Hsien Loong: PAP must set the standard!

The PAP has started its election rally yesterday. And the speeches were as normal as any political rally from any politician. In colloquial style, they amount to ‘Lin peh is the best. Lin peh serve the people, Lin peh is honest, transparent and accountability.’ The rally cries were to stir the emotions, fire the supporters to take up the fight. And the supporters did not fail. They shouted back, ‘Yes, Yes, hallelujah’ in response to the cry of their leaders. If there was a problem, ‘We settle now’. And the supporters roared in approval. This is not much different from meet me at the cul de sac.

The atmosphere must be highly charged with every supporter leaving the rally with the glint in their eyes and walking like Bruce Lee ready for a fight. That was what a political rally is meant to be. Get the people motivated, excited and aroused.

After the din and fury subsided in the quiet of home and senses, and after the dusk has settled down, not many would remember what was said. But they would be reminded calmly by the media, minus the emotion and temperature on what their leaders said. Hsien Loong said many things. The notable was PAP would do its best to send strong teams to the opposition wards to win them back. But he cautioned about when this could be done. Now the WP must be all in anticipation of very strong PAP teams led by strong ministers. We would have to see.

The other thing that came out starkly was flaming in the social media. Hsien Loong talked about transparency and the need for PAP to set the standard. How would this be done? PAP had previously declared the existence of its Internet Brigade. And they have been very active or very inactive and none has stood up to tell the netizen he is from the PAP brigade. Till today, none is proud enough to own up to say, ‘I am PAP Internet Brigade, and I am proud of it’, and signing in his real name with PAP behind it, like BBM or PBM. So far it can be assumed that they are just as opaque and sneaky hiding behind anonymity.

Would PAP set a new standard and make all its Internet Brigades to post with their real identity, not anonymous, be transparent, and be proud of what they are doing and be proud of being PAP Internet Brigade? Or would they be like the others, no transparency and flaming others and taking pot shots at other bloggers and feeling ashamed of their very existence?

What kind of standard and transparency would the PAP set in the internet and social media? Would PAP be just like everyone else or would it be different, setting the standard for transparency?

Would there be a PAP standard in transparency in social media?

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Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong: PAP must set the standard!
Ah Long.
What standard you talking about?

a)Mas Selamat security standard?
b)Bishan MRT depot security standard?
c)ICA security at the Woodlands checkpoint standard?

Anonymous said...

"What kind of standard and transparency would the PAP set in the internet and social media?"

But PAP did not control the internet like the way they control the MSM what, and ever since internet started 20 years ago, tio bo?

So why did the internet is not able to influence more Sinkies to vote opposition? Or better still, vote PAP out?

Why, u tell me lah?

And please hor, some that u thought were PAP IBs may not even be IBs at all, or at most self employed ones lah. So don't be mistaken wolves for sheep or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:01, if the internet is not influential, you won't be here posting this kind of message and PAP would not be talking about it in a major rally like over the weekend.

A drunkard will tell you he is not drunk. A rapist will tell you he is not a rapist.

Anonymous said...

" Singapore's next General Election (GE) will be a "deadly serious" fight between the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) and the opposition. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said.
Typical PAP General.
Everything is a fight or a war.
Better be careful.
Or our NS boys or SAF may find ourselves in the Middle East.

Do you think we have too many generals and admirals in our parliament and in the PAP cabinet?

Have we over-militarized our government, civil service and GLCs??

Anonymous said...

Anybody who supports what the govt policy will be considered as PAP Internet Brigade, whether he actually is or not. The truth, in the internet, is not important.

Likewise, anybody who disagrees with govt policy, all is no good, is considered Opposition (WP) Internet Brigade, whether he actually is or not.

No need to put identity, even if put identity so what ? I can put myself as Patriot, does it mean anything? No, nothing right?

Anonymous said...

What is this talk about honesty and transparency if IBs are going to hide under anonymous?

Be a man and punch whoever you want and stand up and say this is who I am.

