Jokowi got fixed by Japan

In his official trip to Asia’s two biggest economic power, Japan was his stop to be followed by China to end his trip. In his first day in Japan, the Japanese paper flashed his remark that China’s claim in the South China Sea based on the 9 dashes has no legal basis in international law. This put him in an awkward situation when he next visits China to meet its leaders. Jokowi is now seen as taking the side of Japan and opposing China’s claim.

Jokowi has come to clarify his position today, claiming that Indonesia is a neutral party and would not take sides. His comment was only referring to the 9 dashes but not China’s claim as a whole. China has been diplomatically quiet about his comment and not wanting to say things in view of his scheduled official visit. The issue would definitely be top of the agenda when he is in Beijing.

The purpose of Jokowi’s visits to the two countries is to seek more economic cooperation and participation of the two countries in Indonesia’s big economic plan. The funding and know how of the two countries are greatly sought after by Indonesia. Did Japan corner him to make his anti China comment in return for Japanese investment in Indonesia? And how would this affect China’s position and how much would China put in eventually towards the infrastructure development of Indonesia would be telling.

Jokowi would have a tough time explaining his position that the Japanese have deliberately flashed in their media. He would still be warmly received in Beijing as Indonesia is still a very important partner to China in the region. There could or may not be any impact with respect to how much China would be willing to invest in Indonesia and if the assessment is a not too friendly Indonesia, there would definitely be a toning down on the final bundle.

How much would Jokowi get from Japan and China would be interesting to watch. Let’s hope Japan would not make another announcement that Indonesia has signed a defence pact with Japan. That would seal the fate with China and scuttle a lot of projects in the pipeline…and a wasted trip.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Jokowi should not waste time with those two fighting idiot cuntrees and just come crawling to Singapore, prostrate himself to Temasek or the GIC, ask for money and begin to suck some dick like a desperate crack-whore.

How he's entangled himself in a fight which is very difficult not to take sides in. He should have stayed away and cum to us. He will have to choose a side---if not now, then eventually.

Singapore is THE BIGGEST foreign investor in Indonesia.

Fuck you bitchez, we ownz yur ass, and your assets! Joko, suck our dicks and we'll bukkake you with the money. ;-)

Virgo 49 said...

Indonesians famous for wayang kulit.

He will shadow play not only both sides but ALL sides including Australia.

See they post phoned thd executions of the two refugees Australians.

Now see how.much they offer! We are famous for one for you and balance all for me.

Singapore can helped them all they want but you helping a smiling tiger. Once hungry again, they will still swallow you.

Anonymous said...

Japan has launch another warship !!! South East Asia will be safer!!!

Anonymous said...

LoL, Japan is but a lackey of US. Sinkies also don't talk so big lah, your gov't may not be a lackey to US but it also don't dare to talk big with US! You waste ton on money buying war equipment from US, aren't you !?

Anonymous said...

Even if WP or some opposition parties 'miraculously' win against PAP in the future, I have great doubt that they will dare defying US and say NO to buying so much war equipment from US. There are also a lot of Sinkies still blindly thinking that US is a real democracy.

Anonymous said...

If US is a real democracy, then Superman really exist!!!!

Anonymous said...

do you know that JAPAN is the main culprit for SINO RUSSIAN border war?

In 1964 Mao told a delegation of Japanese socialists:

"There are too many places occupied by the Soviet Union.

About 100 years ago, the area to the east of Lake Baikal became Russian territory and since then Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and other areas have become Soviet territory.

We have not yet presented our account for this list."

japan leaked such word to Soviet Union leader.

Soviet Union leader become furious and cancelled all negotiation and pre approved agreement.


patriot said...

China is Land of the Dragons.

Indonesia is Land of the Garudas(equivalent to the Phoenix).

China was never a (paper)tiger and so is Indonesia. They grow organically, no shortcut, quick fix and hot housing.

We shall see the Rise of the Garuda, It will soar soon.


b said...

If the west did not harm china using opium and arm the japs with weapons technology, china would not have suffered so much. The dragon was severely battered but that dragon is resilience and peace loving. Whether that garuda can fly will depend which ally she choose.

b said...

The phoenix (bald eagle) is the west. The bald eagle must learn to work with the dragon. It is no match for the dragon.