Barry Desker – Dual citizenship?

Below is what I quoted from an article posted in the The Real Singapore on what Barry Desker wrote in the Straits Times.

Professor Barry Desker believes that Singapore should allow dual citizenship and Singaporeans should welcome new citizens and encourage their integration into the Singapore society. I have heard in the rumour mill that Singapore is pondering over this idea of dual citizenship and the thought of who would benefit from this and who would pay a heavy price for it is really scary and plain stupidity. For Barry to write about it means that some dangerous idiots are seriously toying with this idea, just like nuclear power station and the fait accompli 6.9m population.

Let me just point out a few pertinent points in Barry’s article on this devious scheme.
"We should revise our laws to permit dual citizenship, which benefits some who are permanent residents but do not wish to give up the citizenship of their land of birth….It would also allow the growing numbers of Singaporeans working abroad to retain their links with Singapore."

Is the introduction of dual citizenship a solution to Barry’s interest on the above and concern of the influx of foreigners here?

"…the unsustainable sharp influx of foreigners granted permanent residence, as well as employment permits, in recent years has resulted in a backlash, making the issue of immigration politically toxic,” …and to alleviate the fear of younger Singaporeans and their "concerned about competition for university places or preferred jobs".

And how would dual citizenship help to remove the worry of older Singaporeans feeling stressful with neighbours speaking in alien languages and different lifestyles as well as the congregation of new ghettos of new immigrants and expatriates from certain nationalities congregating in preferred locations?

"The past year has seen rising anti-immigration sentiment in Singapore," Prof Barry added…"MRT trains are crowded, hospital beds always full, traffic jams occur frequently, once-quiet parks are filled with foreign workers on weekends…The rapid pace of the foreign influx resulted in growing criticism and an undercurrent of resentment reflected in social media sites."

So, with all the problems that he is acknowledging, are these problems going to go away or will get worst with dual citizenships? The contradictions are too glaring that I am too tired to even want to talk about it. Just ask what is going to happen to National Service, to all the policies that discriminate between citizens and non citizens, the privileges of citizenship, subsidies to medical care, schools, school fees, public housing and housing prices, and the angpows from the nation’s surpluses in the form of national bonuses, employment, rights to vote etc etc.

It is highly unusual for a man intellect, and expressing reservations and concerns on high population but advocating dual citizenship in the same breath. Why is he making such strange comments? I can’t help but to ask Barry what he has been drinking. Dual citizenship must be good for the Singaporeans right, how?

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Anonymous said...

Barry Desker's "Dual Citizenship" article is a "non sequitur".

A conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

This type of article I would be too shy to publish my name next to it.
Some more put my title "Professor".
I malu already.
Better look at my CPF statement so that I can feel rich again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is ordered to float the idea?

Anonymous said...

Yew don't know what Yew are doing.
Is this true??

patriot said...

He is speaking on behalf of aliens.

Btw, cannot laugh at his professorship, he may not be a professor of anything specific or he could be a specialist in non humanities subject.


Anonymous said...

Dual Citizenship? No! No! No!

Too conservative!

I m no professor. But I also
boleh boleh boleh lah!

Why not go for Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship scheme allows
citizens to have multiple citizenship.

People all over the world can
walk in and out of this city
state anytime, be citizens as
along as they pay the taxes.

No need any NS.

Our city state may then be
called WORLDAPORE as we are
the world!

Don't laugh don't laugh! This may
be the "Next Big Thing"!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

If 6.9m doesn't get you, dual citizenship will.

The thought of people toying around with this idea is a deadly sign that this country could go to the dogs and people are thinking of getting all the money they could lay their hands on and flee.

Anonymous said...

When Sin offers dual citizenship, all the citizens of the world will come here to acquire dual citizenship. The only sad buggers that would still end up with single citizenship will be the daft Sinkies. Other countries would not be so willing to give away their citizenships to Sinkies like prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

Why is he making such strange comments?


Because he is a Sinkie Professor mah.

Just like WP Teochew Ah Hia praising PAP govt as competent. Why?

Anonymous said...

With professors like Barry and opposition leaders like Teochew Ah Hia, I think PAP should not worry too much about the next GE lah.

93% bao chiak (sure win) one. Just wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

I only know Desker Road

Anonymous said...

It's true, Barry Desker is related to Desker Road. It was named after his great grandfather.

This was mentioned in the book:
"Singapore Street Names: A Study of Toponymics" By Victor R Savage, Brenda Yeoh

Anonymous said...

In honour of that road, Professor Barry Desker should propose that Sinkieland issue licences for hooker agencies, just like the licences for casinos.

That may help in GDP growth, though may not be as much as from casinos.

