a raise then you people will say they are greedy. Let’s do the right thing and petition the Ministers’ Salary Review Committee to do the necessary.

What do you think?

PS: I think the IBs will clap and say Redbean now very reasonable. Sure support one. And the non IBs will say Redbean ‘kee seow’. Life as a blogger also very ‘charm’, say left got whacked, say right also kena whacked. Got hardship allowance for bloggers or not? Come to think of it, 10 years as a blogger also got no raise.

Now kopi also no have. Launch book also not enough takers. So far only about 50 copies ordered and I need at least 200 copies to get it off the ground. ‘Jiat lat’ man.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed.
You are absolutely correct when you say that the salary of the MPs must keep parallel with the top 1000 high earners of the country. If their salaries fall behind you might not get the same high performance you have been having all these years. Whatever happens the standard of governance of Singapore must not deteriorate. So far Singaporeans have been enjoying the high performance of the government and to continue to get this high standard the salaries of the cabinet MUST NOT fall behind. High performance deserves high reward.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, theoretically sounds logical. But must beware of diminishing returns and paying high salaries for duds and non performers, bootlickers and you know what.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, charm (terok) or charm (beautiful) 3 years no increment for these billionaires ministers and millionaires MPS???

Mr Toothpick Lim Sia sway, help help.

Please come with your drawing board and find a perfect formula.

Just to increase 50 bucks for the lower income workers need to take three months with drawing of many zeros.

Now have to have more zeros in computing the charm ministers increment.

Do they really need the increments??

Anyway, ok lah. Just another year or so before the taps run dry for them

agongkia said...

Now you know our ministers are so kind hor.
l have reason to believe that many even wanted a lower pay or won't mind a deduction in salary.
However lower salary mean lower dignity and status and may be seen as kuchinkurap when they meet up with those towkays of other countries. Sinkies with low pay leaders got no face and no chance to howlian oversea .
Many genuinely want to serve not because of high salary. They bopian have to draw such salary as given.
I am not surprise many may even contribute their salary for charity secretly.

Cannot suka suka go for mistresses or go places of doubtful repute. Always kena arrow over trivial
matters in social media. You think their job so easy meh.
An increase In their salary is justifiable.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually hor, ministers can kar kar (not scared) give themselves 10 or even 20% increase in their salaries lah.

Because as long as the Sinkie opposition is still not ready to be govt despite the minister pay increase, majority (aka 60%) will "bo kar" (dare not) vote the PAP out.

Because it had happened in GE 2011 under a worse PAP than now so why should the next GE be any different, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I think by not giving the ministers any pay increase, PAP will get more votes in next GE than the 60% they got in 2011.

And I believe this will be the strategy of PM in waiting and PAP master strategist Kee Chiu.

Maybe another strategy is perhaps to "pull the plug" at the right time for some sympathy votes.

That's why I think Sinkie opposition will be as hopeless as in 2011.

Anonymous said...

With this kind of pay, so many oredy 'parh si beh chow' still want to increase some more.

American presidents wait another 10 years also would not get this kind of pay.

Anonymous said...

"... the salary of the MPs must keep parallel with the top 1000 high earners of the country. If their salaries fall behind you might not get the same high performance you have been having all these years."
March 12, 2015 9:06 am

What about our NS boys.
If you don't pay them a high salary, they will not defend Singapore if we get invaded?
And maybe the low salary may also encourage corruption.

Anonymous said...

I m not from the IB.

RB is correct! It will be good
for the Opps to put up a paper
for increasing the ministerial

Our ministers deserved the raise!
They do excellent works!

The raise should not be lower
than 28% for the 3 years.

We must do our best to keep them.


Anonymous said...

Normally if an employee do not get any salary increment for 3 years they will usually leave and seek greener pastures elsewhere. But they dont, why. Is it because other companies cannot afford to pay them at their current level. Or because they will drop to the below 1000 top earners less 80%. What do you think.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

For the last few years, I have supported the idea of sky-high ministerial salaries---but not for the reasons of "pity the poor suffering ministers" as you suggest.

I support super-duper big money for super-scale super-talents because IMO it is wise to keep gangsters happy---i.e. you need to pay lavish "protection money" if you want a reasonably peaceful life.

There are very few things worse than an angry gangster who is pissed because he is not making enough loot. In organised crime, the more you make, the more respect you garner.

You also inspire young people to consider a life of LEGALISED crime in your organisation---especially once they realise that they can have absolute power and Big Bux for simply being a Big Time Gangster and relieving disarmed and frightened people of their private property for any reason.