Anonymous said...

So what if u identify as Ah Beng, Ah Lian or even Matilah?

If u are not WP Teochew Ah Hia, Sinkie First Hainan Ah Ko, SDP Aung Juan Soon Chee, or even ex NSP "Madcow" Goh Meng Seng and Nicole Seah, who cares who u are?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The obvious thing to look for in an IB is his intent. IB does not come here to discuss about issues, to agree or disagree. They simply launch into personal attacks. That is the only thing they are capable of as there is nothing in between their ears except shit.

No decent people will go around attacking another person without knowing that person or has anything to do with another person. That is their trademark. People mindlessly attacking another person are either sick in the head or IBs.

They tell you who they are by what they post.

Anonymous said...


RB revealed his real name, his background and even photo, but so what? Maybe more kopi, that's all.

Anonymous said...

No decent people will go around attacking another person without knowing that person or has anything to do with another person.
RB 9:54 am

It depends lah. Personally, I don't know PM Lee or WP Teochew Ah Hia or has anything to do with them.

But that doesn't mean I don't attack by criticising or making fun of them in RB blog and elsewhere, tio bo?

And if I were them or RB, I don't mind and even expect Sinkies and netizens to make fun of me also. That's the price for going public.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ah Long.
Why is GE 2016 such a deadly serious fight?
You already say PAP so good for Singaporeans right?
So if PAP is so good for Singaporeans, then you must know all Singaporeans will support you right?
So why you say such a deadly serious fight?
Don't worry. We will vote for you.
Not enough "qualified" candidates for PAP?
Never mind.
Just ask Tin Pei Ling to recruit more of her Kate Spade friends to join her as "qualified" PAP candidates.
We suppork.

Anonymous said...

People who attack others in the internet are more likely opposition supporters, they like to call people dafts, PAPists, pigs, stupid etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I can call myself Patriot, put my name on it, and I say,

1) Lets abolish means testing and let all locals have free hospital care (never mind the middle income and poor subsidizing the millionaires who choose to stay in C class)

2) Let all withdraw CPF and let all citizens manage their own money (never mind you spend all money in Batam or gamble all in RWS by age 65)

3) Lets reject PMET FTs (never mind if MNCs shift operations and go to Thailand or Malaysia)

All these ideas will be celebrated here but so what ? What are the consequences? Anybody cares?

And I put my name:
Patriot of Singapore
True Local

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah uncle, you're indulging in WISHFUL THINKING if you expect transparency from any government...

More wishful thinking if you assume or hope that political battles are to be fought "fairly".

PM Lee already used the words "deadly serious". It's GAME ON lah.

So grab a seat, open a beer and a bag of crisps...it has begun!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Me wishful thinking? Come on lah, I am not born yesterday.

I am just quoting what other people are saying and showing the hypocrisy, and this you couldn't even understand? When are you going to grow up?

Anonymous said...

“When we face problems, we acknowledge them publicly and deal with them. We do not pretend that there is no problem. We do not lie low, hoping that the public will forget and the issue will pass go away”.
Lee Hsien Loong

Ah Long.
What about the $2 PAP owned companies?
How many are there?

What about the list of Singapore reserves as requested by President Ong Teng Cheong in 1993.

How much money did GIC and Temasek lose in the Great Recession of 2009?

Anonymous said...

What is the cost of building a HDB flat?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:29 pm and anon 2:47 pm

All your questions can only be properly answered when the opposition is ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

When the opposition is the government, you will have all these answers.

And then, what's next ??

Anonymous said...

Sibeh lame lah RB. The fight for electoral gains goes way bigger than IBs.

Just because you feel attacked by Raymond and a few others here, you put IBs as the main topic here.

IBs are fringe elements. They are minority.

Just as the opposition has loonies like Roy and HHH, the PAP crazies form the IB, in groups like FAP and FLOP.

In the big picture who cares about IBs? How much effect can they have on electoral gains?

