Imagine...87-0 in favour of PAP

I will like the people to imagine what life will be like on 8 May when PAP walks into Parliament with a 87-0 victory. Just imagine. What a beautiful world it would be.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful initially.

But prepare to repent, not for 5 years, but for eternity, with no chance of forgiveness.

notanotherspinstory said...

Beautiful world for the Leegime and the Papdogs. Hell for us.

Anonymous said...

When that happens:

The horse will continue to neigh about how affordable our HDB flats are, while we bang our heads and wring our hands worrying about how to pay for them.

The cow will continue to moo about how cheap medical care is and the $8 heart bypass may be taken as the norm by the daft Singaporeans.

The hen will continue to cackle and brag about how good our education systems is. But strangely, local graduates are not the choice for the MIW for leadership positions.

Thar Man will think of ways to collect more taxes, loosing more hairs in the process, having promised not to increase GST for 5 years. Maybe, like Arnold, he will turn around and said "I lied".

The crown prince will likely welcome a few more old ministers, who have served two terms, now retiring into his retirement home for old ministers. Kills two birds with one stone though. More people to hold hands.

The char tau will continue with his gaffes and score more own goals.

The ogre will finally retire, being too old and feeble to threaten anymore, and having scored the last own goal in election 2011.

And finally, of course, Singaporeans will now all live with bleeding arses (not from piles hor), balding heads, sunken cheeks and possessing panda-like eyes, the result of too much worries about jobs, working too hard trying to keep up with cost of living, and generally helping the rulers to grow the economy, so that the rulers can have even bigger bonuses. A little bit like George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' lah!

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Not just beautiful,
it will be wonderful!


A Green Dune said...

Wonderful indeed. Imagine,

6 million new foreign talents
S$4 million minister salary
S$8 million president salary
S$4 heart bypass surgery for ministers
S$2 millon HDB flats

Calling you daft and still you vote for me...


agongkia said...

How can that be possible.Please stop your imagination.
I specially install google chrome now in order to access this site to tell you people:
My hair will start growing soon.

Anonymous said...


Agongkia, where were you when we needed your valuable contributions?

No, not contributing more hairs, but about the election.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes agongkia, where have you been? This is a nice time to talk about change and you went hiding : )

Anonymous said...

Agongkia must have been busy consulting geomancers. That is why he is so sure that the result cannot be as stated here.
He seems to indicate that it is far from the 87-0 in favour of PAP, however we can be sure that it will not be 87-0 in favor of oppositions.

agongkia said...

Hehe..Anon and Mr Bean,
Thanks for remembering me..
Very sorry,I wanted to cheer you all up but somehow I have difficulty trying to access this interesting site since sometime back..,till yesterday.

Somehow I just got a feeling that my hair which had been dropping due to stress, will be growing naturally soon.

Off your TV and radio now.Sleep early and vote wisely tomorrow.