Chuan Jin planning your retirement with your money

Chuan Jin has come up with a comprehensive plan or several plans for the retirees or impending retirees on how to retire and how much they would need. And your retirement plans and needs would be presented to you by the girl sitting across the table at the CPF, or is it at MOM? She would know exactly your retirement needs that you did not know after spending more than 50 years of your life living and working.

The girl across the table would know of your family background, your savings all over the place, including those under your bed, your children and probably even the number of mistresses you have and the number of children by them. How nice. She must have kept a good track record of your life or is it the CPF?

How many PMEs did not know how to plan their retirement and how much money they need and require the expertise of the girl over the counter who met them for the first time in their life? If the girl knows, how come the PMEs did not know?

Actually not like that lah. The girl only knows how much you have in the CPF and how much you can take out and how many options available to you. Initially I thought how come got so clever girl that can help everyone with their retirement plans. With the high level of education of the younger generations, not the lost generations of illiterates, many would be better educated than the girl across the table or know much more than what she knows about retirement needs. No?

Can I plan my own retirement with my own money? Do I need someone else to plan my retirement with my money? Can I have all my money back? Oops, at 55 or 65, the mental faculty is not so good and the thinking also not so clear. Now, is it my money or not my money? Only young girls with a clear mind would know. The oldies and CPF members would not know.

Maybe I should ask Chuan Jin. He must know.

Did anyone ask Chuan Jin to plan their retirement with their money? Did anyone elect a govt to plan their retirement with their money? I know I did not and would not.


Anonymous said...

I think the PAP Millionaires should focus on doing things like creating good jobs for Singaporeans and making the MRT trains work.
And please keep their sticky fingers away from our CPF money.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> is it my money or not my money?

Wah, you still no satisfy. The answer is clear. CPF is a TAX.

>> Did anyone elect a govt to plan their retirement with their money?

No, they elected the govt they deserved ;-)

>> I know I did not and would not.

Doesn't matter---you will still get the govt. you deserve.

Got natural law?

Anonymous said...

Chuan Jin has come up with a comprehensive plan or several plans for the retirees or impending retirees on how to retire and how much they would need.

Why u begrudge Chuan Jin for doing that? That is the privilege for being a winner in an election what. And it is only fair that winners, just as membership, have their privileges, tio bo? And the above is just one of the many privileges accorded for being a member of a winning party. In Sinkie elections, winner takes almost all, about 93%.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Why u begrudge Chuan Jin for doing that?

Redbean like to satirize.

BTW, I think BG Tan's example of a young grad earning $2200 pm, buying a BTO HDB and collecting at 65 with 60-70% of last pay per month is a great example---even though he's neglected inflation.

In Australia the average weekly earnings is over AUD1400---around 6-7k in Sing dollars. Yet most people are in debt. Perhaps BG Tan could give some advice to these over-paid, over-valued financial disasters?

Anonymous said...

When Temasek and GIC can give Singaporeans full transparency and accountability of their ability to manage money;
Then maybe I will believe PAP Millionaires are qualified to help me with my money for retirement.

By the way, Chuan Jin got any training certificate or qualification that proves that he has been trained to give retirement advice?

Anonymous said...

Don't play play.

It is not so easy lah.

When you discuss about CPF with
others, you have to be very very
careful because the meaning of
CPF can be very different to
different people.

There are many many different
needs, therefore many many many

Anyway, the can of worms had

We shall see!


Anonymous said...

Today is Mr Chiam See Tong's 80th birthday.....

Wish him BEST OF HEALTH and all the best......


Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have such a caring government. They are not the least concern about creating jobs for the locals (I mean true blue locals) but worry how we spend our money after retirement. They take the trouble to pay out small amount of money each month after 65 until you kick the bucket. Not easy you know. How to find such caring government? You tell me.

patriot said...


Ex-army General now in command of oldies.

Die lah, damned jialat liao.


Anonymous said...

Why you should learn to use your brains and not believe all the experts:

‘Out of control’ famous economist was filmed smoking crack and allegedly assaulted a prostitute"


Anonymous said...

Does Chuan Jin have the necessary qualifications to give financial planning advice on retirement?
I thot you needed to be a Certified Financial Planner registered with MAS before you can give out finanical planning advice.

Anonymous said...

When you become a politician in a ruling party in Sin, you become a knows all. And this is real, no bluff, as they will be paid salaries that befit a knows all.

