CPF – Govt please, help not wanted

Chuan Jin is going to make sure the people have enough for retirement by adjusting the Minimum Sums of the CPF account holders. The few variations that can be expected, contribute more if not enough. Contribute less if got enough. Use less if not enough. If no need to touch the savings when got too much money, can take out more? What is going to happen to those who have a lot of money and do not need their CPF savings, like the multi millionaires and billionaires? Can they withdraw all their CPF savings?

What is going to happen to those who have very little in their CPF savings? Please contribute more. Or please, your CPF not enough, cannot take out or take up lesser to last longer? If got only $10k, will make it last another 30 years! When one does not have enough, either must put in more or take out less right?

The problem here is that the Govt will not be contributing a single cent to make up for those who really need more savings in their CPF. This is not a govt pension scheme and the money is the people’s money. Not enough, top up, don’t expect the Govt to top up for you.

So, how? I think it is better for the Govt not to help. The more the Govt wants to help, the more painful and difficult it will be for those who got money not enough.

Please, please, please don’t help us. Thank you very much. God bless you for your kindness. God will bless you to win the next GE. So no need to do so much. The people can understand your kindness and will vote for you. Just leave the people alone to manage their own few dollars left in their savings. Just return their CPF money to them and the people will pray for you.

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Dotseng said...

Recently I heard the fifty something chicken rice shop is having a promotion. Since their regularly patrons have been complaining the chicken is non existent in the chicken rice and if they manage to find a piece, it is either only a boney ass or a neck. The proprietor of the chicken rice shop announced that for an additional 'small' sum he is going to help his regular customers feel fuller. So he has decided to serve a chocolate cake desert with every chicken rice.

The problem is everyone already knows the proprietor has a habit of wiping his ass with his chicken whenever he runs out of toilet paper.....and now that compulsory chocolate cake is going to be served with every purchase of chicken rice. Some of the patrons have been asking, 'why force us to eat chocolate cake when we don't want too.' To which the proprietor replied, this is for your own good.....can't you see....I am HELPING you help yourself.'

And when the wise patrons heard this. They all headed down the road to the NEW chicken rice shop.

(To be continued)

Darkness 2014

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just received this from CPF, chocolate cake?

New contribution rates from January 2015

Changes to CPF contribution rates

CPF contribution rates will be increased for wages earned from 1 January 2015 to help employees save more for their healthcare and retirement needs.

Anonymous said...

The Govt not going to top up our CPF ? What the ??

I got computer at home, I don't really work, everyday I log in and complain, but I also not rich, I need govt top up my account.

Goh said...

Me hope they will cheongkong all cpf immdiately by raising minimum sum to 10 x but provide free healthcare for life .

patriot said...

At the Rate of Inflation in Costs of Living and concurrently the Stagnation of Incomes, combined Minimum Sum of near $200k is way insufficient for retirement. An increase of at least another 50% will be more practical. Another 100% Increase in Minimum Sums would be better.


patriot said...

Lao aunties oso DONT want helps, they know the more helps given; the Bigger the Problems become.

Why are Sinkies still asking for helps when is so obvious that the Helpers are the Souce of the Problems.

Remove the Exploiters and the Problems are removed or would not be created.


Anonymous said...

The people should be telling the politicians or Tan Chuan Jin.

Please help me to help you.
Just return all my CPF funds (which you are my custodian until now) upon retirement age, and I will vote for you. No money, no vote.

Simple as that. No need to beg, or negotiate. Is a courtesy ask. Their job as custodian is finished. That is the social contract we have had with them. Beyond that my life is not their responsibilities.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ money no enough, redbean:

Flew into T3 a few days ago. WOW, a noticeable portion of the workforce at the airport are the aunties and uncles older than me. You tend to notice these things when you spend more time away from Singapore.

When you finally return to Singapore, you're able to look at it with "fresh eyes" and notice things most people living here simply ignore.

Singapore is one of the few places in the world where you can work and EARN A LVING even at an advanced age.

So what the fuck are you complaining about? Are you not aware that you're living in a cuntree where you can essentially get a job at any age---if you are willing to work and are not a "job snob"? Or if you have an entrepreneurial slant, you can start a business with virtually no barriers to entry and friendly legislation?

You have so much fucking opportunity in Singapore to look after yourself and each other, you don't need to go BEGGING to the government for "help".

CPF is already an forced form of govt "help". Best to grab as much as you can from the scheme, and then FORGET IT.

Your neurotic FIXATION on CPF-- a fait accompli and 100% lawful -- keeps everyone else fixated and in a state of fear, anger and dread. WTF man?

The days of expecting your big "payday" of retrieving every last cent of your CPF is LONG GONE. Move the fuck on lah, this shit is a TAX lah...the best you can do is to maximise your personal benefit in the scheme---like buy property--and then forget about it.

Every govt in the world tinkers with the national retirement funds. They change the rules. They re-neg on their promises for pay outs. FUCKING HELL, WHY DO PEOPLE TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO LOOK AFTER THEM, WHEN THE ONGOING EVIDENCE IS CLEAR THAT GOVERNMENTS FAIL EPICALLY IN THIS AREA? Sheep-people will trust the government to look after them over their families and social networks! MADNESS!

Really, has the culture degenerated so far down the shit-chute to become a tribe of ENTITLEMENT FUCKS? What happened to the time where we looked after ourselves and each other, and was very suspicious of any govt "policy" that made a claim to "help"?

Got self-reliance and social networks?

Anonymous said...

This fucker is sounding so silly and he thinks he is smart. Please lah. Your IMH caretakers looking for you with restrainers to tie you up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ passive idiot 207:

>> Your IMH caretakers looking for you with restrainers to tie you up.

I know. But I'm hiding in Holland V, where I just blend in with the rest of the insane, so I'm safe ;-)

b said...

One way the cpf minisum sum can reduce is to abolish the use of cpf to buy properties. HDb prices will fall and costs of living will drop as a result. The monies in cpf will stay there and give a small return which added together should be sufficient for retirement. The whole problem of cpf not enough for retirement is because it is used to buy properties and hence increase costs of living and a whole vicious cycle.

b said...

The papists came up with two very bad policies - the stop at two and the use of cpf to buy properties. Because of these two very bad policies, the entire nation has to be flooded with foreign trashes coming from places with no proper sewage and toilets and all the new wrong vicious policies to cover up the wrong doing of that two policies.

b said...

So when costs of living drops, it will also decrease the GDP and hence the ministers pay. It is all along a scam to pop up the costs of living using retirement funds.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with using CPF to buy HDB flats. It is the pricing of HDB flats according to your affordability, meaning how much you have for them to take out from your account. This is the most vicious policy that led to the CPF savings not enough.