A chapter closed, a new chapter begins

Singapore marks today as the end of an era dominated by the presence of LKY. Singapore will celebrate SG50 in honour of him in August. He left his mark and it is a deserving ending to a good time, to the golden years. What is left for Singapore is to wish that the next 50 years will be just as golden but not like the phrase ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

On the other side of the causeway there is also a new beginning. The Sultan of Johore will be crowned today and there will be a grand celebration in a different way. And a day prior to his coronation, the Sultan has invited our PM to visit him and have tea and decide on ways to go forward for the good of people from both sides of the causeway.
Singaporeans should be grateful that the Sultan of Johore is building new residential estates for Singaporeans to escape from the exorbitant prices of homes in the city state. Where on earth can you find a head of state from a neighbouring country doing just that? It is a very generous gesture that Singaporeans should take note of and reciprocate. Just hope the federal govt will not levy more taxes and impose more rules that make buying homes and living in Johore less attractive and not worth the trouble. Putting that aside, Singapore and Johore can build a symbiotic relationship for the benefits of both states and their people. Ya, win win for all.

There is a breath of fresh air in the new Sultan. He is pro development and pro good Singapore Johore relations. He can see how both sides can reap all the rewards in moving ahead together, with more cooperation instead of unproductive bickerings.

A new era has dawned on both sides of the causeway starting on 23 Mar 15 with promises of more golden years if both sides are positive, say and do all the right things. The sun is shining bright after a long and wet downpour last night. Good signs for a fresh new start.


Anonymous said...

"Just hope the federal govt will not levy more taxes and impose more rules that make buying homes and living in Johore less attractive and not worth the trouble."


Everything comes with a price, including buying cheap and good homes and living in Johore.

Anonymous said...

The fed govt is very good at scuttling the initiatives of the state govt. They want their piece of cake as well and do not care how it would mess up the plans of the state govt.

There is an optimum point where the price and inconvenience will square off. If commuting thru the causeway daily is going to cost a bomb, and the jams, what is the point?

Virgo 49 said...

Also allowed more nursing homes for Singaporean old folks.

Aiya, ok lah, after all the current MND minister of singapore also ex Malaysian.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> Singapore and Johore can build a symbiotic relationship for the benefits of both states and their people.

What toking you? Already happening long long time lah. JB to me is a suburb next to Woodlands. The "border" is an arbitrary line drawn on a map---means nothing to me.

>> There is a breath of fresh air in the new Sultan.

Kepala butoh lah. Sultan's like MONEY.

>> He is pro development and pro good Singapore Johore relations.

Good relations with good Singaporeans rest on relieving the good Singaporeans of their good money, and keeping whatever family real estate which he still owns in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Who the fark is the Sultan talking about some people being jealous? You farking foul mouth nothing first thing in the morning comes here to let go your shit.

Bipolar hitting you again?

Come come Mati, do your best.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ non-exspurt 1028:

Please lah, you have no clue as to what bipolar means. You just throw out words as an insult, but they are not insulting words.

If you are serious about challenging my opinion, then argue my points. Otherwise, scoop the shit from my 6 decade old asshole and eat it for breakfast ;-)

Anonymous said...

Opinion? You called that opinion?

Anyone sees any opinion here?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you MS. This is my opinion.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ smelly 1104:

"Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."

From Dirty Harry, the Clint Eastwood movie, not the recently deceased SE Asian prime minister/ dictator. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the cranky old sultan didn't like his crown prince. they both hated each other on account of the sultanah, the new sultan's stepmom. the new sultan once said meeting his father was worse than meeting god.

the old sultan left all his private wealth to his grandson the present crown prince, including the billions of dollars worth of primeland - about 60 acres - at holland road behind the botanic gardens where istana tyersall used to stand. that's why the new sultan is busy making $$$.

one word of advice to sinkies who want to live in jb or malaysia. don't buy a house or condo in m'sia. you should just rent. rental for terrace house is just RM600, bungalow RM1000. m'sians love to rent out to sinkies because sinkies pay and they make the property nice nice. you can even bargain because you are a sinkie.

Matilah_Singapura said...


True, dat.

About a month ago on one of my jalan-jalan trips to JB, I ventured into KSL City and there was a property exhibition by developers. They were practically giving away the condos---almost BEGGING people (suckers) to take their over-supplied inventory off their hands.

Anyway Johor is growing, like it or not. No doubt there will be bumps and scrapes along the way. Some will lose their shirt. Others will prosper. Big China money is coming in to buy land, engage in joint ventures and develop---especially waterfront property, top-end luxury stuff.

See what happens. Rest assured, the House of Temenggong will prosper. Modern Singapore is 50 years old. The Johor Sultanate is nearly 500 years old.

patriot said...

One of the Vision of the Late Lee Kuan Yew, is a 'remerger' with Malaysia.
Me shares his vision.

