Depleting our reserves!

Many jokers are screaming about depleting our national reserves without knowing what cock they were talking about. Do they know how much is in our national reserves, how much is being used for whatever schemes to help the people and how much is being put into the reserves or how much is the reserves growing, and how much is enough? Or are the reserves at such a low level, being depleted by losses that it is in danger of being depleted? As an analogy, if our reserves are $1 trillion, and growing by $20b annually, what is the fuzz if the Govt is taking out $15b to throw at the people? If what is being taken out is less than being put in, how can it be depleting?

There are many simple questions that needed to be asked about our reserves. How much is there? Is it growing or depleting? How much is enough? What should the excess be use for? Does anyone know anything about our reserves? Does any joker in Parliament know how much is in our reserves before crying father and crying mother about a few billion being spent? Are they really concern about the big money that belongs to the state and people when they are contented with grappling at this huge grey shadow called reserves but not knowing what exactly it is? President Ong Teng Cheong asked about it, to know how much was there, and only then could he or anyone be making sense in what they are talking about. Tiok boh?

Would the Govt of the day make a policy statement on our reserves, how much it is, what is the rate of growth, presuming that it is growing and it should be if the two SWFs and MAS are investing wisely and making profits instead of losses. Would the Govt take a position as to what percentage at what level should be used for the benefits of the people? It doesn’t make sense to have an unlimited number and to keep on accumulating the reserves for the sake of growing the reserves and not benefiting the people?

And before another joker scream in fear, until face white white, that our reserves are being depleted please make sure you know what you are talking about. If the amount to be spent is less than the amount being used, it cannot deplete the reserves. If the fund managers of our reserves are making positive contributions with profits from their investments, and with more injections of new funds, the reserves will not be used up by a controlled and limited expenditure for the good of the people.

How much is our reserves? Do you know? Don’t be a clown crying wolf whenever someone suggests using some of the reserves or sharing some of the profits from the reserves. It may be time that we grow the reserves at a slower pace with a greater portion of the profits being used to better the life of the people, to let the people enjoy a bit of the combined wealth of the nation.

What is wrong with that? You only start to deplete the reserves when you are spending more than you are putting into it? Is the Govt spending more and putting less into the reserves?


Anonymous said...

"Is the Govt spending more and putting less into the reserves?" -- RB

You didn't read the newspaper? Maybe yes, but didn't read the fine prints.

Gahment already say it will incur budget deficit of how many billion dollars to support you and all these old people. This year spending more than this year earnings. So how to finance this ? Gahment take a bit of money which supposedly keep for your grandchildren to give it to you and your old friends, Silver support scheme. Will the reserves finish ? Surely it will if the money doesn't come in and every year give out more and more to more complaining old people. Next year got some more. Complaints is non stop one, so the more you complain, the more money take from your grandchildren to give it to you and me. Isn't that nice ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If that is true, if what Tharman said is true, it is good only for 10 years. What did he mean by that, all finish in 10 years?

Can the govt come clean, tell us how much is there, how much is being spend, how much is being drawn down and does it mean if the draw down at this rate, after 10 years, reserves become kosong?

Matilah_Singapura said...

When the reserves fall---if they ever do---all that needs to be done is tax the sheeple some more.

Easy-peasy. Worry for what? Got benign dictatorship---all things are possible

Anonymous said...

Depleting our reserves?
Prove it.
Let's open the accounts and show proof.

Anonymous said...

All these jokers talking about 'depleting our reserves".
- has anybody seen any proof that these reserves exist in the first place?
- President Ong Teng Cheong asked
- President Ong, the titular head of our country asked
- and he was given the derisory answer of 56 man-years

So do you think our reserves really exist?

Anonymous said...

PAP Government can track every single soldier.
But cannot track every single dollar of our reserves!!???
True or not?


Anonymous said...

You see lah.
PAP government can track every Singapore soldier via satellite.
Our enemies hack into our IT system ... now our enemies can also track every Singapore soldier.

Come. I clap for you.
Very smart.
One million dollar salary for you.

Anonymous said...

"all finish in 10 years?" - RB

Who knows? Maybe sooner if the oldies complain some more and need increasing support every year and no new population come in for the gahment to suck. So in a way, grandpa is taking money from the grandchildren to give it to himself and other old uncles who are grandpa's online friends.

"...after 10 years, reserves become kosong? " -- RB

You will know our reserves is becoming kosong when speculators attack our currency like nobody business and gahment cannot do anything. Now, still ok. Tell you for what? Tell you, you also don't know. They put wrong decimal place you also dunno. Cant do simple arithmetic.

patriot said...

Walau eh, sounds really serious leh.

Some people say no worry, Sin Dolkars very powderful and SIA, Changi Airport, the Seaport, HDB are all solid assets leh. SGX oso, DBS too.

Why worry so much, Matilah Singapura is waiting for property to slump so he can grab them like peanuts.


Anonymous said...

IF it takes 56 man years to check GIC reserves....then maybe its above US$1 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Exactly RB, your friends all say never mind. Singapore got a lot of money cannot spend finish lah. Don't worry, tomorrow tiao beh pio, huat ah !!

b said...

Just multiply the number of housing with their values and one will be able to guess how much the reserves "at least" will be.

Anonymous said...

True or not?
Singapore's real reserves are the Singaporeans.
And Singaporeans have been raided for the last 50 years.
Where does the money for million dollar salary for PAP Millionaires come from?

Anonymous said...

Life long learning.
Heng Swee Keat.
Do you think Mdm Ho Jinx is undergoing life long learning in investment skills?

Anonymous said...

Still learning. There are people that know everything and no need to learn anymore and you know who.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@patriot 323:

>> Why worry so much, Matilah Singapura is waiting for property to slump so he can grab them like peanuts.

Wah, slow down tiger, dun say until lidat lah. I'm a very small player, a humble beach bum.

I may pick up one piece, maybe a second or third if I can involve my siblings' monies---depending on whether my "greed" is stronger than my contempt for the religiously-infected in-laws, whom I'm connected to by my sibling's marriages. I do so hate mixing money with "family" I neither trust nor like.

Global property inventories are growing---there is a lot of stuff which is failing to sell. I went to JB a month ago. There are developers there virtually GIVING AWAY stuff---you can take over new condos for small down payment plus they arrange financing for you. to me this is DANGER SIGN. But since there are suckers born every minute, some hapless Singaporeans will no doubt be buying.

The crash I'm really waiting for is the one I think will come to Australia. The AUD is falling, but IMO it is still over-valued. As you can see the Govt Debt to GDP is increasing. Also the PRIVATE DEBT is hovering around 90% of GDP.

Aussies love the good life and they are prepared to owe the rest of the world. The mentality is sama-sama with the entitled Malay elites affiliated with UMNO in Malaysia. All like to stylo-milo, borrow money, don't know whether can pay back or not.

To me? I like it :-)

Anonymous said...

The more you try to hide the truth, the more people will distrust you.
The more you try to explain without revealing actual facts & figures, end result is the same.
Trust must be earned. Forcing trust equates equal resistance. Lost trust cannot be easily found. Once lost, can be forever.