QZ8501 – Still many unanswered questions

While everyone is saddened by the crash of QZ8501 and griefing with the families, there are still many questions left unanswered. Today’s commercial aircraft are built not to drop down from the sky. Today’s pilots are trained and very experienced before they are allowed to captain an aircraft and would be able to pull out of a spin or a stalled aircraft or guide the aircraft down in case of engine failure.

There are very few situations that a pilot or his co pilot would not be able to make an emergency call or squawks when an aircraft is in trouble. Why was there no emergency call?

There are a few possibilities why an emergency call cannot be made. One, a disastrous thunderbolt that disabled the aircraft immediately, or at least destroyed its communication system. Two, a mid air explosion. Three, very unlikely, no one was in the cockpit when an emergency developed and no one was in a position to make a call out. Four, a mad and suicidal pilot and co pilot like was quoted in the MH370 case that intentionally desisted from making an emergency call out. There could be a few more other possibilities other than these obvious ones.

Now the story waiting to be told lies in the black boxes. How did it happen in a routine commercial flight with a fairly new aircraft? Even if the aircraft developed engine trouble, there will be an emergency call. The pilot would still be able to bring the aircraft to a force landing. Falling out of the sky just like QZ8501 is not normal.

The mystery starts now.

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Goh said...

Ex pilot uncle...Think of some solution instead of speculating lah.
To minimise future mishaps I would think all commercial flights need to be fix with 4 big balloons.
Upon emergency balloon automatically shoot big and can carry and lower the aircraft slowly even with failed engine.
No risk of lives wherever it lands.These ballons must be made of good quality, with a + logo hinting that its a plane in trouble, not intruding and help is needed.
If 4 is unlucky no.then have 6 balloon.

Anonymous said...

So clever. Attach some parachutes will work also. But explosion how?

Anonymous said...

RB, if you are interested in conspiracy theories, look up the one posted in Sammyboy Courtyard Café figuring a high powered Briton by the name of Choi.

Anonymous said...

seems like simple thing like on handphone can liao

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The questions I am asking will be what the BOI will want to know and the families will also want to knows.

Will take a look at Sammyboy. Thanks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The most important unanswered question to me:

When the fuck are the cheap fares going to come online?

Anonymous said...

Falling out of the sky just like QZ8501 is not normal.

Tiok. Be it plane crashes or Sinkie politics, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Very intriguing.

b said...

there is an invisible hand in KL airport? just need to unscrew a certain screw and any airplane can drop lah. all airlines should boycott kl airport.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is a real, true blue, locally grown, talent. Always thinking out of the 'plane' with out of this 'red dot' ideas. How come nobody think of what he suggested? He should be in the 'A-Star' programme, not wasting his time cooking redbean soup.

patriot said...

All plane carries life jackets, stricken aircraft pilots will do their best to do a soft landing on water. It is only commonsense that only water could prevent or be used for prevention and fire fighting and also to cushion the Impact of falling object.

To land a plane on tree top is suicidal on top of causing forest fire. A plane is not a bird and the pilot certainly is not one with bird brain.


patriot said...

In the Case of QZ8501, it is highly abnormal that the Black Box is not emitting signal for detection.


Anonymous said...

Why no sms or mobile calls from any of the passengers?