Hsien Loong’s son should join the opposition

Chris K, a blogger said this in TRE. Though his reasoning was different, I think it is a damn good idea. This is really a win win development. From the point of PAP and Hsien Loong, if his son or sons joined the opposition, either side win will still be PAP and Hsien Loong winning, just like placing bets on a roulette table, placing bets on both sides.

The betterer thing is that if his son or sons join the opposition, the opposition will become more acceptable, become ‘ka ki lang’. When that happens, life for the opposition will be so much more comfortable and easier. They need not fear being fixed. They can be a real alternative to PAP and if they win PAP will say it’s ok, nevermind. It will be a pao ka liao kind of arrangement. No need to call out the army.

And Hsien Loong’s hair would turn black again. No need to keep thinking how to deal with the opposition and fearing what might happen if the opposition wins. Politics will take on a new rhythm, a friendly tune and everyone can pat each other on the back and party everyday. From confrontational politics it will be love making politics.

Of course the people will also benefit. There will be upgrading of estates everywhere, no matter opposition or PAP wards. No need to get approval or support from the Chairman of CCC. Ministers especially the Environment Minister’s life will be more pleasant. Only problem is that the judges will have less cases to deal with. Hong Lim Park can be the same Speakers’ Corner again but nobody will be there like in the past. NParks officers and men in blue will breathe a sigh of relief.

This is the most brilliant suggestion from the social media netizen.

Good or not? WP, SDP and all the Ps, please invite the sons for tea party, quick.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Anonymous said...

The betterer thing is that if his son or sons join the opposition, the opposition will become more acceptable, become ‘ka ki lang’.

No need lah. WP and leader Teochew Ah Hia not ‘ka ki lang’ enough meh?

Strongest opposition party but not ready to be govt?

And the leader even praise the ruling party as competent?

What more ‘ka ki lang’ do u want?

And being ‘ka ki lang’ without being related to Hsien Loong some more. And hence some Sinkies may not even realise it unless they read my comments.

Anonymous said...

Why you not happy with Ah Hia?

Anonymous said...

With only WP in Parliament and Ah Hia as leader, there is no need for Hsien Loong's sons or daughter to be in politics, whether as PAP or opposition.

And indeed they are not, and also not interested. A Tin Pei Ling will do.

Anonymous said...

Why you not happy with Ah Hia?
Anon 3:31 pm

Nothing against Ah Hia personally but rather his position, and the 40% or so Sinkies that voted him into that position. It could be a Ah Ko, a Muthu or Mat in his position, for that matter.

b said...

It is better for them to stay out of politics. After all, they have seen firsthand what kind of harm politics have done to their granddad and dad.

b said...

Politics turn people into monsters.

Anonymous said...

"ka ki lang" without being obviously seen or observed as one.

A wolf but being seen as a sheep.

And of course by the daft.


Anonymous said...

Better if his son does not reproduce.

patriot said...

They would rather stay out of politic, maybe even prefer to be out of Sin.
No matter what, they must be quite aware of how their Elders are being look upon by Sinkies. The Amount of swear and curse can be very scary and if not utterly sad.

They will not be able to live and spend freely despite the Wealth made by their Elders. Being offsprings of Rulers, there are protocol and decorum that they have to live with, they will find living too restricted to be fun and happy.

Anyway, me does not believe PAP or Anybody dare put a third Lee from the Familee to be Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. Do you believe that a career in politic, as in nursing or teaching is a calling. Not everyone of us can be a politician. It would be wrong to expect LHL's children to take up politics just because they come from a family of politician. This is very evident and clear to see in the current situation? No?

Anonymous said...

What a fantesticle idea. Whoever thought of it got balls. One kopi for Encik Bean coming up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, hard to say it is a calling. The first generation of PAP was like a calling. Chok Tong and Hsien Loong were never a calling.

The first generation of CCP leaders could be a calling as they were fighting for their life to rebuild a nation and save a people.

Any jokers today dare to call it a calling?

Anonymous said...

RB, what gave u been smoking today? Whatever it is,u better stop hor

IMAGOD said...

It won't make any difference. the Sheeple will always get the government they deserve, because The Sheeple are 100% responsible for CHOOSING the government which is ultimately going to run their cuntree and regulate their lives.

In order to fund this enterprise, The Sheeple willingly allow significant amounts of their production--created by hard toil, sweat, and finite, mortal TIME--to be LEGALLY CONFISCATED.

This is self sabotage. The Sheeple like to believe in "equality".

However now The Sheeple have imposed upon themselves CLASS WARFARE of inequality: those who rule/ govern vs those who don't, but have the "honour" of paying for everything, especially the HIGH SALARIES plus PERKS of the governing authorities.

Yah, great system!

Anonymous said...

Hello Conchita Wurst welcome to our Red Bean community.

Anonymous said...

Conchita Wurst is way better looking than monkey man. Love u Conchita.

IMAGOD said...

@ suck my salty balls 849 & 854:

Hah hee ho haha Sorry, to disappoint you bigots, but I'm a big supporter (and occasional financial donor) to LGBT organisations and their causes for social and political change.

So go ahead, compare me with a drag queen/ cross dresser...I don't care.

My LGBT friends are successful, wear happening clothes, brim with laughter and positivity, and have GREAT PARTIES.

Ie. They are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE BETTER than you badly groomed, poor attitude, n'er do well LOSERS!

Got flamboyance?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heheheh, Matilah, I didn't know until this anon pointed out. You sure look like Conchita Wurst : )

Now aren't you grateful, you have admirers of all kinds, no matter how you change your looks, you are sure to get all the attention you need.

IMAGOD said...

Please lah uncle, how many times do I have to repeat repeat repeat myself myself that I shun ”admirers” ... Of ANY kind.

I get plenty of attention from my clients lah, because I advise them how to "manipulate people" for personal gain, of course. The only attention I "need" is the kind which comes with a fat cheque to back up their "approval and appreciation". ;-) The cheapskate ego stroking kind of "attention" I can do without.

Anonymous said...

They are poised to inherit lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from ah gong, ah ma, pa, ma hard earned money.

Wealth many generations also cannot 'eat finish' (hokkien/teochew term for used up),

inheritance maybe enough to fill up a 5-tonner truck from saf in S$100 dollar bill ?

Why so should they try so hard when there is a mountain of fortune waiting to be credited in theie bank account ?

Anonymous said...

If your grandfather was former pm, sm, mm,former chairman of gic ,grandma a top law firm owner, father the current pm,top military general chairman of gic, mother the ceo of Temasek Holdings. You are already very connected very influential and a successful person joining the opposition is so oxymoron

Anonymous said...

This guy is really sick. He really believes he got admirers. Help him please. Someone please ask him to smell some strong ammonia or fermented urine to wake him up. Not smelly panties, he will get extra high.

Anonymous said...

he was quoted saying the sons are not ready AT THE MOMENT.. which mean what?

last time was he quoted as saying they are not interested in politics ??

Anonymous said...

Political observers must be watching keenly whether the elder son will in run a grc under a minster. if so. whether he will contest in tanjong pagar or new grc as the new minister,. a former military general, is himself not helming a heavyweight ministry yet hence not so 'anchored' in a sense

Anonymous said...

the son is now the consultant to infocomm authority according yahoo news .is he likely to become the future minster of information if he joins politics and wins decisively in the next election when the moment is ready?

b said...

If sinkies continue to stay daft, his son will sure become the future pm. No one (esp connected with youknowlah ) likes fighting a losing battle.