A poem on the political situation in paradise

我国有个老痴呆, 继续执政不下台. 百万年薪多自在, 自吹自磊最厉害. 儿子演说不精彩, 为何当选真奇怪. 党员都穿一身白, 自称精英和人材. 好事全都往前摆, 坏事全都地下埋. 年底花红各自派, 加薪幅度不是盖. 政敌全都一身債, 只因被告到破財. 人们都不生小孩, 只好空运从海外. 搞到平民怨声在, 没人理会没人睬. 到了选举那年来, 只会用钱来收买. 此人何时会失败, 大家不防猜一猜. I received in my email. Hope someone can translate this into English.


agongkia said...

Great poets.You really dun understand meh?Ask Patriot,he is good in translation.Or that budjet airline khong guan biscuit passenger,he is the best,Or....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, I can, but it will be slow and may not be that good.

Patriot should be able to do better.

Anonymous said...

'We have an old heck sitting on the throne.

Singing self praise and feeling great with his multi-millions SIN Dollar Income.

His Son is hardly convincing with his words, funny he got elected.

Party Members are all in white, claiming they are talents, elites and super bright.

Much claim and display, they show us their 'achievements', hide and disappear when their plans went awry.

Big bonuses they gave themselves yearly and great increments they reward themselves with impunity.

Political opponents are bankrupted all because they were sued.

As the citizens cannot afford to produce babies, foreign settlers are welcomed in plane loads from oversea.

The locals are groaning and ranting, but the leaders see not, hear not and all ignored.

When comes Election, with freebies and money your votes they buy.

When is the (Political)perpetrator going to fall? Well, make your say'.

Me has made the above translation not to disappoint two dear frens who have much faith in me. Hope others can contribute better ones.


notanotherspinstory said...

Hello uncle I helpch you translate with my lousy B4 Chinese.

我国有个老痴呆, There's an old idiot in our country
继续执政不下台.Continue to govern and not stepping down.

百万年薪多自在,Millions in salary, so contented
自吹自磊最厉害.Like to blow his own trumpet, high falutin.

儿子演说不精彩,The son's speech is not exciting.
为何当选真奇怪. Why the hell is he contesting? Its puzzling.

党员都穿一身白,Party members all wear white.
自称精英和人材.Call themselves elite and talents.

好事全都往前摆, Only show off the positive side
坏事全都地下埋.But bury the mistakes underground.

年底花红各自派, Give themselves yearly bonus
加薪幅度不是盖.Unlimited increase in pay.

政敌全都一身債,Oppositions are all in debt
只因被告到破財. Because kenna sued bankrupt

人们都不生小孩, The people are unable to have children.
只好空运从海外. So they had to import foreigners from overseas.

搞到平民怨声在, Causing the commoner to voice out angrily
没人理会没人睬. Yet no one listens, no one cares.

到了选举那年来, Only until election year
只会用钱来收买. They take out the cash and bribe us

此人何时会失败,When will these people be defeated?
大家不防猜一猜. Anybody want to make a guess?

Anonymous said...

Dear notanotherspinstory;

Much appreciated and many thanks!


notanotherspinstory said...

I like your translation its better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Notanotherspinstory;

thank You for the kind words.

Me was trying to interpret the Spirit of the poem in the translation and hope that me did not deviate too far from the Original Author.

And there are mistake in the use of the word 'heck' which should be hag, 'great' increments should preferably be replaced with 'huge' increments.

There must be other readers capable of a better translation, hope they will contribute like You did.

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Be careful, friend. This poem may invite legal action man. Dark cloud is not over yet. Even if GE2011 is not 87:0 clean sweep by MIW, they will still return in power and can do whatever thing they like including activating the ISA to put you in jail without trial. Be warned.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks guys. Great effort. Apologies Patriot, unable to amend unless I copy, edit, repost amended copy and delete first copy.

Let me make a qualification here. In case there is any similarities to anyone or anything, it is coincidental.

If anyone feels offended just let me know and I will delete it.

Anonymous said...

Clap, clap, clap. Wonderful poem! And thanks for the equally great translations :)

John said...

Best Wishes to the Opposition parties.

agongkia said...

Mr Bean
Shh....pls keep this to yourself...
I want to learn how to compose a poem for one so call uncle killer in East Coast ,after deciding not to Kapo her poster along the roadside lamp post.,which I originally intend to.
Ideally in Hailum(Hainanese),do you know of anyone who can help?.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia,

There are plenty of talents out there. I have received many wonderful poems like this one. Unfortunately no one knows what these talents are.

The closest person who could help is perhaps Patriot.

Notanotherspinstory also showed that he is just as able. You may want to buy them kopi for that: )