A show case GE rally

We have the most stylist GE rallies over the last 9 days. Every party was well supported by their teams of planners and organisers to make the rallies run smoothly and effectively like clockwork. The voters turned up in droves to attend the rallies, rain or shine. Some called it rock concert election rallies where personalities like Nicole Seah, Chen Show Mao, Vincent Wijeysingha, Ang Yong Guan and Tan Jee Say were clearly the hot favourites and crowd pullers. The people just wanted to know them and to hear what they had to say. Of course Nicole was the crowd darling wherever she went. While Singaporeans and the politicians were presenting their best front, unlike the days of rogues and gangsters, we are being watched by the millions of foreigners living among us. I think we have created a very good impression of what a civil and mature society is like and how a GE shall be conducted, clean, dignified and serious. We must thank Hsien Loong and his gang, oops, his party, for allowing this GE to be different, to be contested in the way it should be. We must also thank him for restraining his people from indulging in gutter politics, while antiques in their midst did try, to go back to the dark days where they would win by all means, foul or otherwise. We must also thank Hsien Loong for allowing the alternative media the freedom to say and post freely. Some still crossed the line of decency, but many used their freedom of expression responsibly with a little self regulation. Now who says alternative media cannot be responsible if left on their own? The role of alternative media was well recognised and fully exploited in the election campaign by all parties, the political parties and the political watchers. In a way they have contributed to keep the election hustings on a level keel, threatening too, to rubbish anyone attempting to play dirty. They too gave the opposition an avenue to be heard as clear as they wished. The people who wanted to hear and know both sides of the story can always turn to the alternative media for a more balance presentation. We must also thank the opposition parties for coming forward on a united front, minimise inter party rivalry and bickering, and preventing three corner fights to make the contest more competitive. And we are also grateful that they are able to attract good candidates to give the people a real alternative and not a Hobson’s choice. The brave new faces must be patted on their backs for taking up the challenge, to want to represent the people against all odds, and the possibility of losing everything. Let’ pray for them that none will be sued to bankruptcy and none will have to run road after the GE is over. And the surprising apathetic young were all geared up to the occasion. They wanted to play a role they some thought they were not interested. How could they remain disinterested when their future is at stake, when buying a flat can empty all their savings for the most part of their lives? They wanted to have a say, and they will vote for what is good for themselves as they see it. A final word for all the internet brigades and warriors out there banging away at their keyboards, and combing all the reports in all the media for errant comments and foul play, well done. Their watchdog role has kept the combatants at bay and wary of the counterstrike force lurking in cyberspace to do justice to the victims of dirty politics. Singaporeans should be proud of this GE and how it went. Now is to sit back and let the voices and votes of the people unfold to complete the story of a civil GE by decent people. In less than 24 hours, we will be eating the cake that we have baked together as a people.

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Anonymous said...

Most rally speeches were posted on Youtube this time, and the number of people watching those videos online even exceeded attendances at rallies, and that means a wider reach for the opposition.

This has to happen sooner or later and I doubt the PAP can muffle or try to suppress the inevitable.

But first and foremost, Singaporeans must ensure a strong opposition representation in Parliament, the people's second key for a better country for all citizens.