More foreigners snapping up private properties

Is this news? It does not take much to buy up this piece of rock. And if the property market is open to foreigners all over the world, what is there to stop them from throwing their spare cash to wipe up everything? The foreigners in this case are the super rich, and there will always be the super rich. Let’s take a bet when the whole island will be sold to foreigners, I mean the private properties.


Wally Buffet said...

Foreigners in private properties with names of their gated homes so tantalizing that I can only salivate and do nothing else every time I pass by these magnificent developments. And look at those models that they employ to advertise the homes in the papers. Obviously, don't look like the Ah Ters(pigs) and Ah Kows(dogs) I have for neighbours.

Sinkapooreans in HDB leased tenancies with prices, not facilities, truly out of this world.

What a Disneyland!

No wonder the STB's slogan is "Uniquely Singapore."


Anonymous said...

Singapore property is still cheap as compared to many other countries. We must think of limited land and supply/demand. Currently, the landed property is still under-valued n Singapore because these are not valued at $1,000 per sq ft as those apartments that have only an area suspended in the air though sharing a small piece of collective land. Recently, new small terraces are projected to cost about or slightly more than $1,000 per sq ft of land but the semi-D and detached are still way below that $1,000 per sq ft benchmark that the government has valued all land of Singapore island. Is it time to buy landed now since more foreigners are coming to boost the total population to 6.5 millions and higher. Insiders said it is looking at 7.5 millions now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The landed property owners would be tempted to sell their properties, better en bloc, and convert the land for condo to sell to foreigners at higher prices.

It is only a matter of time when everything will be sold and gone.

Anonymous said...

At first, i thought it should be 'what's new' instead of 'what's news'. On further reading; both stand, it is news, it is also old news.
Let's just supposed that there are just 5 million aliens wanting and waiting to settle in Sin either because they love this tiny rock or they have to seek a safe haven for their safeties and fortunes, where do the NATIVE SINGAPOREANS stand against them?
How is property price in Sin to be stable? Not to mention becoming cheaper.
And who is to say that old Native Singaporeans will not be made to serve New Foreign Origin Singaporeans for a pittance?

Anonymous said...

If foreigners own more and more private properties than there is really no point defending our island as Singaporean will be dying breed.

Anonymous said...

If a condominium is fully owned by foreigners, they may put up signs, Singaporeans not welcome. And ministers come canvassing for votes during election will be chased out.