Goh said...

Dual citisenship is good.Betterer to have multi citizenship and Sinkies can have many citizenship , travel every where to produce off spring.
This stupid bigamy or polygamy law oredi make me not being able to produce what I want.
Should allow me more citizenship and not only restricted to 2 so that I can have children everywhere.
Oredi pitiful not to be allowed 2 wives and Sinkies still so daft not to appreciate the benefits of 2 citizenship.
Dual citizenship is good for Sinkies.Mai Gong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Redbean has succeed in making me very fucking ANGRY, and OUTRAGED by relaying this news. Well done, uncle! You've really pissed me off with this.

As a Singaporean living 1/2 to 2/3rds of the year overseas, I am 100% AGAINST the idea of dual citizenship.

And yes, the idea (requires constitutional change) has been around for sometime now, seeing as how many PRCs, sub continent Indians and Pakistanis, Phillippinos and inter-married locals with foreign spouses and offspring are now the norm.

Fucking hell, I have jumped thru hoops, paid tens of thousands in immigration and visa services, plus airfares and setting up companies, top up MediSave/MediShield/ CPF, pay fucking IRAS, and even returned to do NS Reservist at my own expense, sunk cost and lost opportunity costs. I've done this for nearly 3 decades to ensure that I am 100% in concordance with Singapore law, and able to live where I choose---no dual citizenship--fuck that shit--one NRIC, one red passport, several visas.

To introduce dual citizenship is to cheapen the idea and INSTITUTION of Singapore Citizenship I will be making a lot of noise IN PUBLIC if this idea begins to gain traction.

I know there are probably over 200,000 Singapore citizens who relish the idea of dual citizenship so that they can have "the best of both/ many worlds". Well, so can I...and I fucking PAY for it. If they want, they can jolly well PAY FOR IT too by either keeping their Singapore citizenship, or becoming/ remaining a foreigner and applying for Entry Pass or Working Visa, or by applying for the required visas in their overseas locations.

Dual Citizenship? No No No, and fucking cheebye NOOOOOOO!!!!

I'm still fuming. Time for a drink at Holland V.

Saving grace: Dual citizenship legality require Constitutional amendment which require a super majority (2/3rd or more?...I'm not sure), plus The President also has powers to veto.

So Prof Desker and his supporters (all you slack-arse overseas and foreign-born Singaporeans) ...you think so easy to amend constitution? Good luck lah. I think your attempts will be an epic failure

Anonymous said...

How can it be a failure if it is already a done deal?

Goh said...

Pls lah matilah.S citizenship is oredi cheapened 'nong ' time ago especially with people like you who treat here as hotel.
Who know this dual citizenship is suggested to benefit Sinkies like you so as not to lose local talent who is so free to kacheow RB .
But this time glad that you agree with RB.

Anonymous said...

RB fucked him not because he disagreed with him but because of personal attacks. Hope he remains sane and above board and not to stoop to his low self again.

i will shaft a fork into his hole if he starts his shit again.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

Hey uncle, thank you so much for bringing up th "hotel" idea. I deliberately left it out to see who'd pick up on it and accuse me of "double standards".

OK, here's the thing: I DO NOT as a personal rule, break laws regarding national security, fiscal compliance -- the "hard" stuff dealing with "real, physical, actionable stuff".

The only laws I will break because it is 100% MORAL to do so are laws relating to CENSORSHIP and FREEDOM OF SPEECH--because freedom of speech--no matter how "nasty", freedom of thought and accessibility to content--no matter how "nasty" is the only REAL DEFENCE you require to prevent the government or any suka-suka "authority" from taking everything away from you-- your possessions, your dignity and even your life.

Anyway, compliance with the requirements for Singapore citizenship is no small matter -- it will cost time, money and effort because of the inherent VALUE of said citizenship.

I treat Singapore as a HOTEL out of choice. That is a personal matter, and I will explain the reasons. It has NOTHING TO DO with the objective FACT of compliance with Singapore law---which ALL CITIZENS---regardless of mental state or pull-out-of-arse-philosophy is REQUIRED to do. i.e. it doesn't matter with you like or hate Lee Kuan Yew, the PAP or Singapore's culture of kiasu or filthy toilets...you are obliged to obey the law.

The reasons I consider Singapore a HOTEL dates back to way back when when the PM Goh the insulting asshole Chok Tong hantamed Singaporeans who emigrated overseas short of calling them traitors. Also, I had noticed on my trips back, that the CULTURE had changed to become really fucking UCLY. Gone was the "kampung spirit", people were now snobbish, arrogant and compared each other's "suck cess" by measuring the amount of personal possessions and how many Ivy League degrees one had, how much they earned and other manner of assortments of reprehensible cultural and societal "metrics".

