Be kind to foreigner rogue cyclists or be sorry

There was a front page report of a local motorist being harassed by a rogue foreign cyclist that cut through 4 lanes in heavy traffic at morning peak hours. What the local motorist did was right by honking at the foreign cyclist. Her intention was to warn him to be careful as he was risking his life cycling dangerously. This is what the motorist, Ms Huang, said to the reporters of mypaper, ‘after seeing him riding recklessly and very close to her car, she worried for his safety…so she decide to sound her horn to alert him.’

Unfortunately the rogue motorist thought otherwise and thinking that the honking was rude. So he became rude and stared at her and threatened her. It was lucky that the rogue foreigner cyclist did not beat her up. Singaporeans must handle these rogue foreign cyclists with care and not be rude to them. They are somebody’s loving pet, very pampered. As they say, beating a dog, one must know who is the master of the dog, 打狗看主人. Don’t anyhow scold them or their masters will be very angry and may punish you.

Where is that kind guy? Please come out and say some kind words to soothe the nerves and tempers of these rogue cyclists before they beat up another local motorist, especially the woman kind, very easy to bully and beat up.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

the foreign cyclist should
be thankful and grateful,
and consider himself extremely
lucky that he still can hear
the horning from the car......

otherwise he would be "flat"
on the road......

his time on planet earth is not
up yet....

lucky lucky lucky......

Goh said...

This story only shows that angmo are more tolerant towards female.As such they are love by many .
Many like to honk at others without knowing others did not honk at them for hogging the road or driving carelessly .

Leave the cyclist alone.They are potential spare part donors.You may not need spare parts but many are waiting for corneas,kidney..etc.
Dun be selfish. 妇人之见。

Anonymous said...

Which cyclist are you referring to:

1) This one?


2) Or this one?


3) maybe this one?


4) This one ... ??


5) Or maybe this one ???


6) Cannot be this one since this is a scooter ....


Next time you see an FT on a bicycle;
Remember which political party brought them over here to make our roads more dangerous for our children.

Anonymous said...

Life is short.

Why dig your own grave?

Horn. Never mind.

Don't be angry.

Say thank you very much.

REMEMBER! Your loved ones are waiting for you.

Be really thankful and grateful that you are still in one complete piece, breathing!

This is life! This is life!

Anonymous said...

Hey RB, be careful. You could be accused of calling foreigners dogs. Don't forget who the master of the universe is.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:47, thank you. Got to be very careful. I better clarify that I am quoting some wise sayings and did not mean to call foreigners dogs. Let's be kind to dogs and foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is going to the dogs and pigs

Anonymous said...

7) I think redbean is referring to this cyclist;


8) I think this is a once in 50 years incident. Nothing to worry about.


9) This is also another once in 50 years event ... that just so happens to occur twice in 50 years.
Not PAP's fault hor.


So redbean.
Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.
These are all just isolated incidents.
Singaporeans are not under attack in our own country.
Instead, we should send SAF to Middle East instead to defend Singaporeans over there.

IMAGOD said...

@ Redbean:

No lah. Let there be bashings and fights. I want to see on YouTube.

Let there also be more traffic incidents, and the resulting sensational headlines (New Paper -- read it, then wipe your arse):

"SBS Bus Grinds Foreign Cyclist Into Hamburger Mince. McDonald's interested in scrapping remains off the road" Spokeman for McD's indicates some customers prefer "white meat".

Cyclists and drivers have a very tenuous relationship -- Singapore is no exception lah. For e.g. Australian motorists hate cyclists, and cyclists hate cars. Both groups attempt to impose their will on the other.

Cyclists can be fucking annoying -- I say this even though I am a cyclist myself. In the morning, when everyone is rushing to work and the roads are clogged with traffic, the yaya-papaya cyclists will insist on "asserting their rights" and ride on the road when in many places there are cycle tracks running parallel.

The reason I think is that many serious cyclists have expensive super-duper bikes and prefer the road where they can ride all over the fucking place, other than being confined to a small space on the cycle tracks.

Fuck them. Run the motherfuckers over lah, ENTITLED PIECES OF SHIT that they are!

However, if you see me riding, please pan chan and be careful. ;-) You can easily spot me -- I wear bright clothing and ride a very cheap "uncle" bicycle.

Anonymous said...

Every cyclist also wear bright how to tell? You either wear your photo on your back or hook a panty on a long pole then people know it is you.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want FT rogue cyclists on Singapore road;
Then vote Opposition lah!

Vote Opposition to ensure safer roads for Singaporeans.
The next Singaporean who is beaten up may be you, your children or your parents.

