Luxury cars should adopt the sales formula of HDB

A practically risk free sales formula like the selling of HDB flats is the best for companies selling luxury cars. These companies can sell their cars under the BTO scheme where the buyers have to pay a deposit upfront to confirm intent to purchase. The companies can set a block of 100 orders or a multiple of that, and only when the orders are filled, will they place the orders with the manufacturers. The parent companies would then start to hire the workers, purchase material and activate the production lines. And they can apply the JIT principle for delivery of the cars. This sales formula will make the companies so efficient in producing exactly the number of cars to be sold. And there is no need to carry stocks, saving on storage and depreciating costs and also no risk of unsold cars. The profit margin will definitely go up, and so are the prices, as they are not easily available. Adopting such a sales formula, a sure win formula, the customers would have to plan their purchases well in advance as it will take maybe a year or two before they can take delivery of the cars. I am recommending this sales formula to Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi, for a small fee of course. I think they will love this ingenious idea. It can only come from Singapore, a uniquely Singaporean formula. No more production headache, no more carrying of unwanted stocks. The headache is passed to the buyers of course.


Wally Buffet said...

If those car manufacturers follow your... ahem, recommendations, the prices of luxury cars would drop because there is less inventory to carry and definitely no wastage with cars lying at the wharfs to be exported.

But.........how come this imbecilic idea applied to HDB housing jacks up flat prices instead?

Hmmmm........something ain't quite right.

I assure you that the car manufacturers are scratching their heads wondering what magic formula is embedded in the HDB production model. There must be a secret ingredient somewhere that the mighty Mercedes, BMW and Audi conglomerate titans must have missed out. Some of the think tank eggheads in these companies may be sacked soon!


Anonymous said...

Don't call supertalents imbecile. They are not paid super salaries for nothing. Think they have copyrighted this formula and those manufacturers cannot use it without paying a price for it.

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