Plague of the locusts

After the heat of fire, there shall be rain and flood. The third sign shall be the plague of locusts. They shall come, all 900,000 of them, to devour everything in their path. No one will be spare. The first 60,000 shall come from the West, the next 60,000 from the East, and they will take turns, with more and more in numbers, until all 900,000 have swarm the land. There shall be no other churches except the church of the father. And you shall call no one father. You shall have only one father and he is in heaven. This is my promise, for your disobedience.


Anonymous said...

The next one will be a debility that will plague this tiny rock for many years to come.

Wally Buffet said...

That depraved wish of attracting 900,000 locusts descending on our fair Land was mumbled incoherently with slurred speech BEFORE the election.

Now, it would be more like 90,000 but still a lot of pests to devour our livelihood, infrastructure not to mention diluting our true Singaporean pedigree.

Fuck them!

I am fuming mad.