For 4 decades, Singaporeans have voted responsibly

For 4 decades, the daft Singaporeans have voted responsibly in every election. They did not vote for candidates that were seen as mediocre. They voted for good candidates to Parliament. Would the daft Singaporeans vote responsibly again in this GE? Would they vote for the best candidates that they think can represent them in Parliament? Before this GE, there was no contest as there were no alternative candidates for comparison. It was more of a case of in the land of the blind, the one eye Jack shines. Today, not any one eye Jack will do or can do. May the better candidates be chosen for the good of the people. The daft Singaporeans were not daft, though they were believed to be daft, and called daft. The daft Singaporeans must voice out their true feelings to dismiss this myth that they are daft. I am sure the daft Singaporeans will vote wisely, intelligently, and responsibly in this GE as they have done before. Do not underestimate the daft Singaporeans. Do not show disrespect to the daft Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are basically daft and selfish lot. They have been brainwashed by the policies that designed to make them daft and apathetic. They are like robots or machines without independent thinking. Real daft and selfish Singapore. I am shame to be one.

Singaporeans deserve the GE2011 outcome of 87:0 clean sweep by PAP elites. Long live PAP.

By the way, PAP YP has established close link with China Communist youth league for recruiting and training members. This makes us think are we also a communist country like China or actually pseudo part of China. What training YP has from China Youth league? Marxist theory or economy? I thought China is to learn from Singapore the one-party dominant freak democracy system. Now this is the other way round. But, look at what we have and have done in Singapore, we are actually similar to communist country, maybe even more communist than China in some aspects too.

A Green Dune said...

I would like to remind how Singaporeans how this "daft" term that was used on Singaporeans came about.

Mr LKY, our acclaimed founding father interviewed with a reporter on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and he remarked that Singaporeans are DAFT and Singapore needs foreigners who have better drive than us to grow the country.

You ask yourself, is it true that we do not have the drive to succeed. And more importantly you ask yourself are you DAFT? Do you feel it is justified that a founding leader of a country calls you stupid?

Can you imagine Washington calling Americans stupid, Kennedy saying that Americans are daft? The backlash would be HUGE. But in Singapore, you do not see it reported anywhere except online.

Ask yourself. Can you shallow it if someone calls you stupid at work or in school? If not, why do you accept it as okay politically!

Give them a strong mandate and it will only prove them right. Please fellow Singaporeans, stop voting for a prescriptive government that tells you what you should do and accept. Have your voice heard!

May the best team win tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How do we define best? Just because the PAP said so?

Not being thrown into the deep end of the pool we do not know how best they are. In this election, some 2nd/3rd term aspiring PAP MPs are obviously rattled by the opposition candidates. This is their first real battle and they are obviously lost at sea.

Having been drafted in without fighting a single battle, they are now like lost sheep needing a shepherd to lead the way when fighting this election.

Look at some of the opposition candidates. In speeches, countering and presenting points, most can beat the PAP candidates hands down. They can fight their own battles, and that means they can represent you in Parliament. Yet they are touted as mediocre.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

1. The People Get The Government They Deserve

2. Never underestimate the collective stupidity of people in large groups

3. You can't cheat an honest man

4. Elections are a sort of advance auction of stolen goods

Anonymous said...


You called voting out of fear as 'responsible voting'?

No wonder the Voters have been 'responsible' for voting in the soul-less leadership election after election.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not necessary that everyone vote out of fear. To be fair, the opposition was not able to put up good candidates in the last few elections. Also things were not that outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Fear has always been a great factor in election in Sin.

Maybe now, fear is overwhelmed by anger as well as reduced by explanations iterated in the Internet.

The robust comments and downright accusations made in Cyberspace have also helped in dispelling fear. However, fear is still haunting many a Singaporean Voter.