Aljunied GRC - My recommendations to WP

I have read widely from the main media and social media and have come to the conclusion that the Aljunied GRC voters are like children, just about 12 to 14 years in mentality. And I think that was the reason why they voted for the WP in the last GE.  You see, children are playful and like to have fun, even risking their future, even defying the warning that they would have to repent for 5 years if they voted for the WP. And they really did.  Very rash indeed!

In a way this is the rebellious nature of children. You cannot blame them. The more you threaten them, the more ‘kuai lan’ they will become. So you tell them not to do it, they would purposely do it. This is very different from mature adults who would think very carefully before they make such an important decision like voting for their representatives to Parliament. Unfortunately Aljunied voters are all immature kids.

Assuming that the Aljunied residents are still like the last election, still like children, never grow up, I can think of two strategies for the WP to win the election. Treat them just like immature kids and understand how immature kids will behave. One strategy is to defy them or threaten them like the last election. But doing this will be more like committing hara kiri. If the WP were to threaten them that if they vote for the PAP the WP would not return to serve them anymore, than surely they would vote for the PAP. Got it? Never threaten kids, they will be in defiance. Have some respect for them even if they are kids. And don’t call them kids.

The other option is to treat them like children, unthinking children or immature kids. Then offer them a lot of ice cream and lollipops. Kids love ice cream and candies, cool stuff. If can afford to, buy them the latest iPhones. But this one can be seen as bribery. I still think free ice creams or lollipops, like free porridge or chicken rice can leow. These kinds of thing got precedence so no problem.  Like that sure to win their votes.

Be nice to them. Allow them to write graffiti on the walls of HDB flats by designating a few walls just for their spraying pleasure. Tell them it is better and safer than painting graffiti on trains or on top of HDB flats. That would be illegal.

See, the recommendations are so simple when you are dealing with immature kids. No need to think too hard. Oh, tell them it is hip and cool to vote WP. See the colour of WP, cool light blue. Little children like to be cool. Yes, that’s it, Be cool, Vote cool blue. Wow, nice slogan.

What do you think? Would the children of Aljunied bite?

PS: Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Anonymous said...

When I looked up your blog a minute ago, I saw yesterday's entries. Hey, what happened to RB? Gone awol? Now I am relieved to see you in action as usual. But what the heck got into you? Not the coffee, unless it is blue in colour. Or was it something else you ingested?

Anonymous said...

RB heard some wise men said Aljunied voters are children lah. Like that you also no no. Tsk, tsk.

You know, people always want to treat voters as daft or children mah.

Anonymous said...

You so very the smart.....

So talented.... wasted over here

Better join pa grassroots n serve the people
Surely awarded bbm, pbm in quick time

Ah pek ah soh machiks tangachi supports for your papigs masters snapshots

Anonymous said...

When the chicken rice owner was recently asked by a reporter - why do you think so many of your customers who used to eat in his shop had decided to walk down the road and try the NEW chicken rice shop down the road.

The owner insisted, they (the customers) were behaving like irrational and rebellious teenagers.

When asked further whether his previous customers were voting with wallets against his non existent customer service.....cardboard chicken lack of flavor and zero chicken in every plate of chicken rice served.

The owner continued to insist. Nope! There is absolutely nothing wrong with my chicken rice....the problem is with them (the customer) they just lack maturity, intelligence and the breadth of experience to fully appreciate my culinary delights.

Darkness 2014

The said...

/// dotseng said...
When the chicken rice owner was recently asked by a reporter - why do you think so many of your customers who used to eat in his shop had decided to walk down the road and try the NEW chicken rice shop down the road. ///

Because the chicken decided to walk down and across the road.

Anonymous said...

Just continue what WP have been doing and WP will win Aljunied GRC.

You see, residents there are one breed of people, they are smart, not dafts. They like that kind of way of life, they like to not pay for things (though not all of them) , and it is ok if the town council who manages their money doesn't keep proper accounts.

It is all right, nothing will happen 4 , 8, 12 years down the road. There will always be money to clean the roads, clear the rubbish and lift upgrading. Nobody needs to pay the price for bad financial management. Who cares about accounts anyway ?
When queried, just blame others, like party, like me, the residents.

We love WP.

Anonymous said...


Only in Aljunied GRC majority voters are not scared they accidentally vote PAP out, despite knowing that WP is not ready to be govt.

This is a sure sign of teenage immaturity and bo zai see (foolhardiness) by defying lau jiao (old bird) Teochew Ah Hia.

patriot said...

WP in Aljunied GRC lah.

PAP can afford to give East Coast and Punggol GRC and still lord over all Singaporeans.

You think PAP is worried, maybe if the Current Prime Minister cannot defend his territory.


patriot said...

My apology.

My Above Comment starts with PAP no worry with WP in Aljunied GRC ....


Anonymous said...

For a ruling party, the strategy is not only to win all seats to have the strongest mandate, but failing which, lost only some seats to those kaki lang opposition.

Anonymous said...

I think most important for PAP is that no matter what, Aung Juan Soon Chee party, or even he alone, should not win.

Anonymous said...

You are very wrong. The aljunied people are adult who think for the children and new generation future, thats why they voted WP.
If you give a children of 3-10 yrs old candy, they will listen to you. This is what PAP did to their voters. So, no need to explaint further, we all know who behave like kid.