PAP falls, would Singapore be in deep trouble?

I have been pondering over this statement for several days and trying to make a balance approach to this piece of rhetoric. Would Singapore be in deep trouble when PAP falls and the opposition parties take over as the new govt? A good way to look at this comment is the recent installation of Jokowi as the new President of Indonesia. Jokowi is in many senses like the opposition parties in Singapore. A man with no scintillating strings of As and MBAs. He rose from the ranks, made his fortune and became the governor of Jakarta. Not the kind of experience at national level, but more relevant experience than our boys and girls who became ministers, and definitely more experienced than our opposition party leaders running their constituencies and town council.

And the best part, the out going President did all he could to ensure that the new President took power in an orderly manner, and no one, no rogue generals would be there to make things difficult, no rogue politicians would be allowed to disrupt the ceremony. Yudhoyono has proven to be a great president, a valiant and honourable gentlemen, and truly deserved to be the Asian of the Year instead of the 6 month old Modi who has done nothing except meeting foreign leaders and rhetoric of great power. The danger of Jokowi being deprived of his presidency and turning Indonesia into turmoil were extremely grave.

What would happen to this first world pretender island if there is a change of political power? Would it be in deep trouble? Maybe the PAP believes that all the talents that can govern this little island are with them and there will be no one good enough to take over and all systems will break down. This is of course rubbish.

The danger of a major crisis can come from a losing ruling party refusing to hand over power gracefully, or a military coup. If this is really a first world country, it can be expected that the outgoing ruling party would do the honour to ensure a proper hand over of power and responsibilities. And this applies to all the ministries and stats boards. All Singaporeans expect it to be that way. It must be that way in a democracy when the change of power is in-built in the system. Theoretically there could be a change of power after every GE. Our one party rule without a change of power is unnatural and would not be for too long or so long. A time must come for a change of power, and an orderly and peaceful one if the men in charge are responsible and honourable, who obey the democratic constitution of this country. Not handing over power or disrupting the handing over of power is against the law. Anyone or political power that lost an election and refused to hand over power could be arrested under the law.

So, can we expect a proper handover of political power when there the PAP falls and Singapore continues to run smoothly and efficiently like before, all things normal, no deep trouble? Any one flirting to ride the tiger of disorder or a military coup must be prepared to be devoured by the tiger should things turn bad. It is a road of no return once embarked on. Yes, if this happens, Singapore will be in deep trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Comparing Singapore with Indonesia ?

I thought a man of your age would be more wiser than that. A man having lived through many years should be able to impart wisdom to the young, or impart poison to the young.

You are not a very good role model.

Anonymous said...

RB. Your fear may come true. The system has been so entrenched with PAP that almost all top civil servants are "their people". When another party takes over, these people will fear losing their jobs and so may do the unexpected. We may have to survive a serious jolt before things can be stabilised. Any way, don't think too far. Just go and have a cup of Kopi O.

Anonymous said...

There is a group of pap people, including the Familee, who have full control of the national Reserves without accountability or transparency. In the event of a change in govt, who can ensure that the whole or part of the Reserves will not disappear. Greed hath no limits. This is the real danger that in a moment of vindictiveness or greed, the pap may rob and bankrupt the people of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"What would happen to this first world pretender island if there is a change of political power? Would it be in deep trouble?"

If in doubt, just remember what kaki lang Teochew Ah Hia already said, and it is worth repeating, majority (aka 60%) Sinkies are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out in a GE because WP is not ready to be govt.

So it is the 60% who are very scared that it would be in deep trouble.

RB, me or whoever not scared no use.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:57, or shall I call you Raymond? You and your dumb brain, if there is one. The idiots would compare the good with the worst and said, see I am the best.

The difference is when one is comparing the best with the worst and the worst comes out best. You can't even see this point in your blind agenda to attack my discussion.

Indonesia may not claim to be first world, but it has proven that its political system is resilient and will not crumble like this first world pretender. Get it?

You fucking IBs are a shame to your masters. It shows that the IBs are a bunch of unthinking asses. You just prove it with your silliness.

Keep coming to prove that you like to show your stupidity here.

Anonymous said...

RB, these sneaky asses will not go away. They are the disagraceful group of people in our society. They are too ashame to let people know what they are doing.

Dig up your IP list and find out who they are. Then tell their parents, wives and children this is what they are doing to earn a living.

What a shame that there are such people around.

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is:

No! No! No! No! No! No!
No! No! No! No! No! No!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ professional xenophobe redbean:

Apparently trying to dupe silly Sheeple, redbean has revealed himself to be knowingly or unknowingly deceptive on the constitution.

No, the constitution is not a "democratic" constitution--it is REPUBLICAN constitution, where democratic processes are enshrined within specifically to the method of choosing the parliament, and lately, the president.

The Sheeple DO NOT choose individual members of govt. It is up to the prime minister to assign portfolios to specific people in his cabinet-- this is NOT the "choice" of the people.

Should the PAP lose the next GE, there might be a little bit of "post-election chaos". I think property and stocks will fall, and you may even get a few bank runs, and the riot squad may be called out a few times. But really it'll all be isolated incidents and no fucking big deal. However, there is a good side to this temporary chaos: to me this is a great opportunity to pickup "unloved" assets at depressed prices, hang onto them, then liquidate them for a nice tax-free profit when the time is right (when the herd gets "animal spirits" again)

Within 6 moths to a year, the shit will settle down, and it will be life same-o-same-o as before, when Sheeple realise their delusion that changing govt won't really change a damn thing. :-))

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

Anonymous said...

If PAP falls;
Singaporeans will enjoy a new economic miracle.

- no more investment losses by GIC and Temasek. We close them down and buy Berkshire Hathaway shares and get Warren Buffet as our investment manager for free instead.

- no more white elephant projects like the Youth Olympics

- no more F1 racing whose economic benefits for SINGAPOREANS have yet to be explained and accounted for

- we can reduce the size and budget of the Prime Minister's Office. How many Miniters in the Prime Minister's Office and Ministers without Portfolios does PM Lee need? Singapore such a big country meh?

I think many of you here can probably add to the list.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyone reading this blog, beware that this creep called Matilah Singapura is not as innocent as you think he is.

He is a paid agent here with an agenda. His one and only agenda is to discredit me.

He is like the saying, pretend to be crazy, but he is not and every of his post has the same message, to attack me.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that he always attack you personally. He is a cheap bastard alright.

Now confirmed who he really is.

Anonymous said...

MS, no need to pretend anymore lah. We all know who you really are. You little devil.

Anonymous said...

If everybody start using company photocopying nachines for personal uses ..... will bank profits be affected?

It's a criminal @ct?

Red bean . . What's your opinion?

Anonymous said...

When a staff uses company time to talk to his wife or friend, is it a criminal act? What if his time is calculated in the millions and every second is worth 3 plates of char kway teow at least?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Whoooooo beware of matilah, beware of matilah.......whooooo.....he's coming to eat your children.......whooo....

redbean, go man go...you're doing GREAT!

b said...

Actually, its never good for a country and especially the people to remain under the same party rule years after years. The same old shit will never get clear, the same old propaganda get feed into the system until the people also get bored, the same old people get what they want and never understand why they always can get what they want. Computers that no longer serve the purpose need to be changed so does the rulers of the country. If they fail to appreciate the people, they deserve to be overthrown.

Anonymous said...

If the role is 2 b papigs IB.... to lure, identify, track genuine critics, it's a patriotic mission

This blog is a perfect example