Tan Jee Say not good enough

Chok Tong said Tan Jee Say is able but not good enough to be a permanent secretary. I may have a little dementia, but I remember what LKY said of him. I think something not much different from what he said of Jee Say, in his case, for the post of PM. He was not LKY's first choice. There was Dhanabalan, Chee Onn and Tony Tan. Then he became a PM for several terms. He was judged to be not good enough when compared to other better candidates. Was he good enough when he was a PM after being judged not good enough? If he was a good enough PM, then his assessor was wrong. If he was not good enough as a PM, then his assessor was right. But right or wrong, he still stayed on as a PM for more than one term. He said Jee Say not good enough to be a perm sec. The people did not have a chance to see Jee Say's performance as a perm sec. But what's that got to do with his potential or ability to be a good political leader? I can say that Beckham will not be good enough to be a perm sec. But I can't say that he can't be a good footballer. Neither can I say that he will not be a good politician. Winston Churchill too was not seen as good enough to be a PM, but he proved the British wrong as a good war PM. So, who is going to claim to be god to be able to judge someone as good enough or not? It is the people that is going to show their trust in him and whether to give him a chance to prove himself. And it is the people who is going to judge whether he is good enough. The same reason of judging can be applied to the ministers. Many were damn great in the eyes of the PAP and to Chok Tong and Hsien Loong. But in the eyes of the people, they have other ideas of what is good and bad.


Anonymous said...

Did he feel it in his bones? You can't blame him. He is not using his head.

Like saying that the WP is upsetting the 'political balanced picture' of an Indian President, a Chinese PM and a Malay Speaker. Has he forgotten that during the late Ong Teng Cheong's term as President, the PM was himself, a Chinese and the Speaker was Tan Soo Khoon, also a Chinese. Was there anything unbalanced in the picture?

The trash that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable. He is just out to distract and confuse voters. He is becoming a liability to the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Desperate times = desperate measures. We've seen enough character assassination..someone tried to link opposition with gay rights, another trying to insinuate about someone else's "performance" which the public don't have any facts to decide if this is true or not. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, ruling regime should tend to their own garden before throwing mud into others'. There's responsibility and performance issues which were never addressed.

There have been lots of public outcry on certain person who refused to bear responsibility when someone escaped or over budget on some events or billion dollar investment losses made by some organization...list goes on.

So don't go and slap someone else when your garden are full of weeds as well.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All government is evil. Therefore the people who join govt must be capable of acting in ways other decent people will find objectionable.

People who have good morals and live their lives to 'mind their own business' don't join the government -- at the executive level.

Therefor to suggest that there is such a thing as 'suitability' for an executive ministerial position is just pure bullshit -- yes folks, a myth.

Like its philosophical ancestor -- religion -- politics is one big myth buttressed by many component myths. One big bullshit system which can control nations and even the world – if you have the weapons to back you up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

...and Goat's Choked Tongue should pause for a moment of humility and ponder the ramifications of:

Everyone has an opinion and an asshole, and they both stink.

Anonymous said...

Was Chok Tong any better?
Made many promises and nothing
And then talk more garang(aggressively) as days
passed, yet the whims and
fancies he had were just liked
his daydreams.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Osama Bin Laden - Dead

Lee Kuan Yew -- Alive

Got justice?

Anonymous said...

Osama? Second or third time dead?

Soojenn said...

Goh CT is grabbing at straws desparately trying to discredit the opposition.

Tan don't make the "cut" and his Kate Spate Tin makes the "cut" as MP? hahahahaa.. I like matilah's quote

"Everyone has an opinion and an asshole, and they both stink."

He can't even stomach the criticisms on his fb that he has to delete most of the negative comments and then blocked the posters from further posting.

Telling MP residents he wants to engage them.. engage his asshole perhaps, with his stinking opinion

Anonymous said...

He is no longer a key player. Let him speak and let him feel good while he still can.