Like Matilah Singapura says; the Man acts on his words.
I say the Man plans WAY AHEAD.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

No, I doubt Singapore will rejoin the federation. But one thing is clear, we will buy up more and more of their land and businesses :-) i.e. Singaporeans will "own" Malaysia, that is our way: Money talks. No Money , no talk. Off course there are many folks who are jealous of this ability of Singaporeans to buy stuff on the world market. Tough shit lah. Suck it up.

I seriously doubt there'll be a "freak" election result. There will be plenty of wayang before hand, maybe even a few riots, or at least "boisterous" rallies as a few agent provocateurs are going to make issue with the CPF thing...good luck to them. The PAP will probably win again, but they will not "clean sweep" parliament. They will lose seats.

Just a prediction OK? Nothing serious...no one can foretell the future in the realm of human choices, especially politics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The coincidence of two events clashing, one white and one red, means that the two families can visit each other to wish each other well in a time of bliss and in a time of grief.

Anonymous said...

the house of temenggong is actually from s'pore. that temenggong of singapore, abdul rahman, who negotiated with raffles over singapore, he is the great great great great grandfather of the present sultan of johor. temenggong abdul rahman ruled s'pore in the name of his cousin the powerless sultan of johor riau-lingga empire based in riau. the sultan was descended from the malacca sultans who fled south after losing to the dutch.

abdul rahman's grandson abu bakar was the last temenggong of singapore and he founded modern johor and became johor's first sultan after the brits took the entire island of s'pore. like matilah said he owned lots of land in singapore, including the bidadari cemetary land which his son, the second sultan bequeathed away. there was an istana bidadari there where he was born.

matilah, where you get your picture profiles? i like. your present one that girl is she just playing with milk or did she just make king kong come? not yet evening already make me horny. nowadays read old man's blog also can get horny. now i must call my mei mei to come over. it's good life in jb. RM150 for house calls.

Anonymous said...

Land matters belong to the State. The Federal Gov does not impose the tax or surcharge.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> matilah, where you get your picture profiles?

The best, but not well known search engine

>> she just make king kong come?

It's champagne. It's symbolic for the 7 day celebration ;-)

King kong is a gorilla, a very large one. However gorilla's have tiny penises -- around 30-50 mm erect. Therefore scientifically speaking, it is doubtful that the stuff in the pic is king kong cum.

I just had a thought: if gorilla dick is so small, could we make the reasonable assumption that female gorilla pussy is tight?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 547:

>> Land matters belong to the State.

Oh yes they do. And the sultans are apt to DEFEND their right to regulate, tax and personally own their inherited wealth of the entire territory under their sovereign personage.

You can look up Mahathir / Najib / federal govt. vs sultans. The Sultanate of Johor is particularly "hostile" to any federal attempts from Putrajaya to mess with Johor affairs. Especially when it comes to LAND.

Money, power, land. When you add all three together, you get a GREAT story! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh, it's champagne. i thought it was milk. i'm also celebrating lky's life. he had a good life. no point going on when you can't enjoy the good things in life. not nice of his family to prolong his 'life' when nature has said stop. 6 weeks i heard.
talking about land, have a look at the east coast of johor state. vast tracks of land from mersing in the north till the straits of s'pore empty. and beautiful pristine beaches too all the way down. all empty. traveling there is like traveling in old malaya. almost no development at all.
and thank you for that bit of natural history. though i'm at times randy, never had it in me to do it with a gorilla, no matter how tight one assumes her pussy to be. anyway in jb fresh loads of pussy arrive every tuesday. i always go and have a look.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> all empty. traveling there is like traveling in old malaya. almost no development at all.

Part of my young life was spent growing up in Seremban and KL-PJ. So I remember the "old malaya" quite well---when there were still elephants and tigers roaming wild, occasionally terrorising villages.

However, that has changed and more changes are afoot. China money is flowing in to develop Johor. In time, the area of mention will be developed. Hopefully the sultan is not too short-sighted and will be strict with how the developments are conducted so the pristine natural beauty becomes an enhanced feature, instead of bulldozing the place to oblivion. I think the House of Temenggong is aware that pristine natural beauty is a valuable and fragile, and if taken care, long-lived commodity.

The sultan comes from a linage of violent motherfuckers---people who won't hesitate to hantam you or shoot you if they get pissed off. So I'll be cheering if he slaps or punches some cunt developer who tries to sneak in building shopping malls and karoke bars on the beach, and fuck it up like Kuta in Bali, or the Gold Coast in Australia.

>> never had it in me to do it with a gorilla,

You never had anyone bet you enough money, and you've probably never been drunk or high enough to do foolish but epic things ;-) Some of my friends..well, let's just say they are "hardcore"---i.e.not everyones taste in "companionship". :-))