If PAP loses, Singapore will be in deep trouble?

This is what Hsien Loong said. If PAP loses in the next GE, Singapore will be in deep trouble. How could that be? Is Singapore a fragile 3rd world country run by tin pot dictator that once the dictator loses power the country would turn into a state of anarchy, everything collapses? What would happen to our top class civil service? What would happen to our armed forces? What would happen to our men in blue? All run away or all fighting to be the next dictator?

Come of it. We are 1st world remember? We are a rule by law country, with good systems and good civil servants and professional uniformed services to provide the continuity when a political party loses its power and a new party takes over. We are a 1st world democracy right? Or we are a fake democracy, a 3rd world country pretending to be 1st world and everything depending on a 3rd world dictator? Cannot be right?

The Philippines and Indonesia were less developed than us. What happened when Marcos fled? What happened when Suharto fell from power? Did both countries, still developing in status, fell into pieces, the end? No right? The countries continued as if nothing had happened. You mean Singapore is so fragile than the Philippines and Indonesia of yesteryears?

Wolf! wolf! Anyone indulging in crying wolf? Anyone wants to bet? I bet Singapore will continue to exist even if PAP is trounced in the next GE. It must be. How can Singapore collapse just because 80 people who claimed to be super talents lost an election? You mean the island does not have more than 80 people that are more talented, more capable, committed and dedicated to run this island? With my eyes closed I will say there are thousands of Singaporeans capable, or more capable, to run this island without the PAP, without the boys and girls.

30 years ago, the mantra was that a 5 rm point block flat had enough talents to run this island. Today we must have thousands of talented people that are capable to run this island. Why would Hsien Loong think otherwise? What did he know that we don’t know that Singapore will be in deep trouble? Honestly I can’t think of anything that would put Singapore in deep trouble if PAP lost the right to rule this island. Yes I admit I am naïve and do not know what is going on, what are the bigger scheme of things.

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Anonymous said...

For once Singkies face a real dilemma. Singapore will be in the shit if they vote PAP and will be in the shit if they don't. How lah, RB?

Anonymous said...

"You mean the island does not have more than 80 people that are more talented, more capable, committed and dedicated to run this island?"

There are of course talents lah, but it is easier and better for them to make lots of money than to join opposition to fight and replace PAP to run this island lah.

Or easier and better to use their talents to blog and maybe also for some kopi lah.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore will be in the shit if they vote PAP and will be in the shit if they don't.
Anon 10:58 am

Then it will be a choice between the lesser of 2 shits lah.

And 60% had decided there will be lesser shit if they vote PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ PAP's ridiculous claim:

>> If PAP loses, Singapore will be in deep trouble?

Of course not lah. A little post-election chaos, then back to normal.

If the PAP keeps on saying shit like this, they will lose. After awhile no one will take them seriously anymore.

Whatever happens however: The Sheeple and their Cuntree gets the government they DESERVE.

That, will never change.

Got Numbered Ballot?

Anonymous said...

Dun delay any further just call for the election now ! State -controlled media is just exploited by the pap to launch more and more attacks against the opposition. The print media platform is still monopolised by PAP even when Spore is already an independent State, the right to media freedom is still not returned 100% to the CITIZENS.

This is no different from communist regime like vietnam where the State uses its power to ensure strong alternative views are BANNED from being printed.

Virgo49 said...

Using the same ploy to con the voters.

Every constituency is for a General Election not By Election.

We are still the best, Opposition got no plans or visions for you.

So better vote us in. We knew many of you toying with the idea of having more Opposition MPs IN, but if everyone thinks the same we may be VOTED out unintentionally and there goes our Millionaires salaries.

So, must use reverse psychology saying Singapore in danger if Opposition are voted in.

Also, if Opposition became the ruling government, your many benefits actually your monies by your taxes also kaput.

For example, the Pioneer Generation Package and other benefits.

Also, those now enjoying passive incomes without the need to work like the renting of your flats to foreigners might not enjoy anymore if the rules are rescinded by the Opposition ruling parties.

As for the hawkers, retailers who are having a boom time now selling out their wares before noon and go back and sleep to the millions of foreign workers, there might be dim sales if the Opposition Government started to deport and cancel their employment passes and permits.

So so many given benefits by us the PAP to you daft sinkies.

So think wisely and vote wisely. Singapore in deep shits if your ungrateful people vote the Opposition In to be the Ruling Government.

Sinkies, been sinkies only cared for their own skins and immediate familes would not want the good things to evaporate before their eyes.

So, in the end, they still marked the Lightning over the Blue Circle on their ballot slips.

There you have it, the PAP knew that they would never lose the General Elections.

Maybe lose one to two GRC or SMC to the Oppostion.

Anonymous said...

they are giving themselves an indefinite period of unofficial political campaigning in the mainstream media as the attacks against the opposition party intensify. pap has been doing the attackings in the mass media while the opposition can only can reach out to the masses during the official campaigning and rally.

Anonymous said...

Can the opposition party writes a scathing article on the pap and have it printed in the newspaper here in Singapore? NO.

Is this fair play?

Anonymous said...

If PAP loses, will the Lee political dynasty be in trouble?

Anonymous said...

I think if we vote PAP, for sure Singaporeans will lose out.
If we vote Opposition, at least there is a chance we can improve our lives.
Half a chance under an Opposition party is better than no chance under a PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Can the opposition party writes a scathing article on the pap and have it printed in the newspaper here in Singapore? NO.
Anon 1:12 pm

Why need to print in newspaper?

As if Sinkies don't know what PAP and opposition are what up to.

