The mental box that confines the thinking of daft Sinkies

Over the last few decades followed by daily repetitive drumming, the people have becomeso used to the false premises and false truths used to barricade their minds that they are now literally prisoners of this imaginative box. And the joke, they kept telling themselves to think out of the box when the box is inside their heads. Think about it, how many barriers have been erected around the Sinkie mind that have become permanent attachments to prevent them from thinking freely though they think they are thinking freely?

What are the artificial walls that the Sinkies are living with but not knowing and not seeing them?

1. Only the PAP can rule the island successfully.
2. Only the PAP has the talents to rule the island. The oppositions have no talents.
3. You want growth you must have an ever increasing population.
4. Singaporeans are daft.
5. Foreigners, no matter how shitty, are better than Sinkie talents.
6. We are a rule by law country. Think about it again.
7. We are a meritocracy and everyone is where he is by his own merit.
8. We are a free economy, free trade, free immigration, in other words a prostitute den. And these are good and necessary.
9. PAP will rule this island forever or at least another 50 years.
10. Extraordinary salaries for politicians are good and would prevent corruption.
11. We are a democracy.
12. High income inequality is good.
13. The fear of political masters.
14. Money is the determining factor for success and for everything.
15. Everything has a price and can be bought. The more expensive the better.
16. We are a country but more like a hotel in reality.
17. Our country is everyone else country, like a public toilet.
18. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

I could go on with more walls. And these walls are there, inside the heads, and very effective in restraining the thoughts and activities of the citizens, controlling and moderating what they say or do, transcending all levels of society. All thinking processes and activities evolved behind these unseen walls. We are free in a deluded way. Our creativity and ingenuity are also restrained by these walls and you can see how creative or lack of it by our works and how we solve problems and their solutions.

Sinkies are in a way slaves behind these walls.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

"The Best Slave Is A Slave That Doesn't Know He's A Slave"

Anonymous said...

The ONLY opposition party worth their salt is WP. WP has no lack of talents, there are lawyers, former successful businessmen and even a good catch talent. They certainly can rule the island successfully, if only given the chance by the daft 60% of the population. The time is ripe too, they have the experience of arguing in Parliament and running a town council.

The estate is clean, rubbish gets cleared, lift upgrading in progress, with a hint of compassion as those who cant afford to pay service fees can don't pay. This is the hallmark of a caring party.

Look at the Town Council report card, that would be a scintillating reflection of what greatness Singapore could become if they are elected the ruling party !

Think out of the box folks, like what RB is beckoning ! You don't know what you are missing until you try it !

Anonymous said...

Only the PAP has the talents to rule the island. The oppositions have no talents.

Actually hor, just ask yourself. If the opposition have talents, then why are they not ready to be govt to replace the PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"WP has no lack of talents, there are lawyers, former successful businessmen and even a good catch talent. They certainly can rule the island successfully, ...."
Anon 8:58 am


Are you WP Teochew Ah Hia?

If not, what credentials do you have to make above statement, when even Ah Hia himself said WP is not ready to rule the island, let alone rule successfully?

lust for love said...

I look at Singapore for the past 2 decades or so, despite all the calls or propaganda, Singapore is nothing but a bubble economy.

Who did very well, in the past decade - property developers and people who flip properties - Singapore is nothing but a BIG BUBBLE ECONOMY, with lots of empty promises.

Personally, I feel our political system is broken. Even if PAP is kicked out in the end, it is still not enough.

Our political system doesn't have real checks and balances to curb abuse of power by politicians. Whoever inherit the system will eventually grow to be as tyrannical as PAP.

The root of the problem is our beloved mentor hates checks and balances, he wants absolute power. The problem is as humans, we're naturally selfish. Power corrupts, the more power it is, the more likely is people in power will abuse it at the expense of our country's interest.

This is nothing to do with east or west values. This doesn't mean because our east or Asian values, can make us immuned to abuse of power.

We need real serious structural political reforms. We need real separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judiciary branch of the government. We can't let the judiciary be used as a political tool to settle scores against opponents.

Until we have real political reforms, we will continue to be ruled by abusive politicians whether the group is PAP or non-PAP!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Che bah! Steady lah uncle. Redbean psycho-ANALyses 5+ million people, telling them their world view is wrong and that he's so lucid, he can identify everyone's fault.

Ok, given that Singapore isn't perfect, it is still AWESOME and rocks out as one of the top spots in the world.

The City States bangs lah. You can have a smokin great life, make money, pay less tax, and party in the spirit of Bacchanalia.

Eh Tambi, vat ju vant some more dah?

Got game face?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Che bah, eh bah. It is good that you can read and understand what I am writing. Most of the time you are either so drunk or so drugged that you don't even know that you are fart from the wrong hole.

Got game face? What is that? Another drugged comment?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah uncle, I give you face lah, I'm aware English is not your 1st language, so occasionally you fail to grasp its quirky nuances.

For example: Remember the time someone mentioned the phrase "your funeral" and you ran like a crying biatch to the cops screaming "death threats! death threats!" like a banshee on bad drugs. I remember, man, were you stoked! I thought to myself "Someone call an ambulance quickly! Uncle is having a fit!"

Actually not true lah. I was laughing my balls off due to your failure to grasp the subtleties of "creative writing". :-P

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When one is in a brutal game, you are read them the way it is like I read your nonsense as nonsense. So as far as someone is up to mischief, I will deal with him with mischief in mind. That may be difficult for you to understand. English may not be my first language but my English is not inferior to yours for sure.

BTW I will be writing another piece to piss you off and your gang tomorrow : )

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah Redbean, never did I imply that your English is inferior. In fact, you've proven my point: that you fail to grasp subtleties and allow your imagination to run to ridiculous places.

If you didn't write shit to titillate, I wouldn't be here. You write well, so bring it on! If you make me "steam" I'll tekan you betul betul. I'll give you a Sim Lim guarantee on that.

b said...

Every place where there are politicians made to rule the people, the walls that mentioned are there. Politicians are egoistic, greedy, unscrupulous, sly and selfish people. They are never ever there to help the poor people but to make the rich richer and the rest in debts.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and Rulers are the Most Daring Risk Takers, be they at anywhere in the World. They are ever ready to face any challenge mount by anyone.

In Sin, there is no difference, whether there are Alternative Parties, Activists and even Revoluntionaries, Radicals, the Rulers on take on any challenge from them.

As for death of individuals and nation, it could be sudden. As such, never rule out that You could wake up one morning to find Sin gasping for breath. However, the Leaders shall be on their ways out of Sib by then.

Anonymous said...

Thank you RB. Your points 1 to 18 are all true. The PAP government is the best there is and no other party can equal the PAP. Well done PAP. Long may you be in power. Losers are not welcome to stay. Emigrate to another country where you will find less competition. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Your best piece Redbean!

b said...

Whenever PAP was mentioned, I cannot help but think about Tin PL and it just cannot justify that this party is any good.