It's like a marriage: Happy Gangster, Happy Life.

Anonymous said...

In private sector, if boss don't increase your pay for 3 years;
You are probably next in line to be sacked.

Matilah_Singapura said...


In private sector, you make mistake and company lose money, you are fired and perhaps sued. If the loss is great, the company goes bankrupt.

In govt, you make mistake and lose money, you get promoted or transferred. The whistleblower gets sued. If the loss is great, the taxpayer is forced to bail it out. The govt. stays in business, and probably grows larger.

Anonymous said...

RB, tell the ministers to use their heads lah. Just bring down the prices of properties, then no pay increase never mind.

Last time one year buy one property, if prices fall, one year can buy 2. Get richer without pay increase.

Got see or not?

Anonymous said...

Some simple observations in past 15 years:
1. Much more gov't expenditure on facilities/environment maintenance plus cheaper foreign labourers.....but somehow LONGKANGS more dirty, more dirt and take more days to clear. BIG FAT GOVT...where did the money go? Ex-mp & current mp doing businesses with "Old contacts"?
2. New, big, numerous Govt, Stat boards & GLCs buildings everywhere. BIG FAT GOVT....spending money like spraying water...nice comfort in IVORY TOWERS.
3. Minsters can buy discounted units from developers, children ride white horses....take full overseas scholarship......Bay Pai Sey...BIG FAT not TRANSPARENT TOTAL PAY from BIG FAT GOVT.
4. Cockups....close 2 eyes....MAS selamat....WKS..ok, no problem, SMRT ex-CEO & Board...close 2 eyes..ok...no crawl back on huge bonuses....BIG FAT GOVT...become very soft on appt holders.
5. Smoke & screen continue.....How much is FOREIGN RESERVES...don't know?....BIG FAT GOVT.....act blur.
6. Their no.1 Top Trader Ho Jinx still trading....BUY HIGH, SELL LOW....most qualified in the land...according to Dhana...Choi See Lang.
7. How much is Malboro family assets....gained from office terms time?.....NO Picture....BIG FAT GOVT.... personal wealth created during office thru POLICIES knowledge front-run?.

jjgg said...

How much do you need to be paid to say YES

Anonymous said...

How we treat our defenceless and helpless citizens is a measure of the greatness of our PAP Millionaires.
Do you think PAP Millionaires are capable of providing this for our Special Needs children?



patriot said...

'Really charm' Man, 3 years leh!

Thought they can increase their own pays as they like?
No meh?

Who dares stop them from increasing their own pays.

I say pay yourself as much as Yew Want lah. Who cares!

Important thing is that You do a proper job and keep your integrity. Money not an issue with Sinkies lah.


jjgg said...

Suddenly TCH need to Kpkb to Singaporeans about money? So strange..aren't they the ones living in make believe world of being amongst the best of the bestest n allowed to do anything they f....king like? Or has it dawned on them that the peasants know the size of the loot n want to share share...Election Coming!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. If not because of you, I would never have found out that our Ministers have gone about their days without a pay raise for the last 3 years. IMO that is a big fat NO. Sibeh koh lian. How did this country come to that? It beats me. We have to find a total solution to this big problem and I truly believe this to be the only problem facing this country.
There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Anonymous said...

When you listen to the bizarre talks by the ministers recently, you can be forgiven to think that their minds have gone on vacation.

Maybe something cancerous affecting their brains.

Anonymous said...

Not enough cash for kopi?
Why not scheme a pyramid.

Anonymous said...

Like yew know who?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Really 'koh lian tai'. Money no enough for the ministers. Shall we pass the hat around?

Sinkies are ill treating their ministers, under paying them for their great sacrifices even NS men pale in comparison.

Anyone knows what is their net worth? Must be at the bottom of the heap, out of range for consideration.

Anonymous said...

What yew don't know is more frightening than what yew know.

Think about those being paid quietly and not saying a word.

Think of what is being paid and yew don't know.

Anonymous said...

In Sin, a minister's lifestyle will be affected if his income is less than $1m. He would even refused to serve as a minister. The sacrifice is just too big to be taken lightly.

Obama and Abe who are earning less than a quarter of our minister's salaries must be living in hard times. How could they live respectfully with such a miserable pay?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 514:

>> How could they live respectfully with such a miserable pay?

They can't. That is why their cuntrees are going down the shit-sewer, and ours is rising like a shining star in human history.

Singapore #1!