Christmas wish list for the New Year

A year has come and gone. Only a week left before the dawning of another year and as usual there will be hopes for a better tomorrow to many. To some, the days may not be brighter no matter how much they hope and pray.

To the many who are already living a rich and eventful life, when everyday is a bliss, they must be wishing that nothing changes, and everyday be the same happy day forever. As a country and a people, many are not sharing the wealth and prosperity of the successful and the widening social and economic divide is there as a reminder that things could be better and have to better for those on the wrong side of the divide. Those that have lost their jobs and retired, those going to lose their jobs, those going to retire, unless they have bags of gold under their beds, the high cost of living and medical care will be their utmost concern when the income stream is diminishing or just living on their savings.

I would like to share the traditional 7 wishes for the seven days of Christmas with all Singaporeans.

The first wish is for Singaporeans to live with pride and dignity in their home country.
The second wish is for a new govt that practises honesty, transparency and accountability to the people of this island.
The third wish is for a new govt that the people do not have to fear, but respected.
The fourth wish is for the Silver Brigades to continue to live a productive life, those that can work should continue to work in decent and respectable jobs and not fearing when they would be replaced by foreigners.
The fifth wish is for the return of the CPF savings to the people and not for it to be turned into another animal, can see but cannot touch.
The sixth wish is for the lowering of the cost of living in basic needs like food, medicine, education and childcare.
The seventh and final wish is for an inclusive society where more able, honest and self less Singaporeans would step forward to serve the people fearlessly.

These are very simple wishes but not easy to be fulfilled and not likely to come true if there is no real change in the political system. We have seen only cosmetic changes so far and there were as good as nothing changes. Let’s hope 2015 will be a year of real positive changes for the betterment of Singaporeans and their future generations.

Kopi Level - Green


Goh said...

Mine more simple.Only wish for the new year is to bet with a dollar and become instant millionaire.
Merry Christmas to all.

patriot said...

Although me finds the List too wishful, it is nevertheless it WILL BE good to see some actualized.

It shall be sufficiently comforting to me if ONLY the Rulers are conscientious and caring.

Wish that the Coming Years will be less bad, even by a wee bit.


Raymond said...

Hey Chin Leng, Merry Christmas to you too. I said a prayer for you in church this morning. Wish you "long long life". :) :)

patriot said...

'it WILL' to be deletef in my Above Comment.

My apology for the Mistake.


Anonymous said...

My Christmas wishlist for the New Year is for a Sinkie opposition leader to announce that his party will contest 100% seats next election.

If this wish can be fulfilled, all of RB's 7 wishes above(and more of daft Sinkies wishes) will have a 93% chance of being fulfilled too.

Anonymous said...

"My Christmas wishlist for the New Year is for a Sinkie opposition leader to announce that his party will contest 100% seats next election."
Anon 10:25 am

If above had happened in 2011, 93% chance PAP would had been voted out already.

But it didn't. If still not happen this round, 93% chance PAP will score 60% votes or even better. Because the PAP now is at least better than the PAP of 2011, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian advises Sinkies to take this risk of voting in the Sinkie opposition as govt next GE.

See link: http://c-onyx.com/page/2170

He is also an adjunct professor teaching Risk Management at SMU. So I think he got the credentials to talk on risk lah.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Uncle RB, merry Christmas and
happy and healthy 2015 to you
and family.

As this is the season of giving,
peace, joy and hope, let us be
thankful and grateful that we
have made it through another year.


Anonymous said...

He is also an adjunct professor teaching Risk Management at SMU. So I think he got the credentials to talk on risk lah.
Anon 10:46 am

What about risk mitigation and prevention measures against the risk of losing election deposit when contesting elections?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Raymond the fake hypocritical so called Christian!!

Do not sullied the faith of true blue Christians and further degraded the faith.


At least we are not afraid of Death even though we are not 100 percent sure of salvation unlike your fake in names only saved Christians who are still fearful of DEATH.

FOR WE KNEW WHAT ARE THE SINFUL THINGS WE DID IN OUR LIFE TIME and am living to correct ourselves in order to be given a chance to be saved rather than kidding yourselves that you are saved but not.

Anonymous said...

I like redbean's Christmas wish-list.
I don't think the PAP can or plan to deliver even one single item on the wish-list.
After 50 years of PAP government, who is the PAP kidding anyway?

So I will be voting Opposition.
I've got nothing else left to lose.
In my humble opinion, the Population White Paper is almost like a declaration of war on Singaporeans.
I just don't see how voting PAP can benefit Singaporeans.
I said "Benefit Singaporeans" hor.
Not benefit PAP's Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Raymond, please don't call yourself a Christian. You are insulting the religion and all Christians. True Christians are honest and upright people. They would not do the sneaky things that you did.

Anonymous said...

quick America pray tell the world which country you want to attack next, to bombard ,to destroy, their lives and properties only to re build to your specs.

Republican coming to power soon.

What's US weapons wishlist in their next war : F-35A,B,C, F-22 cluster bombers, laser guided bombs, white phosphorus bombs ?

which new deadly weapons to be tested?

we want peace from america no more war

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here from afar. Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends and I hope your new year will be filled with happiness, good Health and Peace.