No need any special training or qualification. Just be a politician in the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

There are so many generals in the Singapore cabinets and government-linked companies that I wonder they still respect ranks. For example can Transport Minister holding 2 stars scold Desmond Quek, a 3 star general for the frequent MRT breakdown? Or Desmond Quek scolding PM who is only a 1 star general?

It would be fun to know how they treat each others in the commercial world. What do you think RB?

Very Angry Senior Citizen said...

Mr Tan Chuan Jin,

Will you kindly go and solve the urgent Manpower Problems, especially those being faced by local born PMETs, due to the influx of foreigners robbing away their jobs, instead of trying to join the bandwagon in putting your fingers into our blood-and-sweat hard-earned life-long CPF Savings?

For years, not even a single MP from the PAP had bothered to talk about our CPF Savings. Now that Roy Ngerng has brought it up and got sued successfully by the PM, it is the PM's responsibility to ANSWER TO THE PUBLIC.

It is not your responsibility nor in your interest to do so. You simply do not have the full picture as the PM. If anyone of you try to put your fingers into it, it only becomes murkier and dirty.

And don't try to score a political point with the Voting Population. It will only give us an impression that you guys are simply putting up a wayang show.

Please just give us back our blood-and-sweat hard-earned life-long CPF Savings when we reach 55 years old, as promised and instituted before?

It is a case of Breach of Public Trust if we do not get back our CPF money in full at the age of 55, as instituted and practised by the two previous Prime Ministers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Very Angry Senior Citizen,

Welcome to the blog. I can understand your anger. Every PME that lost his/her job would be equally angry.

As for CPF, they, I would not use the term govt, it is a few of them who decided against our CPF money, must return the money to us at 55. Period.

They can offer all the schemes, higher interest rate etc, for us to choose on a voluntary basis. If good, to our favour, we will accept. Not good to us, we will reject.

It is our money, not their money. We decide what is best for us.

patriot said...

The CPF could possibly causes some Sinkies to eat 'ang tau png'(prison rice) in a big Resort. An integrated one with industrial trainings in carpentry, food preparation, bakery, laundry, landscape, O and A levels, maybe even Tertiary Education.

CPF will drive Sinkies mad and haunt them for a long time to come when they grow old.


Anonymous said...

Government is most qualified to as a financial planner for your Golden years. After losing $ in Suzhou, Biotech hub, Citigroup to name a few, who can doubt their collective experience in investing. Remember, more you lose, faster you get promoted.

A Family of CPF Contributors said...

The previous two Prime Ministers, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong, had honoured the Government's promise and did not dare to refuse to return the CPF Savings to their rightful owners when they reached the age of 55.

I wonder why the Present Prime Minister has the guts and audacity to refuse to follow the precedence set by the Previous Two Prime Ministers?

Why must he decide to go against the wish of the Two Previous PAP Governments, and also against the wish of all the present and future Singapore Citizens?

What is the underlying reason/rationale that has motivated him to do so?

I think it must be something only he himself knows, but dared not make public.

Is he trying to tell us that the CPF Board's Vault is empty or has insufficient funds for the return of the money to their rightful owners in real time?

If the CPF Board's Vault is empty or has not enough funds to cover all paybacks, why is it so?

Is it being over-stretched or over-committed in terms of medium and long-term investments? If so, why, who and what have caused it to reach this situation? Why was there no long-term provisions to ensure that this situation does not happened?

I am sure these are the doubts the CPF Contributors (both Citizens and PRs) would like to be clarified by the Present Prime Minister. He cannot simply try to avoid or brush aside their concerns by letting other Ministers, MPs or NMPs speak out on his behalf in drips and drapes and in piece-meals fashion, as and when they like, whether in or outside the Parliament.

It is of paramount importance that the Present Prime Minister himself comes out clean and clear with a proper statement to address the actual situation regarding our CPF Savings, without leaving any doubt whatsoever. All the tweaking, twisting and twinging will never assuage nor satisfy the rightful owners of the CPF Savings.

The sooner he does it, the better for him, for the PAP, for the Government, for the CPF Members and for Everybody else.

Any more delay or failure to do so would generate volumes of unhappiness, anger, hatred and distrust, which may lead to an outright or silent vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Present Prime Minister and his Administration.

Please don't ever play play with the People's MONEY!