IMAGOD said...


>> You either wear your photo on your back or hook a panty on a long pole then people know it is you.

OK, panties it is. I'll get a pair off your mom tonight.

Anonymous said...

10) More once every 50 year incidents involving FT cyclists brought to Singapore by PAP's immigration policy:


11) And still more incidents.


Anonymous said...

Did PM Lee say "Foreigners commit less crimes than Singaporeans" ?


Latest SMRT train vandalism 'most likely inside job'

- See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/latest-smrt-train-vandalism-most-likely-inside-job-20141111#sthash.YUOCtbPe.dpuf

You hear that Singaporeans?
We are to blame.
Anything go wrong, it's our fault.
Remember in GE 2016.
Vote wisely.
Before they start blaming our innocent children.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Vote wisely.

Impossible. Nobody votes wisely. The only wise vote is not to vote.

>> Before they start blaming our innocent children.

Kids are not "innocent" lah, you are deluded. Kids are downloading porn, sexting each other with pictures of their naked bodies or body parts, having sex with each other, and use language they hear in rap music when talking to each other.

The PAP will do whatever it take to win their election which IMO they'll call next year on the 50th year of Singapore's "independence", when everyone is high on euphoria and "thankful" to the PAP for all the "magic" they've performed.

No matter who wins the next election, things will still be the same lah after about 6 months afetr the post-election madness has died down.

Virgo49 said...

This white trash cyclist nothing compared to one in our neighborhood Brit renting unit above me.

Bash me for making nuisance noises in wee hours of mornings.

Got off Scott free. Victim given warning letter by SPF for creating a fracas with him.

The SPF believed him more than we Singaporeans.

HDB allowed full unit rental unit to him staying alone as his previous many co-tenants could not stand his bad habit nuisance noises when he came back drunk dead in the nights.

Besides cycling coming out of the multi-storey car park against the incoming In-Entry traffic, he also roller-skate.

Reached the lift entrance just jumped off and let the piece of projectile hits against the lift wall of ceramic tiles. Breaking them.

Once fall from roller skate and have leg in plaster. Parked car on the road with no parking white line and drove car with cast on.

Endangering the general public. Weekends on the public road played with diesel-propelled racing toy cars endangering the road users. Motorcyclists had to swerve to avoid his racing cars with other fellow whites trashes.

Once came to my unit after the SPF left to confront me with cigarette in hand for causing him inconvenience of the SPF checking on his noise nuisances.

Point block old flats no corridors. Big poster of NO SMOKING on lifts walls and took some photos of him smoking.

Refer matter to MOE and made reports at their office at Bukit Merah.

MOE said its okay, he is smoking on corridor and not in lifts.

See how the farking PAP loves the Whites as they are also in whites.

Anonymous said...

Put up video of the white thrash

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

Exactly. Call the cunt out lah. Upload video to youtube, drop a note in his mail box with the link. If you can find out where he works, send a letter with the link to HR. Sim Lim has 1080p spy cams for less than $100. Get a couple of small, white (or paint them white) WiFi cams and mount them with double sided tape on the ceiling of the corridor where you know this twat is going to be--smoking or harassing people.

In the good-old-days, this kind of motherfucker kena hantam terok terbokok long time ago already. The more he gets away with shit, the bigger his braggadocio will grow.

Forget about the authorities lah...for the most part they are useless. You need to wage a personal WAR on this fucker, and respond in kind and with action to his arrogance.

Not all foreigners are ENTITLED ASSHOLES. But you have to appreciate the Law Of Large Numbers --- when there are many of the, there are bound to be a few rotten apples, just like not all Singaporeans are selfish dicks, but now and again you are going to experience a few because of the sheer numbers.

Good luck.

oldhorse42 said...

Poor angmo FT! Living in a rich city with so many local millionaires driving cars. Angmo FTs can only afford bicycles or scooters.
Imagine angmos from cold countries riding bicycle or scooter in this hot tropical red dot. No wonder they get angry and lost their cool when honked at. Bullied by locals when they came in to help this little dot of a country to be better.
Some more sabo by RB aks Chin Chin Leng.

Anonymous said...

This oldhorse has become crazy horse after drinking too much horse urine or what. RB said must be kind to them and you crazy said he sabo them.

poo bor kia.

Anonymous said...

Asians love whites, even their rulers favour them? It is known as the Pinkerton Syndrome. It spawns the phenomena of Asians trying to make themselves whites with medical facial reassignment, artificial hair colours, cringe worthy western style names...the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Creepy white guys welcome.