I came to the conclusion: The city-state is rockingly awesome, but the people and their fucking prime minister SUCKS DEAD DOGS DICKS lah, and so I put it on myself to distance myself from these UGLY ASPECTS of modern PAP-influenced and engineered Singapore culture. So Singapore is now a HOTEL to me---insulated from the assholery and cuntiness of her Sheeple.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


P.S. Contrary to what you think, this dual-citizenship thing might benefit other tikam-tikam overseas Singaporeans, but not me. I setup to be 100% LEGAL from the very beginning.

And contrary to PM Goh's assertion in 2002 that Singaporeans emigrating overseas are "quitters'--which I found disingenuous to say the least seeing as how his kids have made their homes overseas. WTF??

I left Singapore to seek adventure, romance and fortune. I did not "quit" or "chabut" or "run away". I left after NS and returned over the years to do reservists, I always maintained an address in Singapore...to this fucking day. And have always come back. At one time I actually MOVED BACK for 3 years.

After Goh made his "stayer vs quitter" speech, I lost all respect for Goh. I think it was a really low blow for him to try to score POLITICAL POINTS and create DISHARMONY and DIVISION between Singaporeans by inventing a "divide" between stayers and quitters, knowing full well that Singaporeans have been coming and going for DECADES and its really NO BIG DEAL, until he made it a "big deal".

Anyway, the most I sustained was hurt feelings and a sense of being "tekaned" for no reason. Fuck it, I'm still "ahead". I played by the rules, did not break the law. So...

ex PM Goh, Living well is my best revenge :-)

Anonymous said...


Dual citizenship ? Very disappointed with you for being so outdated. Dual citizenship is outdated, what is popular is triple citizenship and more.

Look at our pinky lee who is now citizen of Singapore, London and South Korea. So once their corruption are exposed after regime fall, immediately send all the singies's assets to london and south korea, problem solved. Really daft singaporeans.


This must have the the highest official in the world to hold such number of citizenship .

Goh said...

@ Matilah
Uncle .
Looks like my understanding and reading of you is not wrong.
I have many similar interests and at times share same thought of yours.
Thks for sharing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 4:20, thanks for keeping me up to date. Wow, 3 citizenships at the same time: )

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, I did some googling and it seems that many fuckers have received Honourary Seoul Citizenship -- note that they didn't say South Korean Citizenship. Roger Moore is an honorary citizen. So is Jackie Chan.

Apparently the city of Seoul gives these away as token of honour.

I think even our redbean can get. All he has to do is remove all the anti S Korea/ pro N Korea articles and start praising the S Koreans and their right to defend themselves from the insanity of any Kim Jung Whoever-the-fuck, and how wonderful and cultured the people of Seoul are....nap shot, sure kena awarded Honourary Citizen of Seoul.

He can have free kimchi for life. Plus now got dual citizenship. Good deal lah!

Anonymous said...

Calling someone uncle does not make you young - uncle die-lah-singapore.
Geez pathetic creep.

Goh said...

Yalor.Korean kimchi is yummy.Korean meimeis are the best.Good wife.l also want korean citizenship.
저 도 한 국 시 민 권 을 취 득 하 고 싶어 요.

b said...

There should only be one citizenship for the whole world then there will not be any wars and no need to spend on defense but can spend on others like enforcement, healthcare, education, housing etc . We are different but are the same especially in terms of needs. We are divided up by selfish rulers who wanted to control and exploit the people.

b said...

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine

Nationalism or patriotism is a scam term to make people die for a stupid, selfish, greedy ruler /king /emperor /government.

b said...

"After Goh made his "stayer vs quitter" speech"

- he was preaching his divide and rule scam. ask whether his ancestor was ever a quitter ? everyone ancestor is a quitter else we will all ended up still in africa.

Anonymous said...

Dual citizenship is great because a great number of our leaders children receive an education in Western countries and would like to move their "Just in Case". Just in case their parents are leaders no more and they need an escape option. This change of law is inevitable, just as lifting of estate taxes and dividend taxes is inevitable as our great leaders grow old and accumulate wealth. IF you seek to understand how the world works, my advice is to "FOLLOW THE MONEY!"

b said...

If freedom is already a commodity, why not citizenship? It will help that country to do better for a better citizenship pricing to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Time to introduce dual citizenship, and abolish NS.


The hasty influx of immigrants has weakened the social fabric of what used to be Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Then everyone coming here will have dual citizenship. But only Sinkies remain with one citizenship. No country is so stupid to give away their citizenship like free toilet papers to Sinkies.