Maybe only you bother. You and TOC, who bother enough to write a 3 part article on IBs, when they are running out of funds.

b said...

Haha, not surprise by what he had to say. All politicians enjoy lying and they feel powerful when the naive population believe them and allow to be manipulated by their lies. Basic character of a psychopath.


Anonymous said...

PAP already the world's standard for legalized and moral corruption, and that is why they are worth millions in salary, and they exceed their own standard.

patriot said...

Maybe me am a sickly patriot.
I sincerely believed all that PM Lee Hsien Loong has said this time.
For once I think he is being candid and honest. He and his Party Members have caused much hardship to the People the Last one to two decades. Costs of livings have shot skyward, salary has stagnated and even fallen, jobs are hard, working hours long but salaries are low.

The People are facing lots of challenges and miseries as stated almost daily in the Social Media and every corners of the Tiny Rock call Sin.

Unless the P M is a stone, block or blind and dumb, he certainly knows the Situation and he is acknowledging it for the First time. For the First Time he is showing fear, fear that PAP WILL COLLAPSE UNDER HIM.




Anonymous said...

Hey matilah.
Why don't I ever see you in this blog:

Anonymous said...

"We don't make empty promises, we deliver on what we say. When other people say First World Parliament, you don't know what it means. When we say First World Nation, here we are!"
PM Lee Hsien loong

Ah Long.
Here is what your PAP MP is struggling with for the last 8 years since 2007.
In her own words:

".... i have been waiting.. not just waiting but, waiting and DOING a lot of things within my capabilities as one person, one MP, one woman.
I am still waiting for the relevant authorities to ACT in a major way, in a major clean up.... 8 years of efforts and small positive changes already effected cannot go to waste and my perseverance will not dwindle."

31st March 2014 facebook post.


Anonymous said...

if you run out of ideas ... you should check out:


There are many hilarious articles there.
Who says Singaporeans are daft?

Anonymous said...

Patriot, I also agree with you. All salary earners so cham. Salary stagnant, cost of living up and up. Yes, pay rise is overdue. Start with the poor ministers so their living standard is not affected.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> When are you going to grow up?

Hopefully never, you old stuck-in-the-mud old fart ;-)

@ 718:

>> Hey matilah.
Why don't I ever see you in this blog:

Fucking BIG Yawn! Boring political shit again and again and again. My inflexible fixed idea is : The Sheeple Get The Government They Deserve.

So far, no one has been able to disprove this age-old assertion which most people still refuse to accept. They think that by voting en masse they can change the type of governance they deserve. Fact is : THEY CAN'T. NO ONE CAN.

Government EVOLVES out of the culture of the sheeple and the cuntree they cling to precariously...or have lost altogether. When the culture changes--and it does S L O W L Y over a long time--measured in generations, not years, then the type of governance will also change.

Singaporeans love authority. They like--though they're loath to admit it--some all-knowing, all-powerful agent to have absolute control, so that they, the sheeple, need not take on the heavy effort of personal responsibility (heaven forbid!), and when thing go awry, they have someone to blame for the cock-up.

As I said previously, this blog is the only local one I comment on and have lots of fun walloping redbean on an almost daily basis ;-) The rest of my blogging/ web activity is mostly tech and science stuff, as well as geek culture--boring to most of the audience here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@718 and the rest of deluded fools:

Familiarise yourself with the Principal-Agent problem, and you'll have a better understanding of why the govt you voted (whomever they might be) for is unlikely to meet your expectations.

Then try and understand the Attribution Bias -- I'll give an example, a general case: "All Singaporeans are idiots because [choose your observation] , except ME!"

Specific example: "In the last election 66% of Singaporeans were idiots for voting PAP. I belong to the 34% of non idiots because I voted opposition."


"Lucky I belong to the 66% of rational people who voted PAP. 34% of Singaporeans were stupid for voting opposition".

Get the picture? Attribution bias: Everyone's an asshole, except me"

Anonymous said...

mothership.sg is funded by pap minions, and surely we know where their salaries comes from.