Who shall decide who can be President?

Tan Cheng Bock is thinking of standing for the elected Presidency and has to meet the eligibility criteria of the PEC. The criteria include the following to ensure candidates are people of integrity, good character and reputation: 1. At least 45 years 2. Held key appointments such as minister, chief justice, speaker or permanent secretary for not less than 3 years, or been chairman or chief executive of a statutory board. 3. Or similar or equivalent positions in the private sector. The above criteria mean that one must be some big shot or else not good enough even if one is a person of integrity, good character and reputation. A school teacher, school principal, a GP, an accountant, a lawyer, a successful insurance or housing agent, a good social worker, an academic etc etc, will not be considered as good enough. Why? MP also cannot? Not perm sec also cannot? The criteria are actually PAP’s criteria. Do the people have any say in them? Who should decide the eligibility criteria for an elected President, the people or a political party that is in power?


notanotherspinstory said...

Those biased criteria mean that PAP only wants a President which is born out of the fricking PAP mould. This is to protect the Lee wallet. GIC and Temasek is the Lee wallet.

Opposition? Fat hope. Wait long long.

Does not mention have to be Singapore citizen for how long or his country of origin.

Everytime there will be more and more rules to circumvent and eliminate non-PAP sanctioned candidates. Elected Presidency is a farce.

Anonymous said...

The criteria are not cast in stone...like GRC boundaries...they are ever changing

Anonymous said...

The thing is it sometimes need someone to demolish the rules cast in stone, like what is happening with the GRCs.

In the next Presidential election, i hope Singaporeans send another message, if there is a contest, by not voting for the candidate chosen by the PAP.

If there is no contest, too bad we have to live in repentance for another 6 years.

I understand that quite a few are going to take a shot this time for the Presidency, so let us see.

Sgcynic said...

The stringent rules are probably in place to ensure only one with enough dignity (by Lim Wee Kiat's yardstick) can qualify to run for presidency. After becoming president, his dignity would soar to 4 million. Oops... There might be some loss of dignity comin up...

Anonymous said...

Elected president is another rubbish just like the GRC, NMP and NCMP. It is a result of abuse of power to amend the constitution. What elected if people has no say on who to be elected? Just like the GRC system, it is not democratic and is designed to ensure PAP continues in power.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder that whenever they introduce all those rubbish inventions like GRCs, NMPs and NCMPs they always managed to force Singaporeans to buy into their arguments with the help of the MSM.

Same with the elected President and all the farcial conditions. Maybe they really think Singaporeans are fools and will buy into any fallacious arguments put forward by our talented immortals.

But now, it seems that almost 40% of those being fooled have already woke up and are questioning those farcial inventions of the PAP. That you cannot fool everybody all the time is just such a wise saying, even in obedient red dot.

Ace Educator said...

Dr Tan's eligibility is still in question as he is, but only, a non-executive chairman in a company with paid-up capital of $100 000 000+++.

Given how LHL has reacted after the recent general elections results were announced, there is a possibility that this time round, the PAP does not endorse any particular candidate, if Dr Tan is found eligible and chooses to stand.

The risk of endorsing a losing candidate has never been so real, regardless of who they propose (aljunied is the best example).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi kim.tian, welcome to the blog.

The myths and strawhouses are coming down one by one. By 2016, if there is no real change, then the govt will be changed.