One last chance

The professional reporters and journalists have a last chance to write about this newsworthy article before Leong Sze Hian starts to bang his abacus. The people must all be eagerly waiting to know how much George Yeo and Lim Hwee Hua will be getting for their pensions in the next 40 years, assuming they live till the ripe age of 90 or more. Their salaries are public knowledge and the formula for calculating their pensions too are available everywhere. The point now is who will be the first to claim credit for putting this as a piece of news and earn the right to put his/her name to it? Without even cracking my head, I think the ballpark figure will be $1m and $2m per annum for Hwee Hua and George respectively. The best part is that they will not have to lift a finger to get this sum of money, which incidentally, is more than the dumb ass sitting in the White House sweating his guts out to prove that he is a worthy President. It is so pleasant to live life on such a pension. Working for 15 and 23 years respectively, and they earn the right to millions for life. I wish I could be in their shoes. I will say a very big thank you to the people of Singapore for the dole. Now to step back and see whether TOC or which main media is going to claim this honour. I am sure it is newsworthy. The world too will be eagerly waiting to get a hold of this news.


Anonymous said...

Mr Leong can write all he wants and he had written many.

The electorates know as much as Mr Leong and they also know; there is NOTHING THEY OR MR LEONG can do to change anything. The Rulers have just BEEN GIVEN THE MANDATE TO DO WHAT THEY LIKE.

Shall we say they have all the authority.

Wally Buffet said...

Sometimes money isn't everything.

It too is subject to the law of diminishing returns in terms of happiness and contentment.

Envy not others who are monetarily endowed for Life is full of contradictions.


Anonymous said...

Greed is good! Isn't that what some people used to say?

Of course Mr. Leong can write all he wants, so long as the other side, like SM Goh, thinks that the majority of Singaporeans do not see the rewards that our leaders are paying themselves, as still an issue.

So, no issue at all. It is you people still making an issue of it. They think that the media has done a good job of explaining away the issue a long time ago.