So post on internet good enough already. Now there are lots of internet savvy Sinkies, u know. And of course also talented bloggers like RB who will even think and analyse, in return for just some kopi only, for those brain washed or brain dead Sinkies who can't lah.

Anonymous said...

If PAP loses, will the Lee political dynasty be in trouble?
Anon 1:27 pm

No lah, if a ka ki lang opposition party wins and take over as govt. Anyway also no more dynasty lah, since he already said his children not interested what.

But if Aung Juan Soon Chee party wins, may be lah. But must first ask Aung Juan Soon Chee if his party is ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

If WP wins, Singapore will become like Aljunied GRC lor, but on a bigger scale.

Rubbish gets cleared, life goes on, people who wants to pay income tax can pay, those who don't want pay income tax can don't pay. Sama sama for Corporations, happy, pay, not happy don't pay.

Eventually country go into deficit, then blame other country lor, or blame PAP.

Huat AH !!!!
Huat AH !!!
Yam Seng !!

Anonymous said...

Stop conflating PAP with Singapore.
If PAP loses, then PAP will be in deep trouble lor.
Nothing more, nothing less.
No need to make a mountain (Singapore in deep trouble) out of a molehill (PAP loses).

If PAP loses.
The sun will still rise in the east.
The birds will still sing.
Tony Jiak Liao Bee will still be President.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, rule of law, not rule by law.

Japan has a gov that can run by itself whether the PM changes or not.

Our perm secs and below can run on their own. They have the IMs to follow.
[Instructional Manuals]

b said...

Sg is already in trouble lah. Public housing price so high, wages so low, locals can only work as taxi drivers, cleaners, no manfufacturing base, no retirement, work till u drop, younger generation all wanna migrate, no reliable transport, ponding now and then, water is not fresh, medical is expensive etc etc.

Anonymous said...


Perm Secs and high flyers won't starve. Most can go overseas, many corporations want to employ them.

Anonymous said...

If PAP MP Baey Yam Keng falls ill, Singapore will be in deep trouble.


This is deadly serious (sarcasm intended).

Anonymous said...

b said tio also.

Vote for WP.

Public housing crash, wages shoot up, locals work earn high salary no hard work, taxi drivers and cleaners employ FTs to do (can employ FTs or not ?), locals retire early, be landlord, younger gen all don't want to migrate, those migrated all wanna come back, MRT 100% reliable and got many empty seats, water fresh, hospital free (class A) and top notch.

Anonymous said...

We need to fight back.

Vote opposition!

Huat ah !

b said...

If sinkies are smart, they should seize the opportunity to attend protest events, express both vocally and physically their support for alternatives so the papists can give out more hongbaos and good stuff for the people. The more panic the papists are, the better for the people.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Singapore will be deep trouble because the public will finally discover all the fake figures and creative accounting of the public monies and reserves. You cannot handle the truth . Please vote for PAP to continue to live in delusion, lies and deception of the PartyAgainstPeople party.

Anonymous said...

We are becoming a minority in our own country. 2006 election Pap got too much power and they allowed a huge INFLUX of foreigners which overwhelmed our little nation. In 2011 fewer citizens voted for PAP, a drop OF 6% but the influx has not stopped either todate.

In fact we are already a minority in the workforce.

This wont do, we must vote to reverse the influx

Anonymous said...

The aftermath of their liberal immigration policy is a testimony of PAP mediocre governance. They are paid the highest in the world, in the millions of dollars per year.

Where is the performance to commensurate your kind of pay you are drawing from the State coffer?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. If ever there is a change of government in Singapore, there will not be any major upheavals. The civil services will continue to operate, the hospitals will run normally. The schools and university will continue to run as normal. The only uncertainty will be in the SGX. The banks will be very busy with many elites transferring funds overseas. Property market will fall and many FTs will elope with their cash. All in all, I think it will not be a bad thing. I can see one very good thing if that were to happen. Singapore will return to normality and the artificial bright gloss will be removed. Maybe it will act as a leveller. Just my 2 cent worth. However, I think this scenario is wishful thinking. The PAP WILL be the next government of Singapore, maybe with a smaller majority.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a big fear as raised by 5:24. Many are suspicious that something ugly would be exposed. If this turns out to be untrue, then there will be a bit of rebalancing and readjusting to the extravagance and boh cheng hu economy, and more pro Singaporean policies would be rolled out.

The fakes would have to run very fast as the axe will come down very swiftly.

Anonymous said...

There are many factions in Singapore today.

pro Singaporeans factions
pro PAP but anti-Lee factions
pro pap and pro Lee factions

When PAP loses a few more GRCs.
You will see the anti-Lee faction emerge from within the pro PAP camp.

Anonymous said...

If PAP loses, Singapore will be in deep trouble.

Examples of deep trouble:
1. MRT trains will suffer inexplicable breakdowns
2. A riot will break out
3. bus strikes will occur
4. Our sovereign funds will lose billions
5. We will unable to recapture a limping terrorist


Anonymous said...

Not a question of whether there is enough talent to run the country should the PAP lose (unlikely I still think). The real question is whether you can find truly dedicated individuals who are not self-serving and who see serving in government as a privilege that overshadows notions of financial gain. Who are prepared to put the interest of the nation before their own self-gain: i.e., modest salaries for themselves; better utilization of reserves to help those who have contributed immesurably to the growth of Singapore (what is savings and reserves for if not to be used in a `rainy day` occasion?); preferential jobs (all things being equal); genuinely affordable housing etc

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Anonymous said...

狼来了, run, run, run.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

狼来了, run, run, run, all you dumb shit Sheeple :-)

i.e. The Sheeple get the wolves they DESERVE.